Here, we’ll be discussing how to fix a cracked fireplace panel. If you do have one you wish to fix, the information here should be of immense help.

Cracked Fireplace Refractory Panel Repair

Fireplace panels, also known as refractory panels do a vital job of shielding a structure from excessive heat.

It’s common knowledge that a lot of combustion goes on in a fireplace. Because most fireplaces are located close to walls, such walls should be shielded from the heat coming from the fireplace.

This is where refractory panels come into play.

These are heat-resistant panels that serve as added protection against the hottest fires. Although they’re built to last, these panels may eventually give way by developing cracks.

When such a situation happens, you’re left with two options; to fix them, or have them replaced.

Where Fireplace Panels Located

The positioning of fireplace refractory panels is crucial because it helps with the proper shielding of your structure.

These are mostly installed on the sizes as well the floor of a fireplace. Because they aren’t built to last forever, these slowly deteriorate with use.

You might experience cracks as well as wear and tear among other forms of deterioration. Cracks are the ultimate sign that a fireplace panel needs to be fixed.

When damage is significant, it will need to be changed outright.

What are Fireplace Panels made from?

To fix a faulty or cracked fireplace panel, you’ll need to know the material it’s made from. These are made from heat-resistant materials meant to resist the hottest fires.

A special type of fire clay material is being used.

Other materials used for fireplace panels include polyurethane, and even laminate or wood. Laminate or wooden panels are only applicable to fireplaces that don’t burn solid fuels.

They’re quite common with electric fireplaces.

Castable cement is another type of material fireplace panels can be made from.

Can Fireplace Panel Cracks be filled?

One of the questions that arise when discussing fireplace panels is whether cracks can be fixed.

Considering the high heat it’s constantly exposed to, fixing it with anything other than high heat-type silicone won’t do much justice to it.

Some types of cracks might be complicated. Instead of getting them fixed yourself, you should seek professional help. A chimney technician knows exactly how best to address the problem.

The crack might be filled using high heat-type silicone or other types of heat resistant material.

People might notice different types of cracks. Depending on your fireplace panel’s condition, the recommendation of a chimney technician will determine whether the crack is to be filled or completely replaced.

The main objective here is to get the panel(s) working as effectively as before.

Causes of Cracked Fireplace Panels

Cracks in fireplace panels happen for a reason. Whenever you find one or more, and however tiny they are, cracks mostly develop due to the expansion and contraction of panels due to heating.

Contractions that happen quickly than necessary tend to be those causing the most cracks.

Other causes of fireplace panel cracks include the tossing of water to extinguish lingering embers. This leads to thermal shock that results in cracks. There are also times when a fire gets too large.

This situation, coupled with a badly positioned fire could result in cracks.

How you use your metal stoker rod also matters. Sometimes, moving a log in a burning fire using a stoker may result in striking a panel hard enough for it to crack.

Another possible explanation for cracked fireplace panels is when they’re defective from the manufacturer.

Such may not have undergone proper curing, thus leading to cracks when exposed to fires. With the knowledge of these potential causes, you’re able to prevent future cracks from happening.

Fixing Cracked Fireplace Panels

For DIYers, the task of performing repair work on a cracked fireplace panel can be overwhelming. Also, fixing such issues can be a bit more complex than you anticipated.

This is because cracks do not develop in the same way.

For such situations, we recommend you remove or get rid of the old panels by unscrewing them and having such replaced or installed. A “fixed” fireplace panel may turn out worse than its initial condition when a repair job isn’t properly or professionally done.

Having the panel replaced gives better results when handled by a novice, as compared to when the same is being performed by a professional. The replaced panel should fit and sit snuggly against adjoining panels.

  • What Happens If My Fixes aren’t Good Enough?

Some DIY’ers might go ahead to carry out repairs on cracked fireplace panels. Now, this might sound okay on the surface, but the job may not be well done.

In this type of scenario, issues are likely to start developing.

  • What Happens If I Don’t Fix A Cracked Panel?

There are times when people ignore clear problems with their fireplace.

When you notice a cracked fireplace panel and do nothing about it, it’s likely to deteriorate fast by leaking heat through these cracks into structural materials.

High heat can lead to damage and fires.

Asides from heat leaks; there could also be carbon monoxide leaks that could lead to poisoning. This is more deadly as excess inhalation could result in fatalities.

So, whenever you find a cracked fireplace panel, you must carry out immediate fixes. Doing so does you a world of good.

  • Call For Professional Assistance

Rather than doing a messy repair job, you should call for professional repair of your cracked fireplace panel.

Trained technicians mostly have the experience in addition to the technical know-how on what to do. When a cracked fireplace panel is damaged beyond repair, you’re informed of the next possible course of action to take.

Of course, this mostly results in replacing the damaged fireplace panel. Another benefit you stand to gain by having a pro handle your fixes is the possibility of identifying and rectifying any additional problem(s).

These may not have been discovered yet. Here is the cost of

All discussions we’ve had from the beginning to this point have been aimed at guiding you on ways to fix a cracked fireplace mantel. A proper job is required and the best place to get such is by calling the pros.

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