How Much Does Chimney Repointing Cost?

While these are all important maintenance actions, we’re more interested in one of them. Chimney repointing will be discussed with emphasis on cost. How much will it cost to have your chimney repointed?

We’re interested in providing answers.

Chimneys are built to last. However, this is only possible when such a chimney is maintained. Now the word maintenance can be quite vague as it holds multiple meanings.

For chimneys, this would mean cleaning, replacement of broken down parts, repairs, and repointing among others.

About Chimney Repointing Prices

To get an idea of cost, you’ll need to understand what’s involved.

The need for chimney repointing often arises out of a myriad of problems. Chimneys are largely exposed to elements ranging from rainfall, storms, snowfall, and so on.

A chimney will seem to withstand these conditions until you consider the broader effect caused by many years of exposure to harsh weather and the elements.

With time, cracks and holes begin to appear on the outer parts of the chimney. Freeze-thaw cycles also leave their impact.

What results is a situation where mortar begins to weaken, crack and erode, thus exposing brick joints.

Such joints will have to be filled with a fresh mortar mix. This is what chimney repointing is about. It seeks to replenish or replace weakened or worn-out mortar.

The repointing process isn’t just about filling in a new mortar to empty mortar joints.

Further preparation is done by chipping or chiseling out about half an inch of old mortar. This is followed by the application of fresh mortar. This way, there’s better grip and durability.

The result is a reinforced chimney structure that continues to serve its purpose for a long time. Chimney repointing always targets the outer brickwork. This is the part exposed to the elements, and therefore most affected.

Average Repointing Costs For Chimney

The cost for repointing a chimney will cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500.

Costing for such jobs is mostly done per square foot at $5 to $25. Now, it’s no secret that the repointing process is quite challenging and requires significant labor input.

Based on this factor, a large percentage of the cost (about 80% to 90%) is taken up by labor. This is totally understandable.

Factors Affecting Chimney Repointing Cost

There are basic factors that will always influence the total cost for a chimney repointing job. There’s the case of size. The chimney size will determine the coverage area for repointing.

Do you want to fix the entire width of the damaged area or just a section? This is a factor that will impact the cost.

Accessibility is another cost determinant for chimney repointing. Your location will be factored into cost calculation as well. In terms of accessibility, scaffolding may be necessary which could add to repointing cost.

Time is crucial too! The longer it takes to get the job done, the higher the rates charged.

  • Size

Size is a key determinant to repointing cost as it determines the materials to be used for the job. The total size or space to be covered will be measured and costing done to arrive at a definite amount.

  • Width

When mortar damage is being inspected on a chimney wall, a width of the damaged area is taken. This is only required for restricted damaged spots. Things will be done differently if the entire chimney wall is to be repointed.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is very crucial to determining repointing costs.

For ground-level repointing jobs, the charges won’t be as high as for those above 8 feet. So, how high is your chimney? You’ll have to wait for cost estimates to be done to find out how many fees you’ll incur.

  • Location

Where’s your location? Clients that are out of town or outside the usual service range are charged higher by chimney services. That is because the equipment will need to be moved across town and back.

So, an additional cost will include time, fuel cost, and equipment cost.

  • Need for Added Equipment

No chimney repointing job is the same as the next. All vary according to specific needs.

While some jobs won’t require the use of scaffolding, others will. Moving such scaffolding equipment to job sites costs money. Such costs will certainly reflect in your final bill.

  • Time Factor

One of the key factors that impacts cost is time. Some chimney services may charge hourly rates for repairs performed while others may use other costing criteria.

The longer the hours a chimney mason clocks on the job, the higher the rates will be.

DIY Chimney Repointing as a Cost-Cutting Measure

Often, the DIY approach to chimney repointing can be tempting to the untrained person.

While this can be a great way to cut down on cost, it isn’t worth the stress. Now, consider the grueling hours you need to commit to grinding or chiseling out old mortar before applying mortar.

Although this process can be spread across several days, you may not have the skill to perform a great job. Plus, there are risks involved as you’ll have to work on your roof.

Without the right equipment, you could sustain serious injuries by falling off your roof.

At the end of the day, you might end up with a poor job. It’s better to call a pro to carry out or perform your chimney repointing needs. There’s no certainty that you will save money by taking the DIY route.

Cost Negotiation

When chimney services give room for negotiations, they allow the client to express their needs and also work based on a budget. With such greater flexibility, you have the choice of working with or patronizing your preferred service provider.

You’ll need to make all the inquiries regarding cost negotiations to find out how much it will take to have your chimney repointed. You may also want to consider customer reviews in matters relating to costing.

Chimney repointing cost estimates have been discussed above.

However, exact costs for repointing jobs will vary based on the factors mentioned above. Plus, the chimney service you call will have a bearing on the overall cost of the job.

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