Fireplace Liners And Refractory Panels – Best Brands To Buy

Here is a buyer’s guide on flue liners and fireplace refractory panels.

A fireplace is one vital heating component of a chimney system that needs to be carefully selected. Starting from the fireplace, the liner creates a barrier between the flue and chimney walls for purposes of insulation.

In other words, liners play a key role in insulating combustible areas of your home’s structure. Asides from combustible components of a structure, a liner will shield masonry and mortar from weakening due to heat exposure.

Therefore, the type of fireplace liner and replacement panel you buy matters.

A Little About Fireplace Reflector Panels

A brief introduction has been given about fireplace liners.

It’s also important to provide a little information on panels. This is a necessary step to help improve understanding before we get into details on the best products to buy.

Fireplace panels, also known as refractory panels have similar functions to fireplace liners. They help redirect or reflect heat coming from fires into your home.

Another key function is the prevention of damage arising from heat. Such heat, if not controlled is likely to affect the structure and may ignite fires.

Varieties Of Liners And Fireplace Replacement Panels

When picking the best fireplace liners and panels to buy, it’s important to know that products are almost unlimited.

An easier way to get your most preferred product design is by searching these according to the product brand.  This does a lot to prevent confusion and that’s what we’ll be doing.

Best Fireplace Liners And Panel Brands To Consider

Speaking of the top fireplace liner and general accessory brands, there’s a long list of these to consider. A lot of these brands have been around for many decades. Some have even been around for centuries.

It’s important to know that these brands help you narrow down your selection to only the best.

Some of the biggest brands available include Lindemann Chimney Supply Company, National Chimney Supply Inc., Lifetime Chimney Supply LLC, ECCO Supply, Temp-Cast, Ambiance, Valor, Amantii, Enerzone, Ortal, Valcourt, Stoll, Regency, Rasmussen, RH Peterson Co., and Kuma.

Others include Kozy Heat Fireplaces and Rutland Products among so many. Each of these is reputable companies in their own right and have satisfied clients for decades.

It’s possible to discover that your existing fireplace brand has been mentioned here.

If it hasn’t been mentioned, that’s not to say that your brand is inferior. As stated earlier, only a few out of many reputable brands will be discussed.

  • Lindemann Chimney Supply Company

Lindemann is a major industry player in the manufacture of varying types of chimney and fireplace equipment and accessories.

Among its tons of products are fireplace liners and panels, chimney caps, animal screens, chimney arrestors, and lots of others. You can get these products from major dealers or retailers as well as local stores.

Its products are also reputed for their quality.

  • National Chimney Supply Inc.

National chimney supply Inc. is CSIA certified.

That is, it has the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s sign of approval. When thinking of the best fireplace liners and panels to buy, it’ll be great to include this brand for consideration.

It has about eight manufacturing and distribution locations spread across the United States. Its product categories include liners and accessories, insulation, double-wall, specialty, and chimney caps.

Other categories include dampers, rods (tools and brushes), as well as restoration.

  • Lifetime Chimney Supply LLC

This is another major chimney brand to consider when looking for fireplace liners and panels. They manufacture all types of chimney products. You only need to choose the parts and allow them to manufacture the kits.

Some product categorizations include liners, caps & components, multi-flue caps as well as tools and repair, etc.

  • ECCO Supply

ECCO supply is one of Canada’s largest chimney brands as it offers a whole lot of product varieties. This includes fireplace liners and panels.

Product categories include heating equipment, cooling equipment, flexible duct and liners, duct connectors, fireplaces and chimneys, and HVAC-related products.

  • Temp-Cast

Another major brand you should consider is Temp-Cast. This company provides all sorts of fireplace and chimney equipment. You’re able to choose from various designs and varieties by sifting through its tons of products.

  • Ambiance

Ambiance deals on a wide range of chimney-related products. These include gas logs, gas grills, electric fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts, natural stone veneers, EPA wood fireplaces; gas fireplace inserts lot among others.

Of course, this brand is also known for the manufacture of chimney and fireplace accessories.

  • Valor

Valor is a reputable fireplace brand that makes a wide range of these products. When you sift through its product offerings, you’re most likely to find what you’re looking for. This includes liners and liner panels.

  • Amantii

Amantii is a brand known for variety and quality. Asides from its long list of fireplace products and inserts, it also manufactures fireplace parts, wood stoves, mantels, white surrounds, and so many other product categories.

You’ll not get disappointed when you sift through its products.

  • Enerzone

Whether you’re looking for fireplace liners and panels, wood and pellet stoves, fireplaces and inserts, or whatever chimney-related products, this brand has you covered.

It provides all sorts of chimney-related solutions for homeowners.

  • Ortal

You may want to consider adding this brand to your list of possible chimney product brands. They provide all sorts of chimney solutions covering all key areas. You get to also explore all fireplace types to make a choice.

  • Valcourt

A little time spent on Valcourt’s website should provide some helpful tips on how to get your needs. A wide range of products including fireplaces and components are available.

  • Stoll Industries

Stoll industry is a go-to place for all fireplace-related components and accessories. With over a thousand dealers across the country, Stoll products are well accessible. You’re likely to find these at a location closest to you.

  • Regency

At regency, tons of chimney and fireplace products are manufactured. These are quality products that range from contemporary gas fireplaces to traditional fireplaces and more.

Your search for fireplace liners and panels should be widened to include this top brand.

These are some of the best fireplace liners and products to buy. We’ve listed some of the top brands available. Each of these is known for quality and durability. Now, you have the responsibility of making your pick.

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