Does Permethrin Kill Bed Bugs? [Application, Efficacy & Safety Issues]

In other words, will permethrin kill bed bugs?

This is the focus of our discussion. Permethrin has successfully been used both as a household pest control treatment as well as on garden pests.

Pests on cereal crops, ornamentals, veggies, potatoes, mushrooms, and fruit have been eliminated using permethrin treatments.

Using Permethrin For Bed Bugs

Since its discovery, permethrin has been widely used for a wide range of pest issues such as spiders.

This is a synthetic insecticide belonging to the pyrethroid class of insecticides that is widely used in resolving different types of pest issues.

There have been questions about the efficacy of permethrin as a bed bug killer.

About Permethrin

Permethrin is a synthetic insecticide designed to mimic the naturally occurring insecticide pyrethrum which is found in plants like chrysanthemums.

This forms a key active ingredient in a lot of insecticide products which are also infused with piperonyl butoxide (PBO).

So, why is PBO added to such products? It’s meant to achieve one major objective; to enhance permethrin’s pest extermination effect. More will be said about permethrin’s extermination effect shortly.

For now, let’s find out whether bed bugs are among pests killed by permethrin.

Pests Killed By Permethrin

In a buildup to our main point of focus on the efficacy of permethrin on bed bugs, it’s also important to look at pests killed by this insecticide.

Permethrin is designed for use as a broad-based insect killer. Among pest issues you can resolve with permethrin are roaches, and fleas.

Others include mosquitoes, ticks, flies, caterpillars, ants, and beetles among many others. Is bed bug included among the others? It is. Permethrin is a handy treatment for bed bug issues.

Will Permethrin Kill Bed Bugs?

Permethrin use for bed bug issues is quite effective and common. This insecticide is mostly added to over-the-counter medications that can be used around areas with bed bug issues.

With permethrin, the nervous systems of these bugs are attacked. More on this will be discussed shortly.

Now, it’s important to note that bed bugs are among the most difficult pest issues to deal with.

There are lots of instances where homeowners have given up on a lot of DIY extermination techniques applied to their bed bug problems. Results obtained mostly range from totally dismal to fairly positive.

These results aren’t good enough. With permethrin use, you might not get 100% effective results; however, your rate of success is likely to see a significant improvement.

Insecticide products containing permethrin are sold as over-the-counter pest medications.

These will have to be applied via DIY methods. Now, there’s a downside to DIY bed bug control.

Irrespective of what treatments you use, you’re limited by the fact that your understanding of bed bug behavior isn’t anything to write home about.

  • Why Professional Pest Control is Better

This is where professional pest control tends to be more effective than permethrin use.

Here, skilled technicians with the knowledge and experience of fighting bed bugs know just where to apply treatments as well as the best times of applying among other things.

This isn’t to say DIY permethrin use on bed bugs won’t give any results. The only difference with the professional approach is that more results are obtained.

How Permethrin Bed Bug Control Works

Our discussion won’t be complete without focusing on how permethrin works as a bed bug exterminator.

When bed bugs come in contact with permethrin, this insecticide immediately starts to work by over-exciting their nervous systems. The same applies to other types of pests.

The over-excitement of the nervous systems of bed bugs leads to a chain of events that causes paralysis and eventual death.

However for this effect to be guaranteed, you’ll need to apply your permethrin insecticide properly.

An effective way to go about its application is by carefully following all use instructions contained on the product label. These also come with safety instructions that help lower risk levels attached with permethrin use.

How Safe is Permethrin Use for Bed Bug Extermination?

Before applying permethrin treatments to bed bug issues, you need to first understand its safety.

Again, you should read through the use instructions on the product label. You’ll need to limit your exposure to permethrin during application.

However, you shouldn’t be too freaked out. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using permethrin according to instructions on the label will pose little to no risk.

There are several ways to enhance your safety and those of members of your household during permethrin use.

Do not allow permethrin to get into your eyes, stay outdoors until it’s safe, wear clothing that helps limit skin contact and also wash exposed skin. Before spraying permethrin, cover or remove anything edible.

Finally, speak to a health expert when anything goes wrong.

  • Do not Allow Permethrin into your Eyes

You mustn’t allow permethrin into your eyes when spraying on bed bugs. This is one of the most common safety instructions you must adhere to.

  • Stay Indoors Until it’s Safe to Move in

Only move in when it’s safe enough to do so.

The timeframe required for treatment to fully take effect will be contained on the product label. Moving in too soon might negatively impact the result you get.

  • Prevent Contact with Skin by Wearing Appropriate Clothing

It’s important to wear long clothing when applying permethrin on bed bugs. Long clothing helps cover your skin so that this insecticide doesn’t touch your skin.

Skin contact may cause irritations.

  • Wash Exposed Skin

If by mistake permethrin makes contact with skin, have the area washed with soap and water. This helps prevent any irritations from resulting.

  • Cover or Remove Anything Edible

Is there exposed food around?

This could be fruits or anything edible. Before ever spraying your permethrin treatment for bed bugs, have these removed or properly covered.

  • Speak to a Health Expert when Anything goes Wrong

There are times when you or members of your family might experience allergies or other conditions due to permethrin use. You must seek medical attention immediately.

Permethrin will kill bed bugs when applied the right way.

The right way will be to follow the use instructions on the product label. Also, be careful to observe safety instructions as that is paramount.

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