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This article looks at different aspects of buying hydrangea plants, including the cost, where to buy, the different varieties to choose from, and growing zones.

Hydrangea plants are among those to consider if you’re looking for a flowering bush or shrub to add to your garden.

The colorful flowers these plants produce make them a favorite ornamental garden plant for many. You’ll find hydrangeas in multiple shades of red, pale green, maroon, blue, and pink.

These options can be overwhelming for many buyers, so we’ve written a guide on buying hydrangeas.

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One of the critical features the hydrangea plant is known for is its water requirement.

This bush thrives in water. Also known as hortensia, hydrangea plants have over 600 different cultivars and are a genus of over 75 species. These bush plants are native to several countries and regions.

These beautiful shrubs grow in a variety of forms and are highly adaptable. One common thing with hydrangea plants is the change in bloom colors, mainly arising from the soil condition.

Alkaline soils cause blooms to turn pink, while acidic soils produce blue flowers.

You’ll have to be mindful of where you grow your hydrangea plants. This is primarily due to its need for sufficient water. Fast-draining soils will result in hydrangeas drying out in summer. This can be prevented by watering or growing the plants because drain water less.

To ensure this plant receives adequate moisture, you’ll need to regularly check the top 6 inches of the soil to ensure it’s moist or has sufficient water.

Due to its rapid growth, the hydrangea shrub can quickly fill a space within a single summer. This perennial will do well in zones 3 to 7.

Order Hydrangeas Online

Buying hydrangeas requires adopting specific actions to ensure success and more intelligent purchase decisions.

To be more specific, you’ll have to know about these plants’ different varieties and cost details. Also, information on the hardiness zones is necessary.

You can conveniently decide where to buy your plants with all the above.

  • Hydrangea Varieties

Most buyers will be delighted to learn that there are many hydrangea tree variants to choose from.

Each has a unique appearance with colorful blooms that beautify your landscape. You must sort through different varieties to know which fits your garden or yard best.

Some popular varieties of hydrangeas include fire and ice hydrangea, Nikko blue hydrangea, Annabelle hydrangea, and ruby slippers hydrangea plants.

Others include the cardinal red hydrangea, limelight hydrangea, little lime hydrangea, firelight hydrangea, and endless summer hydrangea variants.

Others include the tiny tuff stuff mountain hydrangea, Alice hydrangea, phantom hydrangea, bobo hydrangea, and penny mac hydrangea.

The little quick fire hydrangea, pinky winky hydrangea, all summer beauty hydrangea, blushing bride hydrangea, and bloom-struck hydrangea can also be picked.

You may also find these attractive; white wedding hydrangea, snow queen oakleaf hydrangea, vanilla strawberry hydrangea, and summer crush hydrangea.

Pink parfait bigleaf hydrangea, let’s dance rhythmic blue hydrangea, limetta invincible hydrangea, and lemon wave hydrangea are among the varieties to consider.

Cost of Hydrangea Shrubs

Cost is a crucial area to focus on when shopping for hydrangea shrubs. Due to several factors impacting costs, buyers should expect a price range of around $39 to $299.

Here, it’s evident that the price range is quite broad. This is brought about by factors such as plant size, species, and how many plants you need.

Also, the cost will be determined by the nursery you wish to patronize. When it comes to plant size, hydrangeas come in several such.

Evidence of this is seen when shopping online, as there are multiple size options to pick from. Every buyer has their unique size, hence the numerous variations.

Larger hydrangea plants tend to cost more compared to the smaller ones.

As a buyer, you get to decide what size fits your budget. We’ve mentioned some of the most popular hydrangea species or varieties. Cost may vary by species.

You’ll have to determine how much your preferred variety costs based on the impact of certain hydrangea species on price. This, combined with size, will give you an idea of how much cost will be incurred.

When it comes to the nursery you buy from, you’ll have to understand that there are differences in hydrangea costs from one greenhouse to another. The same hydrangea type and size will have varying price tags when comparing search results from multiple nurseries.

As a buyer, one way to take advantage of this is to find the best possible deal. Through comparisons, you get to pick the best price.

However, you must be careful not to end up with poor-quality plants while being obsessed with lower costs.

  • Growing Zones

Different hydrangea plants have their ideal growing zones within which they thrive.

To give you an idea of this, the pistachio hydrangea, tardive white hydrangea, little lamb hydrangea, and glowing embers hydrangea plants do well in growing zones 5 to 9, 3 to 8, 3 to 8, and 7 to 9 respectively.

Cityline Venice hydrangea, cityline Berlin hydrangea, zebra hydrangea, and Cityline Mars hydrangea all thrive in growing zones 5 to 9.

Firefly hydrangeas, limelight prime hydrangeas, pee wee oakleaf hydrangeas, and pinkerella hydrangeas grow best in zones 6 to 9, 3 to 9, 5 to 9, and 3 to 9, respectively.

Where to Buy Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas can be bought from nurseries and garden centers. While true, you should be careful about the businesses you patronize.

Not all businesses offer the same level of service and quality of product. The best way to protect your interest is by finding out what other customers think about the company.

It would be best if you were interested in customer reviews as they enable you to distinguish which nursery is more reputable to shop with.

By following this simple guideline, you can eliminate any complications and mistakes that may result while shopping for your hydrangeas.

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