Can citronella oil repel wasps?

For most people, wasps have no identifiable benefit. This is why most people prefer bees over wasps in addition to seeing them as a nuisance.

Whether these stinging insects are beneficial or not isn’t the point (at least for our discussion).

Will Citronella Repel Wasps?

In this article. we will find out whether citronella has any repellent effects on wasps.

When stung by wasps, some people may show signs of allergic reactions. In any case, the discomfort from wasp stings doesn’t do much harm. You should be over it within a short time.

However, it must be said that the stings are painful and most people will rather avoid them.

Enough of wasp stings already! Can I repel wasps with citronella? This readily available plant is Asian grass that’s fragrant.

Its floral fragrance is one feature that makes it effective against a wide range of pests including wasps. Essential oils are also derived from it and can be applied widely.

Yes! Citronella Keeps Wasps Away

Wasp problems can be treated with citronella.

Although it’s widely known as a mosquito repellent, it also serves to keep wasps at bay. You’ll need to have the plant grown around your home to have any real chance of deterring these pests.

Citronella is best grown in well-drained soils which ensure proper growth and development. Its floral and citrus-like scents make this plant a great addition to your surroundings.

Successfully repelling wasps using citronella depends on its usage. In other words, you’ll need to know how to use or apply citronella.

What Works Best Citronella Oil or Plant?

Citronella can be used in its plant form as well as its essential oils extracted from such plants. This is a great idea for anyone undecided on what form to deploy citronella.

Citronella is known for its pervasive smell which irritates wasps and other insect pests.

Asides from citronella plans and oils, there are also citronella candles that are infused with the essential oils extracted from the plant. All of these forms will have the desired effect on wasps when applied correctly.

It’s important to consider how to use each to control wasps.

  • Using Citronella Plants to Repel Wasps

The use of citronella plants to repel wasps is quite common and easy. These plants only need to be introduced around infested areas. To do so, you’ll need to be able to move the plants easily.

Potted citronella plants are much convenient to use. These plants are also grown indoors.

Citronella plants grown indoors will require at least six hours of sunlight. You can either take these plants outside to get sunlight or place them by the window.

Now the mere presence of citronella plants within or around your home is enough to create an invisible pest barrier.

Wasps will keep their distance from such areas.

Additional benefits of growing citronella plants are that it helps repel other garden pests, it smells amazing, can be used as a DIY beauty product (a discussion for another day), and doesn’t affect or repel beneficial critters insects like butterflies.

In terms of their use, you only need to grow these plants around your gardens or place them around your home’s perimeter.

Potted citronella plants are easier to move around and can be moved to both indoor and outdoor wasp-infested areas.

  • Using Citronella Oil to Repel Wasps

When it comes to the most effective way to deal with wasp infestation using citronella, its essential oils tend to have the most effect. For best results, these oils will have to be frequently applied.

There are several ways to use this oil, one of which includes applying directly onto the skin.

Other effective methods of usage include mixing with water in a spray bottle and applying on wasps. You can spray them directly or spray areas around the infestation.

Utmost caution is advised during application to guard against stings.

You can also have cotton balls infused with this essential oil and strategically placed around infested areas. If none of these sounds interesting to you, consider adopting the aromatherapy alternative to an application.

Here, a diffuser will prove useful for application.

You can also mix citronella oil with oil or lotion for use on the skin. When used this way, your immediate surroundings are permeated with their smell.

However, we must say that this method isn’t as effective as the others when it comes to repelling wasps.

  • Using Citronella Candles to Repel Wasps

Citronella candles also come in handy as repellent products for wasps.

As expected, these candles only need to be lighted and placed around wasp-infested areas. With such candles burning, wasps and other insect pests have an irritated mood and will stay away from your immediate vicinity.

Citronella candles are best used indoors. With its use, you make your immediate surroundings uninhabitable to wasps. Several candles may have to be used to get the desired effect.

More than One Treatment Method can be applied

When using citronella on wasps, multiple forms of treatment can be used.

In other words, you can combine the usage of citronella plants, essential oils, and candles to achieve the desired effect. The objective is to have these pests out of your space within the shortest possible time.

Are there Side Effects Associated with Citronella Use?

Whether you’re using citronella plants, oils, or candles, one thing you might want to know is whether you’re exposed to any side effects. There are side effects associated with its use.

Allergic reactions may occur in addition to skin irritations.

Skin irritations mostly arise from the undiluted application of citronella oil on the skin. When noticed, you should discontinue its use immediately and seek safer wasp repellent alternatives.

Ordinarily, discontinuing its use should be enough to stop any side effects.

In situations where irritations persist, seeing a health expert will be necessary. Another possible way to deal with side effects involves changing your application method.

Instead of applying directly on the skin, you can apply on cotton balls or as a spray.

Without a doubt, citronella oil will repel wasps when applied correctly. So far, we’ve seen the various ways through which this repellent product can be applied.

While citronella is effective in its various forms, you may experience certain side effects associated with its use.

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