Buying Avocado Trees – Purchase Tips, Cost, And Varieties For Sale

Are you interested in how and where to buy Avocado trees?

Tree lovers grow all sorts of trees varieties around their homes. As a tree lover, one thing needed to grow these plants successfully is to have the proper knowledge about these tree species.

One of those we’ll be discussing is the avocado tree. Here, we’ll provide you with all the essential tips on buying this tree species.

We will provide details on where you should get your trees from, the costs, the correct type of avocado tree for your location, and other vital information.

So, you’ll need to read through the entire article to find all the information you need on this tree species.

Guide To Buying Avocado Trees

To make the right purchase decisions, you’ll need specific basic information on this tree species. Avocado trees will thrive in growing zones 9 through 11.

When grown indoors, it will thrive in growing zones 4 through 11. It’s a tree that requires total sun exposure to succeed and needs frequent watering (which could be once or twice a week).

It’s a tree species whose origin is traced to South-central Mexico and has several varieties. At maximum growth, avocado trees reach a height of 65 ft.

They’re known to be poisonous to a wide range of animals when ingested and will cause all sorts of health complications, including death.

Before You Buy Avocado Trees

There are basic details you need to know about this tree species to guide you in your purchase decisions.

First off, you’ll need to know what variety you want to grow. The most common types you’ll find include the Guatemalan, Mexican, and West Indian varieties.

The Guatemalan avocado tree variety weighs between half to 5 pounds and has thick and rough skin. It’s pretty tolerant to temperatures with limits of up to 30 degrees F.

The Mexican avocado tree variety weighs under a pound, and unlike the Guatemalan array, it’s known to have smooth and small skin.

Its temperature tolerance range is between 19 to 20 degrees F and has color variations ranging from green, purple, and black.

For the West Indian avocado tree variety, you’ll find such leathery, smooth skin that weighs about a pound to five. It’s not tolerant of below-freezing temperatures.

  • Cost of Avocado Trees

When it comes to the cost of avocado trees, a whole range of factors is involved.

On average, the cost is around $60. However, you might find significant price swings from this figure, with prices going as much as $100 or more depending on size. For example, a 5-gallon avocado tree may cost around $36.

For a 15-gallon tree, the price goes as much as $100 or higher.

What you need will end up determining your cost of purchase. Buyers seeking smaller-sized avocado trees are likely to pay lower than those wanting more giant trees.

The cost example given above provides you with a clear picture of that.

The cost might vary from one nursery to the next. Also, your location is likely to play a role in determining the cost incurred. In all, size tends to play the most prominent role in determining your eventual costs.

  • Where to Buy Avocado Trees

When it comes to deciding on purchasing avocado trees, you’ll need to consider where you make the purchase. In most cases, garden centers or nurseries provide all the required stock.

However, you’ll need to be mindful of the reputation of where you’re buying from.

There’s no better way to go about the process than finding out from customer reviews. Through customer reviews, you get to know what buyers think about a particular service.

Of course, the reviews wouldn’t be 100% positive. However, they should be overwhelmingly positive for you to consider patronizing.

Apart from online stores, local nurseries are great for buying avocado trees.

However, it would help if you still did the research necessary before buying from these sources. There are local nurseries that you may find to be reputable. These are excellent sources for your tree purchase.

  • What Suits Your Need?

It’s essential to make all the necessary findings before buying your avocado trees.

One critical decision to make is identifying what fits your needs best. Here, you’ll need to consider your budget, as well as the variety that best fits your soil condition as well as the fruiting conditions.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you’ll have to go for smaller avocado trees.

These will take longer to mature but will cost you less. Plus, you get the opportunity of buying multiple trees for the cost of one large tree. Transplanting the tree can also be a significant factor.

More giant avocado trees will require more effort in installing them on the ground. You’ll need several hands as well as the possibility of the right equipment. You may also call for professional assistance when necessary.

Do you need an avocado tree that fruits within a few years? You’ll need to make your findings before purchase. Typically, small avocado trees will take around 15 years to grow to maturity and begin fruiting.

However, certain varieties can do so within a few years.

Your soil condition and the growing zone are also crucial to making the right purchase decisions. If your surroundings have a lot of shade, you may need to make adjustments or provisions for adequate sunshine before buying your tree.

Growing and Caring for your Avocado Trees

It’s not enough to buy avocado trees and have them grown around your home. You’ll have to have a detailed understanding of caring for such trees.

As a tree lover, this shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. However, novices will need to do the proper research on different aspects of growing avocado trees.

Key areas to consider it include watering and nutrients, pruning, pollination, harvesting, pest & diseases, light, temperature, and soil conditions.

Other key details include indoor planting requirements and repotting, among others. There are lots of information on these and more available online.

You’ll have to do the needed research to understand these and how to apply such techniques fully.

The information provided has discussed the different aspects of buying avocado trees. We considered the costs involved and the species or varieties, among other things.

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