Escalator Cleaning – Steps, Chemicals and Machines

Today, we will be looking at how to clean escalator steps.

Like every other type of cleaning, escalator cleaning can be very demanding. However, with the right plan, supplies, and equipment, you can get it done as soon as possible.

In case you are wondering about how to do that, here is a complete guide to help you.

The escalator is one of the most important parts of a facility that needs to be well maintained. Without regular cleaning, it can look so bad that it easily damages the reputation of the hotel, shopping center, or any other building it is found.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning An Escalator?

Several methods can be used in cleaning an escalator in an airport, shopping mall, or hotel. Choosing a particular method will be dependent on what works for you in terms of cost, how long it takes to finish the cleaning, and lots of other factors.

Below are some of the most popular escalator cleaning methods you should know.

  • The Steps Dismantling And Cleaning Method

This method of cleaning involves removing the steps from the escalator and cleaning them thoroughly. Once the steps are taken out of the escalators, they can be washed in a warehouse or any other place.

In terms of results, this is one of the best escalator cleaning methods you can use. It ensures that deep-seated dirt and stains are completely removed from the steps, making them look like they are all new.

While this is by far one of the best ways to clean an escalator, it is also very expensive. What you will spend using this method may make you consider other options next time.

Apart from the method being expensive, you can only do the cleaning during low traffic hours or days, since you would have to dismantle the steps. Unless you are willing to close your business temporarily, till the cleaning is over.

That in itself can affect your business if not done right.

  • Dry Ice Method

This escalator cleaning method is easier and less expensive compared to the first. However, the challenge with it is that the result will not be as great as the first. That is because, in Ice cleaning, no suction gets rid of the dirt. You have to do that by covering the areas around the escalator and carefully removing the dirt after they have loosened.

Due to how it is done, using this method to clean your escalator may result in having dirt on the surroundings of the escalator. That is why you must cover the surroundings well before starting the cleaning if you are using this method.

Though this method is not too costly, the poor results are the reason it is not considered the best for cleaning an escalator.

  • Machine Cleaning

Escalator machine cleaning is widely regarded by many people as the best way of cleaning an escalator. The result the method delivers and the length of time it takes to get it done are simply amazing. It is also less stressful compared to the other methods.

Escalator machine cleaning involves the use of different types of machines to get the job done as quickly as you can.

There are two kinds of escalator cleaning machines that you can use to do this. They are the escalator dry cleaning machines and the wet cleaning machines. You will find how each of them works below.

Escalator Wet Cleaning Machines: What You Should Know About Them

The escalator wet cleaning machines are very popular among janitorial services today. They make use of water and different chemicals in getting rid of dirt, grime, and stains from an escalator.

The machines are designed in such a way that they do not allow liquids (water and chemicals) to get into the escalator where they may likely become a problem. They come with a water collection and an active suction to ensure that this does not occur.

You will find a good example of an escalator wet cleaning machine in the escalator cleaning products recommendations section of this post.

Escalator Dry Cleaning Machines

The escalator dry cleaning machines are very powerful equipment that eliminates dirt, stain, and grime of any degree from an escalator. They are fast, reliable, and easy to operate. They are also quite popular among janitorial services.

One thing that separates this type of escalator cleaning machine from the first is the fact that they do not need either chemicals or water to clean the escalator.

Though the escalator dry cleaning machines are highly effective, they have their limitations. The major limitations I’m talking about here are mainly their inability to properly remove oil and moisture.

Due to the nature of grease or oil, attempting to remove it from an escalator without using a cleaning solution to break it first, may not be a great idea. The reason is that instead of being removed, the oil will be spread across the escalator, causing the surface to be slippery.

Another challenge with the escalator dry cleaning machines is that they are capable of scratching the surfaces they are meant to clean if not handled properly.

Escalator Cleaning Brushes

Another very important cleaning equipment that you should carefully consider when it comes to cleaning escalators is the type of brush to be used.

Speaking of that, there are two major types of escalator cleaning brushes that you can use. The first is the next brush.

Tynex brushes for cleaning escalators are usually made of nylon. This nylon is normally covered with an abrasive material known as Carborundum. It is even more abrasive than the numerous types of sandpaper we often come across.

Due to how strong this type of brush can be, they are usually not recommended for regular cleaning. You can use them once in a while as they may wear on the surface of the escalator if they are regularly used.

The Tynex brushes are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. They can instantly remove deep-seated dirt and stains from the escalator, without leaving any of it behind.

The second type of escalator cleaning brush that can be used for cleaning the escalator is the soft brush. This type of brush is great for the regular cleaning of the escalators. Due to their design, they will not scratch the surface of the escalators, unless they are not used with care.

Should I Use Chemicals In Cleaning Escalators?

The major thing that should determine if you should use chemicals or not in cleaning your escalator, is the instructions on the manufacturer’s label.

On a general note, some chemicals can be used for cleaning any type of escalator without causing any harm to the escalators. These are known as escalator cleaning chemicals.

Though the escalator cleaning chemicals are usually gentle on the escalator surfaces, you mustn’t use much of them consistently. Less is more.

While using special chemicals for cleaning escalators, ensure they do not get into the bearings, chains, and other components of the escalators, to avoid damaging them.

Recommended Products For Escalator Cleaning

The following are some of the major supplies and equipment you can use for escalator cleaning:

  1. Powr-Flite PFMWEB Escalator Brush

This powerful brush can help you get rid of debris, dirt, and grime from the escalator. It will not scratch the surfaces of the escalator, even if you use it for regular cleaning.

Based on the many user reviews of this particular escalator brush, the cleaning tool does exactly what it advertises.

Feel free to check it out on Amazon now.

  1. NaceCare DP420 Duplex Low Moisture Cleaning Hydrowasher

This escalator cleaning machine comes with every feature you need for the complete cleaning of the escalator.

The device features 2 counter-rotating brushes for regular and aggressive cleaning of the escalator. It also comes with a 1.1 Gallon Capacity, 50’ Power cord, 57 lbs Brush pressure, and 780 rpm Brush speed.

On the device is a twin conveyor that carries the dirt-filled solution lifted from the brushes to a recovery tank to avoid the solution sabotaging your efforts.

When it comes to cleaning escalators, this machine is indeed outstanding. It doesn’t break down often like many others out there.

  1. Oil Eater Original Cleaner And Degreaser

This escalator cleaning solution will help you get rid of any kind of dirt and stains. Especially oil-based stains that other products have a hard time removing.

The formula works effectively with escalator cleaning machines and brushes. You can use it to get your escalator looking brand new in minutes.

This escalator cleaning formula is non-toxic and safe for use around kids and pets. Feel free to check out what people are saying about it on Amazon.

In Summary

Escalator cleaning involves the use of top-quality equipment and supplies to clean the escalator, keeping it free from dirt, dust, and stains.

Though there are several methods to do this, the best of them have all been explained in this article.

Are you searching for how to clean the escalator? I hope you find this guide useful.

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