Does Lavender Repel Scorpions? [Plant Vs Extracted Oil]

Does lavender really repel scorpions? Here is all you should know.

No homeowner wants to deal with scorpions due to the obvious reason that they’re venomous are scary. For a lot of people, home remedy treatments for pest problems have become a norm.

While some of these treatments work, others don’t.

This has led to questions such as the one being discussed.

Using Lavender For Scorpions

Do you stand a chance of dealing with scorpion problems using lavender?

In other words, will lavender keep scorpions at bay? This will be an interesting discussion for persons dealing with a difficult scorpion problem.

The possible reason for interest in lavender treatments isn’t far-fetched.

This plant is known to offer a whole lot of benefits including pest control. So, having lavender repel scorpions will be a bonus.

Are Scorpions of Any Use? Why not have them Killed?

While scorpions may look all scary and even sting when threat is perceived, they have their own benefits.

Surprising right? Well, but it’s true! The venom from these arachnids has been found to contain a whole lot of health benefits. This includes being researched as a possible treatment for cancer.

Scorpion venom also possesses pain management properties. Ongoing research finds this venom to be a potential cure for Parkinson’s.

Whatever the benefits, no homeowner wants to have these arachnids creeping into their home. Plus, there’s the likelihood of a painful and venomous sting when humans come too close.

Also, if you prefer the humane approach to scorpion control, it will be a great idea to adopt the repellent strategy.

This brings us back to the question; does lavender repel scorpions?

Lavender Vs Scorpions

You’re likely to have asked the question on the impact of lavender on scorpions due to stories you have heard.

There are lots of claims about the efficacy of lavender on a variety of pests. While some of these are true, others are simply rumors. With scorpions, lavender has proven to be an effective repellant.

How Do You Use Lavender To Keep Scorpions Away?

Whether using fresh plants, dried lavender plants, lavender candles, or its essential oils, the same impact is achieved. There are also lavender-infused laundry products such as bleaches that can be poured down your drain to ward off these arachnids.

  • How it Works

The fresh floral scent of lavender serves as a repelling force when deployed against pests. When grown (lavender plants) or applied (lavender oil) around your home, it creates an invisible barrier.

For most humans, the scent of lavender is refreshing and invigorating.

However, the opposite applies to a lot of pests (both insect and arachnids). Scorpions hate its scent and will keep as far as possible from infested areas.

With this knowledge, all you have to do is grow lavender plants or apply its oil or other lavender-infused products like bleach.

This will be most beneficial in scorpion-prone areas of the southwest consisting of states like Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

Treatment Should Be More Comprehensive

Although lavender serves as a scorpion repellent, it won’t get the job done comprehensively without taking appropriate steps. This simply means the adoption of both active treatment (application of lavender) and preventive measures.

So, what are the preventive steps like? There are several! First off, you’ll need to identify infestation signs and mark entry points used by these arachnids. When it comes to entry potential entry points, there are several of them.

Scorpions will readily get into homes using gaps below doors as well as ground-level windows.

These arachnids will also exploit spaces such as cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation. What more? Your utility lines and drain pipes may provide ready access.

Now you know where to focus your treatments.

How to Use Lavender For Scorpions

When faced with a scorpion problem, you can use lavender in several ways.

Remember we earlier said it doesn’t matter whether you settle for dried lavender plants, lavender oils, growing of lavender plants, or using products containing a form of lavender.

You only want to ensure the scent permeates your home and that’s one thing that lavender is known for.

Let’s take a look at the different ways lavender can be used as a scorpion repellent.

  • Growing Lavender Plants

Do you have a garden around your home?

You can put this to good use by growing some lavender flowers.

However, certain soil and climatic conditions need to be met for lavender flowers to grow well. First off, you’ll need a well-lighted surrounding.

In other words, full sun is needed in addition to well-drained soil.

However, the weather tends to be hot in summer. So, some form of partial shade will be great in the afternoons. The type of soil lavender flowers thrive on are moderately fertile soils.

Also, a neutral to slightly alkaline soil will serve this purpose.

You’ll need to look for the most fragrant varieties to grow. Some aren’t well scented. With these plants around your home, an invisible barrier is created against scorpions.

These arachnids keep off due to the smell coming from the plants.

  • Using Lavender Oil as a Scorpion Repellent

Lavender oils are extracted from the plant. You can apply this oil in several ways.

First off, you can soak some cotton balls and have them placed along paths or areas you’ve witnessed the most scorpion activity.

This action will have to be repeated after a week until the situation improves.

Lavender spray can also be made by mixing with a carrier oil of your choice. Water can be used in place of carrier oil. With your lavender solution ready, empty the contents into a spray bottle.

Spray around your home or areas you’ve noticed scorpion activity.

This process applies to both indoor and outdoor environments.

With the contents sprayed, the scent becomes overpowering for scorpions. A single application of lavender won’t get the job done instead; you’ll have to repeat such application multiple times for best results.

We also said scorpions could use utility lines or drain pipes to get in. Consider pouring some lavender bleach down your drain. This should do a world of good to keep scorpions in check.

The fear most people have for scorpions is for good reason. Although they won’t sting humans deliberately, most people accidentally get stung by these arachnids.

Plus, their pair of four legs and perception formed from movies mostly makes scorpions unwelcome in homes.

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