Crepe Myrtle Trees For Sale – Where To Buy, Cost And Other Purchase Tips

Here is how and where to buy crepe myrtle trees.

If you want to add some shrubs to your surroundings, one of several species you may find interesting is crepe myrtle. Also called crape myrtle, this plant will fit easily on streets or driveways due to its non-invasive root systems.

What more? They can easily be used on home borders and mixed with other shrub types.

Large Crepe Myrtle Trees For Sales

Here, we’re focused on providing the needed purchase guide to gardeners seeking to find the correct information or guidance on their purchase needs.

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By the end of this article, you should be better informed and shop more confidently for this plant. More importantly, you get to make wise purchase decisions.

About Crepe Myrtle

With the botanical name Lagerstroemia indica, crape myrtle bushes are known for their multiple stem systems, which spring up or bud several flower colors ranging from white, purple, pink, and red.

These blooms mostly appear in summer, increasing pollinators’ presence.

Most varieties or species of crepe myrtle do well in zones 7, 8, and 9. Once fully established, this plant easily withstands dry conditions and grows with little to no problems.

Crape myrtles also grow in average soils. However, these won’t do well in soils that aren’t well-drained.

In other words, constantly wet soil is terrible for crepe myrtle. So, you’ll need to find solutions if your surroundings have such damp soil.

One of the possible actions you should consider is having crepe myrtle grown on elevated areas where the moisture in the soil isn’t as much as what’s obtainable in lower regions.

Crepe Myrtle Varieties

Our buying decisions will need to consider the various crepe myrtle varieties.

Many of these range from the shell pink black diamond crepe myrtle, the centennial spirit crepe myrtle, the pink pearl black diamond crepe myrtle, and the mystic magenta black diamond crepe myrtle.

Others include the dynamite crepe myrtle, sunset magic crepe myrtle, Hopi crepe myrtle, plum magic crepe myrtle, and miss Francis crepe myrtle.

You can also opt for the midnight magic crepe myrtle, purely purple-black diamond crepe myrtle, coral magic crepe myrtle, or the pink velour crepe myrtle.

There are tons of other different crepe myrtle varieties you can buy. Each species has unique features that beautify your surroundings. You may want to purchase multiple species to add more mixtures.

It’s also essential to note price variations for these different crepe myrtle varieties.

Buy Crepe Myrtle Trees

Before you set out to buy crepe myrtle plants, you’ll need to understand the different options you have fully.

The different options, in this sense, refer to the cost of the plants, where you buy these, and what zones they thrive best in. You also need to choose your best crepe myrtle plant, among other things.

For many people, these details might sound overwhelming, which is why we’ve provided the direction to follow in getting the best crepe myrtle plants for your garden or property.

Let’s explain some of the options mentioned above.

  • Cost of Crepe Myrtle Plants

For any buyer, the cost of these plants is a primary consideration. You’ll need to know the plants’ cost range or average prices in question.

As stated earlier, there are lots of varieties that attract varying costs. So, the crepe myrtle species you go for will likely determine the price you pay for it.

To give you a better idea of this, let’s look at the different crepe myrtle varieties with the cost ranges.

The Sioux crepe myrtle goes for around $59 to $119, the pink velour variant attracts about $69 to $89, while the average cost for the Acoma myrtle is $59.

The average cost for the purple magic crepe myrtle is around $69; the sunset magic myrtle goes for about $69 to $129, the dynamite variant goes between $69 and $89, while the Hopi crepe myrtle is around $59.

Here, we won’t be getting into all the specifics about the cost of different crepe myrtle varieties. Instead, we’ve given you an example of how prices can vary depending on the crepe myrtle variety you go for.

Another cost factor you’ll need to know before buying your crepe myrtle plant is that size affects costs. Also, the number of plants you want will determine whether you get a significant discount or not.

To better explain, smaller crepe myrtle sizes are much cheaper than larger plants.

For instance, a 3-gallon crepe myrtle plant may go for between $16 to $30, while an 8-gallon plant may cost significantly higher (around $80 to $100 or more).

With more crepe myrtle plants being purchased, the chances of getting a significant discount are higher. Buying more plant units may lead to a 5 or 10% discount or even higher.

However, buying a single crepe myrtle plant won’t get as much discount.

  • Where to Buy Crepe Myrtle

Knowing where to buy your crepe myrtle plant is as important as the abovementioned cost. You’ll need to shop from reliable sellers or reputable nurseries.

The only way to be sure about your source is through customer reviews. Reviews give you a lot of insight into who you’re dealing with.

Through other customers’ experiences, you can only choose reliable sellers for your crepe myrtle purchase needs. It’s also important to note that reviews aren’t 100% percent.

Instead, it would help if you only were interested in dealers or nurseries with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

  • Ideal Growth Zones

Knowing the zones ideal for growing your crepe myrtle plants is highly essential. This allows you only to choose plants that do well within your zone.

When shopping for your plants, the seller should provide all such details. For example, sunset magic crepe myrtle, plum magic crepe myrtle, and dynamite myrtle fall within the 7 to 9 zones.

The details above enable you to shop much better for your crepe myrtle plants. This article should well inform every buyer before ever making a purchase.

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