Does Peppermint Oil Repel Mice And Keep Them Away?

Here, we seek to find out if peppermint oil repels mice.

Peppermint oil is a widely used product that comes in different forms; sprays, capsules, essential oils, and extracts. Its sharp odor gives off a uniquely refreshing and cool feeling which extends to its taste.

However, that isn’t what we want to focus on.

Using Peppermint Oil For Mice

Almost every homeowner has experienced mice problems at some point or multiple times. These rodents are notoriously destructive and controlling them isn’t that easy.

An online search for DIY mice-control methods will turn out tons of results.

Will peppermint oil repel mice? Are such results effective?

There’s no straight answer as efficacy depends on a lot of variables. Here, we’ll be looking at a DIY method for mice control. You’ll need to stick around to find the answers you seek.

Does Peppermint Oil Deter Mice?

If you’ve held to the belief of finding a lasting solution to your mice issues through the use of peppermint, the sad truth is you won’t!

This is contrary to lots of online articles that list all sorts of natural mice remedies using peppermint oil. As a matter of fact, there’s no scientific evidence backing such a claim.

Does peppermint oil spray keep mice away? No.

This will sound disappointing to some readers who had firmly held to such beliefs.

  • Peppermint Oil Mice Myth

So, why has peppermint oil been advanced as mice repellent in the first place?

The reason(s) may not be far-fetched. Mice are known to have an excellent sense of smell. This enables them easily locate food. Now, applying a product such as a peppermint which has a strong odor is believed to overwhelm these rodents as they detest its smell.

Looking for how to use peppermint oil for mice?

In reality, this option isn’t entirely effective. When you drop cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil around your home, at best, mice will only relocate to other areas or parts of the home.

In a nutshell, you’re unlikely to see any significant results when using peppermint as a repellent for rats or mice.

Peppermint Oil And Mice Control: Alternatives

Even if peppermint oil proved to be an effective mouse repellent, applying it alone won’t be enough.

This is because focusing on the effect rather than the cause isn’t a great strategy. With peppermint oil ruled out as a possible repellent, it becomes necessary to take a broader look at what actually works.

Since we’re looking at natural ways to deal with a mice problem, it’s necessary to consider more effective control methods. There are lots of home remedies for repelling mice.

However, none of them has anything to do with peppermint oil or any other essential oil.

Rather, these are basic preventive actions that yield results.

Mice Attractions

To have a real shot at repelling mice from your home, ideal conditions ranging from food, warmth, openings, and clutter must be present.

Knowing what attracts these rodents is a major boost to your chance of eliminating them from your home. Whenever these rodents infest a home or property, it’s due to the presence of certain favorable conditions.

  • Food

Food is one of the major attractions for mice. These rodents will readily feed on almost everything. Being omnivorous, there’s almost nothing they can’t feed on.

They’re sometimes cannibalistic too. Some of the foods eaten include seeds, meats, fruits, and grains.

Others include corn, oats, rice, cereal, plants, pet food, and dinner leftovers. As long as these are in ample supply, mice are never far away.

  • Warmth

Mice will readily relocate to areas with ample warmth.

This is more common in late fall. Homes provide enough warm spots for mice to build their nests. Your water heaters may be excellent nesting sites as heat is radiated from them.

  • Openings or Cracks

Mice will gain access to a home when there are cracks and openings around.

Such cracks are open invitations that these rodents never fail to seize. To have any real shot at control, such cracks and holes will have to be sealed up. More on this will follow shortly.

  • Clutter

Clutter is another excellent addition to the factors attracting mice to a home. Mice love to burrow through things and any clutter provides them with such. Clutter also provides nesting sites and materials for these rodents.

Options To Repel Mice Besides Mint For Mice

To repel mice several things can be done.

These include keeping bird feeders as far off as possible, blocking all entry points, tightly sealing your garbage bins, sealing pet food, and sealing dry foods.

Others include planting shrubs further away from foundations, cleaning spilled food & crumbs, and closing outside doors. You might also want to set a mousetrap or adopt a pet.

Let’s take a look at each of these.

  • Keeping Bird Feeders as Far off as Possible

Mice and rats would be drawn to your yard when there are bird feeders close by.

This is because the feed dropping for such feeders is feasted on by these rodents. You may have to relocate bird feeders further away as a preventive measure.

  • Blocking All Entry Points

The entry points and cracks used by mice to gain entrance to your home need to be sealed off. You’ll have to plug or block off all cracks no matter how tiny they are. Wire mesh is an excellent material that can be used.

  • Tightly Sealing Garbage Bins

Your garbage can serves as an ample food source for rodents. Access needs to be cut off by tightly closing it with a lid. It eliminates the food incentive that attracts these rodents.

  • Sealing Pet Food

Like bird feed, pet food also serves to attract mice. Remember we mentioned the omnivorous nature of mice. So, you’ll need to have your pet food sealed after using it.

  • Sealing Dry Foods

Dry foods should be properly stored in plastic or metal containers to make it impossible for mice to gain access.

  • Closing Outside Doors

When outside doors are left open, it makes entry easy for mice and other pests. You’ll need to have such doors closed always to prevent their entry.

  • Adopting a Pet

Bringing a pet home such as a cat translates to introducing a mice predator. These rodents are alerted to the presence of danger and stay off as far as possible.


Using peppermint oil to get rid of mice is a waste of time.

Peppermint oil won’t repel mice from your home. However, we’ve provided alternative methods that will eliminate these rodents from your home. These methods focus on the causes rather than the effects.

This is a much better way to handle rodent infestation.

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