Will peppermint oil repel and kill spiders; we will attempt to offer you the right response.

Do you have spider issues and want to adopt natural remedies for their control? Several natural solutions exist and can be tried on these arachnids. However, knowing what works and what doesn’t becomes the challenge.

In the case of peppermint oil, questions about its efficacy have been asked.

Peppermint oil one of several essential oils that has seen an increase in usage on a variety of pest issues. Whether this has any exterminating effect on spiders remains to be seen.

Join us to find out more.

Uses of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a handy product when it comes to the flavoring of foods as well as a topical treatment for itchy conditions. This product has been found to treat digestive issues, nausea, headaches, common cold, and muscle pain.

It’s quite versatile in its uses and can also be used for resolving pest issues.

Certain pests are repelled by the scent released by this oil. However, not all are. In other words, while some pests may be killed or repelled, others won’t.

If you’re wondering if spiders can be killed by this natural product, the answer is found in the next section following this.

Can I Kill or Repel Spiders Using Peppermint Oil?

Does peppermint oil repel brown recluse spiders and other species?

No, you can’t! We assume you’ve heard quite a lot of rumors about the efficacy of peppermint oil as a spider repellent.

However, the truth is it won’t do a lot to get rid of spiders. In fact, quite a lot of pest control services dispute the efficacy of peppermint as a natural spider repellent.

Although dousing these arachnids with peppermint oil may give you some positive repellent effect, it isn’t to be depended upon for effective spider extermination.

You’ll need to seek other remedies or strategies to get spiders off your property.

If Peppermint Spray Isn’t Effective, What is?

If you’re hooked on natural remedies or are more interested in natural solutions to spider presence, you’ll find the following natural spider repellents interesting.

They include citrus, white vinegar, cedar, diatomaceous earth, and chestnuts.

There are also preventing measures such as the cleaning of dusty surroundings, removing clutter & lighting dark areas, closing entry points as well as watching your landscape.

All of these strategies will prove to be effective in keeping spiders out of your home.

Let’s discuss each of them.

  • Citrus

Due to the inefficacy of peppermint oil as a spider repellent and exterminator, citrus can be used in its place.

For whatever reason, spiders are known to dislike the citrus scent. It doesn’t matter what citrus fruit you use. All you have to do is cut these open and place them in a bowl on your countertops.

These arachnids will keep away whenever they perceive the scent.

Another option you have is to peel off orange peels and soak them in vinegar. Allow to sit overnight and pour the liquid content into a spray bottle. Spray around areas most frequented by these spiders and watch them disappear.

  • White Vinegar

With white vinegar around, spiders have no chance of infesting your home. Making vinegar spider repellent is quite easy! All you need is a spray bottle.

In this bottle, pour in equal portions of vinegar and water. Mix and spray on spiders.

Spiders hate the smell of vinegar and keep away. This can also be used for preventive treatment. All you have to do is spray this mixture around entry points or access areas.

Spiders come from the outdoors. So, having this white vinegar sprayed around entrances irritates them.

  • Cedar

If you wish to have a pleasant woody scent permeating your home, consider sprinkling some cedar wood chips or blocks around.

The good thing about this strategy is that it repels spiders while giving your home a nice scent and feel.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

This product has been successfully used against a wide range of pests and can be used to exterminate or repel spiders. Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of algae.

This powder appears whitish and has no toxic effect on humans and pets. However, it shouldn’t be ingested.

When sprinkled along paths frequented by spiders, diatomaceous earth absorbs the moisture content of their body which results in dehydration.

To reach spiders in their webs, make a mixture by adding a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth to water. Empty into a spray bottle and spray around spider webs.

With this method of application, you get to avoid breathing in the dust which could cause some irritations. Spiders are killed within a short time of application. However, you may need to apply more than once for best effects.

Other pests to are killed when they walk into sprinkled diatomaceous earth.

  • Chestnuts

To keep spiders out of your home, consider placing some horse chestnuts around possible entry points. Also, place along baseboards. The scent from these will keep spiders at bay.

  • Cleaning Dusty Surroundings

This is more of a preventive measure to discourage spiders from coming around.

Hygiene or the lack of it is known to impact spider presence. Spiders thrive in dusty environments. As such, you’ll need to clean or dust your surroundings as frequently as possible.

Such cleaning includes the removal of any spider webs you find. This continued action discourages spiders from coming around as they constantly get disturbed.

  • Removing Clutter & Lighting Dark Areas

Similar to dusty surroundings, spiders are known to thrive in scattered or cluttered surroundings. Dark areas provide ideal hiding spots for them.

A great way to start is by removing all the favorable conditions through lighting and the removal of clutter.

  • Closing Entry Points

As mentioned earlier, spiders come indoors from the outside.

When inside, they become a menace and make your home look untidy with hanging webs around. You’ll need to take the fight to them by closing or blocking off all access points. These include cracks and crevices along walls and doors.

Peppermint doesn’t do an effective job at repelling or killing spiders. However, the other control alternatives should help you get rid of these arachnids with ease.

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