Does Raid Kill Spiders?

Will Raid kill spiders?

Certain insecticide products have provided and continue to provide far-reaching solutions to a myriad of pest issues. This is especially true for products from top pesticide manufacturers like S.C Johnson & Son.

Its Raid brand of insecticides has been designed to cater to different kinds of pest issues.

The different insecticide products available are designed for different applications. Here, a long line of pest types is covered by its multiple products.

While it’s true that Raid will kill a variety of pests, are spiders included? This is where our focus will be for the most part.

Here, you’ll find out about Raid’s effect on spiders and a lot more.

Just so we’re clear…

To avoid confusion, it’s necessary to state that Raid is a brand of insecticide from S.C Johnson & Son.

Raid isn’t an insecticide itself as there are different insecticide products designed for different pest uses all bearing the raid brand name.

You’ll have to choose one that fits a particular pest use such as those being discussed here.

Also, reference to the term “insecticide” doesn’t mean it will not affect spiders. Spiders are arachnids but are killed using Raid’s specially formulated insecticide products.

Here, the aim is to find out whether spiders are killed and which of Raid’s product(s) will get the job done.

Bugs Covered

As a respectable brand, Raid offers a wide range of solutions to various pest issues.

Common bugs covered include ticks, moths, stink bugs, pantry beetles, stinging insects, roaches, spiders, scorpions, sowbugs & pillbugs, and silverfish.

Others include mosquitoes, ants, flies, bed bugs, fleas, beetles, earwigs, boxelder bugs, crickets, and house centipedes.

From the big names mentioned, it’s clear that spiders are among those killed by Raid’s list of insecticide products.

You’ll have to pick from a list of products that are designed for spider control.

Raid Insecticides Do kill Spiders

Spiders can be exterminated using several Raid’s insecticide products. The good thing with its products is that several insecticides are applicable to spider extermination in addition to other pests.

In other words, most of Raid’s insecticide products are designed for broad-spectrum use.

While this is true, you’ll find certain products being specific to the type(s) of pests being killed. An example is Raid’s Roach Gel, as well as Raid Ant Baits among others.

Some make mention of 2 or more pests. One interesting thing you’ll find is that they are actually effective against a good number of pests including spiders.

Having made the above clarifications, what remains is to find out the different Raid Insecticides and see which ones have spider extermination properties.

You won’t have to wait to find out as we’ll be providing all the details you need shortly.

Raid’s List of Insecticide Products

In a bid to fully understand which Raid insecticides do kill spiders, let’s roll out its list of insecticide products.

These include Raid Max Ant & Roach Killer, Raid Essentials Ant & Roach Killer, Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer, and also Raid Essentials Multi Insect Killer.

Other insecticide products include Raid Flying Insects Killer, Raid Ants Bait, Raid Max Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer, as well as Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits.

Additional Raid products include Raid Double Control Large Roach Baits, Raid Double Control Small Roach Baits, and Raid Roach Gel.

There are more insecticide products from the Raid brand some of which include Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray, Raid Ant Roach Kitchen Defense, Raid Max Perimeter Protection Refill, and Raid Ant Killer.

Raid Multi Insect Killer, Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger, and Raid Double Control Small Roach Baits & Raid Plus Egg Stoppers are additional products.

In order not to bore you with the seemingly unending insecticide names, let’s consider which of these has spider exterminating properties.

  • Raid Pesticides with Spider Extermination Properties

One of its products is specially formulated for spider control and scorpion control. This is known as the Raid Max Spider and Scorpion Killer.

Other insecticide products in this category include Raid Multi Insect Killer, Raid Max Perimeter Protection, and Raid Essentials Spider, and Roach Killer.

Quite a number of its products serve multiple functions that include the extermination of spiders. This is great because you’re spoiled for choice due to the multiple products having spider exterminating properties.

Raid Essentials Ant, Spider, and Roach Killer Insecticide for instance will kill a wide range of pests.

Pests included here are ants, spiders, roaches, carpenter ants, fleas, beetles, earwigs, centipedes, cellar spiders, pharaoh ants, and German roaches.

Varieties of each pest species are also killed using Raid.

Safe and Effective Use of Raid for Spider Control

Whichever Raid insecticide you use, make sure you carefully follow all use instructions on the product label. Safety is also vital. As such, use procedures for raid insecticides are fully provided to enhance safety.

With proper use, you won’t only stay safe but also get the desired extermination effect.

Don’t Only Rely on Raid Insecticides for Spider Extermination

Your best bet of overcoming a spider problem is by treating existing spiders using Raid while also taking preventive action.

Speaking of preventive action, you might want to switch off your outside lights to prevent attracting insects that spiders prey on.

When these lights are on for too long, they become an attraction to all sorts of insects. Another preventive action to take is by reducing lumber piles lying around your home. These attract and harbor spiders.

The farther away these lumber piles are from your home the better.

Spider webs should be cleared or brushed down as soon as they appear. While brushing down the webs lookout for spider egg sacs and have them destroyed immediately. This helps prevent infestations from worsening.

Individual spiders seen around your home can be removed using a vacuum cleaning with an appropriate attachment.

Here, the aim is to keep your spider problem from worsening while killing them with Raid insecticide.

Professional Spider Control may be a Good Idea

Raid insecticides are mostly developed for DIY applications. Now, not everyone finds the DIY extermination of spiders exciting. In place of that, you can call for professional spider control.

Here, a more professional approach is adopted to get rid of these arachnids from your home.

Now you have an idea of what Raid insecticides work and which don’t. All you have to do is pick one that best serves your needs and proceed immediately with treatment.

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