Does Peppermint Oil Repel Roaches?

One of the most difficult pest problems you’ll encounter is a roach infestation. These come with a lot of health risks and breed fast!

Luckily, there are lots of solutions you can adopt to arrest their spread this includes the use of natural or organic treatments to control roaches.

So, the question arises; does peppermint oil repel roaches?

This is one of several organic solutions that have been successfully used for a variety of pest issues.

Here, we’ll be providing answers to this question by discussing whether peppermint oil is an effective roach repellent.

Will Peppermint Oil Repel Roaches?

If you’ve wondered if peppermint oil is an effective roach repellent, then the answer is a big YES!

Peppermint oil is one essential oil you can trust to repel roaches. This has been and continues to be used successfully to combat roach infestations.

Now that we’ve confirmed the efficacy of peppermint oil as a roach repellent, let’s ask a second question; does it kill roaches? This question is likely to be raised by many.

If you’ve asked the same question, we’ll like to provide you with a definite answer; peppermint oil does kill roaches too!

This will be exciting news to anyone wishing to adopt essential oil treatment for their roach problem. Such natural treatment comes at no risk to you or your household and pets.

As a safe roach repellent, you can be confident to apply wherever these pests are found around the home.

Peppermint oil is particularly effective in killing American and German roaches on contact. What more? You only need to apply at targeted areas or directly on roaches to keep them at bay.

How It Repels Roaches

Having confirmed the efficacy of this essential oil as a good roach repellent, it will be necessary to also provide you with information on how this repellent action plays out. Now, peppermint oil is known to possess a strong smell.

This characteristic fragrance sticks around when applied and makes your surroundings smell nice. However, while you enjoy its scent, roaches don’t. They get irritated by it and keep their distance.

Now that you know, you only need to apply to wherever you don’t want to see roaches.

The Perfect Choice for Home Use

A lot of homeowners are skeptical and hesitant to use commercial roach spray products as these contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Apart from this fact, they may also not be ready to call a professional pest control service.

If you fall into this category of persons, then you will find peppermint a perfect remedy to your roach problems.

Apart from benefiting from its roach repellent properties, you also get its room or home freshening effect.

Peppermint oil will readily kill any roach it comes in contact with. So, if you want to go beyond keeping these pests at bay, you might spray peppermint oil directly on roaches wherever you find them.

To do so, your spray needs to be handy or kept close for easy access. Roaches will try to keep their distance from you as much as possible. As a matter of fact, these will mostly come out in the dark of night to feed and stay out of sight during the day.

So, if you’re lucky to stumble on a few at any time of the day, your peppermint oil solution should be close by to spray or drench these pests with.

Not Toxic to Humans but Toxic to Roaches

If you wonder why peppermint oil isn’t toxic to humans or pets but toxic to roaches, the reason is simple;

Peppermint oil contains Methone which is an active compound that gives it its minty fragrance. Most minty plants contain this chemical compound.

Now, this strong scent arising from the minty fragrance of peppermint oil not only irritates but poisons roaches. This is the reason why they stay as far away as possible from peppermint oil.

Peppermint Oil Roach Control

Knowing about the efficacy of peppermint oil against roaches and actually using it are two different things. You’ll have to successfully use peppermint oil for it to be effective against roaches.

So, how do you achieve this? It’s simple!

This inexpensive and readily available essential oil will need to be mixed or diluted with water. About 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil should be mixed with water in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture and spray generously on targeted surfaces or directly on roaches if you can find them.

The problem with spraying peppermint oil on roaches is that they move fast and hardly remain static when they sense danger. Plus, these pests won’t readily come out during the day.

So, spraying your peppermint oil solution around targeted areas and surfaces should suffice to keep roaches at bay.

  • Additional Ways to Use Peppermint Oil

There are other ways to use peppermint oil on roaches one of them includes adding some vinegar to your peppermint oil solution. How is this done? You’ll need to get some white vinegar and add 1 part of it to about 2 parts of water.

Next, get your peppermint oil and apply about 10 to 15 drops of it.

Mix this solution and spray on any surface or area you suspect roaches frequently target. Such may include the kitchen area, pantry, bathrooms, and basements among others.

Instead of using or preparing a peppermint spray, you could also get some cotton balls and wet them with peppermint oil and water. These balls can then be placed in areas where you’ve noticed roach droppings or physical presence.

Such areas may include closets, along walls, pantry, and cupboards just to name a few. The effect is a roach-free home.

How Frequent Should Peppermint Oil be Applied?

The frequency of application is as important to the process as any other action is taken.

Therefore, you’ll need to spray or apply peppermint oil as frequently as possible to ensure its fragrance never wears out. Remember, roaches hate the scent and will keep away from such areas.

Can peppermint oil repel roaches? This was the question asked from the start of this article.

Here, we’ve provided all the answers including its ability to kill roaches. We’ve also included information on how to use peppermint oil to achieve roach control.

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