Are you looking for a rhododendron online nursery to buy this shrub species?

Rhododendrons are classified as shrubs and bushes with aesthetic appeal and used for landscape improvement. These are also commonly grown in gardens and serve a variety of purposes.

This article is written to address the needs of homeowners. Persons interested in buying rhododendrons will find all the basic tips right here.

“Rhodos,” as gardeners popularly call them, are flowering shrubs with bell-shaped flower clusters found in various colors. They don’t necessarily need to be exposed to the sun as they thrive in shaded areas.

So, what does it take to buy rhododendrons? Here, you’ll learn all there is to know.

Rhododendron Tree & Bushes For Sale

Before getting into further details, it’s necessary, to begin with, an introduction of this shrub flowering plant.

This plant can be divided into three main categories: Azaleas, small-leaved rhododendrons, and large-leaved rhododendrons. Below each category are several other rhodo species.

  • Azaleas

Rhodos belonging to this category are mostly evergreen, with a small percentage considered deciduous.

If you live in a warmer part of the country (zone 7 through 10), you’ll find this a great plant to have in your garden. Azaleas come in a variety of colors and are mostly hardy plants.

  • Small-Leaved Rhododendrons

As the name implies, rhodo plants under this category are small-leaved and mostly hardy.

Unlike azaleas that are most suitable for warmer zones, small-leaved rhododendrons are ideal for colder regions. Persons living in zones 3 through 5 will find this suitable for their locations.

Some rhodo species belonging to the small-leaved category include the Hellikki rhododendron and the April Rose Rhododendron. There’s also the Lemon dream rhododendron species.

  • Large-Leaved Rhododendrons

True to its name, rhododendron species under this category typically have large leaves. Such leaves can measure up to eight inches long and come with large flower trusses.

Examples of rhododendron species under this category include the Nova Zembla rhododendron and the English Rose Rhododendron.

Before you buy…

Before you decide to buy rhododendrons, there is certain basic information you’ll need to know.

These have to do with the species, costs, and the problems that you may notice. Also, you need to know about the typical size of rhododendrons and where to buy them from.

How to buy your Rhodos is also of importance. Are rhododendrons costly? We’ll also provide you with simple tips on saving a withering or dying plant.

With the key points provided, let’s discuss each of them for more clarity.

  • Rhododendron Species

When buying rhododendrons, one of the things you’ll have to figure out is the species you want.

There are many species, with some of the most popular types being lemon dream rhododendron, chionoides rhododendron, Edith Bosley Rhododendron, and Hellikki Rhododendron.

Other species include Everred Rhododendron, PJM Pink Delight Rhododendron, Yaku Prince Rhododendron, and Vulcan Rhododendron.

You can also go for Minnetonka Rhododendron, honey butter rhododendron, Gold Prinz rhododendron, and Roseum Elegans rhododendron.

  • Costs

Buying rhododendrons requires having an idea of how much they cost. Cost is mostly tied to the number of plants you want and the species and size.

The average cost range for a small shrub is around $14 to $40. For a medium shrub plan, costs will range from $40 to $75, while a large rhododendron shrub goes for around $75 to $150.

There are also significantly larger shrubs that will attract a cost of around $150 to $300. There’s also the cost for certain rhododendron species. An English Roseum rhododendron will cost anywhere from $39 to $99.

For a lemon dream rhododendron, the cost ranges from $59 to $79.

Chionoides rhododendron species attract a cost of about $39 to $99, while a Hellikki rhododendron will go for $39 to 79. PJM pink delight rhododendrons go for around $59, while Vulcan rhododendrons cost about $49.

A honey butter rhododendron will cost $59.

  • Problems that May Develop

Even before you buy your shrubs, it’s important to understand that your plants may encounter certain problems. This eliminates any surprises and helps you properly attend to the shrubs.

One of the most common is curling leaves. This happens for several reasons.

Possible problems include stem injury, cold temperatures, or drought. All or any of these cause different degrees of stress, which take their toll on the plant. You’ll have to take preventive measures to keep your rhododendron plants from undergoing such stress.

  • Typical Size of Rhododendrons

We mentioned earlier that size affects the cost of rhododendrons. This will have to be factored in during purchase. The larger it is, the more expensive it gets.

Rhododendrons also reach the maximum growth height. These plants are likely to measure around 3 to 6 feet in height at full maturity.

  • Where to Buy Rhododendrons

Nurseries and garden centers have a rich collection of assorted plants, including rhododendrons. These are places to go for your plants. You can also shop online for your plants.

This will require finding a reliable supplier and placing your order. Your shipment arrives within a few days from the day of purchase.

  • How to Buy Rhododendrons

To buy rhododendrons, you’ll need to determine what purchase option works best for you. As mentioned above, you can either visit your local nursery or place your order online.

The best strategy to adopt is to read customer reviews about a seller. This should give you an idea of how reliable the seller is.

  • How Costly are Rhododendrons?

Rhododendrons are quite common and can be found in a lot of gardens. Due to its availability, it’s not costly at all. The cost details supplied above should give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Saving a Dying Plant

You also need to know when and how to intervene when you discover your rhododendron plant dying.

You may have to prune off dying tissues while spraying the stem and leaves with an insecticide. In situations where the soil retains a lot of water, you may need to change the soil to one that drains readily.

Use the tips above to buy your rhododendron plant. These offer simple yet effective ways to get the best possible deal. The buying process doesn’t have to be complicated.

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