How To Clean A Blender – Steps For 7 Brands

Here, we’ll be looking at how to clean a blender properly. You’ve likely been cleaning this piece of equipment wrongly. The only way to find out how to clean properly is by reading this article to the end.

Basic appliances like blenders perform an important function in homes and commercial kitchens. They’re meant to serve as long as possible with good maintenance. Part of such maintenance includes cleaning.

Proper cleaning of a blender helps extend its lifespan.

How To Clean A Blender Step By Step

There are different types of blenders.

These include hand mixers, immersion or stick blenders, single-serve blenders, and portable blenders. Other types include countertop blenders, stand mixers as well as commercial blenders.

Whichever type of blender you use, knowing how to clean it is highly essential. Now cleaning methods aren’t similar to all types of blenders. That is because they come in different forms although their functions remain the same.

Given the differences, we’ll be providing information on how to clean each blender type.

This helps provide the needed knowledge for anyone seeking to have a comprehensive understanding of cleaning methods.

  • How To Clean Hand Mixers

While hand mixers are effective blending tools, cleaning them can be quite stressful. This is mostly the case because sponges don’t give the needed results. However, there’s a much easier way of getting the job done.

Simply get a mixing bowl and pour warm water to the halfway mark. Now, you’ll need to get some liquid dishwashing soap. Add a sufficient amount of your soap into the water. Having done this, it’s time to commence cleaning.

Your hand mixer should be prepared as if to use it for a new task. The beaters should be lowered into the water. It’s important to ensure the mixer body isn’t immersed in water.

At the halfway mark, there’s little chance of water touching your mixer body.

The hand mixer should be turned on but shouldn’t be allowed to run on full speed. Follow the recommended guideline of starting it at the lowest speed. This is then increased to medium and held in place.

As the beaters of your hand mixer turn, the lather is formed due to the dishwashing soap added. This process not only cleans your hand mixer beaters but also your mixing bowl is cleared of any dirt. This process doesn’t need to take long as cleaning can be completed within a minute.

Now put off your hand mixer and loosen the beaters. Rinse with clean water and you’re done!

  • How To Clean Immersion Or Stick Blenders

Immersion or stick blenders are another type you need to learn how to clean. True to its name, this type of blender is in the form of a stick with beaters for immersion mixing. This blender type is used for a variety of purposes including blending sauces, and soups including a variety of liquids.

After each use, you can clean this tool by pouring about three-quarters of warm water into a tall glass. A few drops of dishwashing soap will help the cleaning process. Now, immerse your stick blender into the glass and run.

You can complete this task within a few seconds. Hold your stick blender in place and allow it to run for about 10 to 30 seconds. Check to see if it’s clean. For very sticky items, a repeat of this process may be necessary. This should be enough to make your immersion blender sparkle.

Don’t store your stick blender wet. Get a towel and dry it before returning it where it belongs. That’s all you have to do to keep your blender clean.

  • How To Clean Single-Serve Blenders

Single-serve blenders are also known as personal blenders. Single servings of shakes and smoothies are best blended with this equipment. Now, after each use, you’ll need to clean up immediately.

Because you can drink directly from the cup, single-serve blenders can be easily cleaned up.

All you need to do is use a sponge or brush to rinse these cups. These (single-serve blender cups and screw-on blade assembly) are also dishwasher-safe.

  • How To Clean Portable Blenders

If you need to travel without missing your juices, smoothies, or shakes, then portable blenders are the best companions. With its ease of use comes an easy-to-clean design.

About half a cup of water should be poured into the blender cup and turned on.

This is left for approximately 5 seconds and the dirty water is poured out. You can repeat this process if the dirt isn’t fully removed. Having done this successfully, store your blender at the right place.

  • How To Clean Countertop Blenders

Countertop blenders are among the common types used in homes and commercial restaurants. These are quite efficient and come with different power ratings.

To clean countertop blenders properly, pour some hot water into the blender pitcher. The volume should be about halfway.

Now, add some drops of dish soap and put on the blender. Before this, your countertop blender pitcher should be replaced and the lid held pressed with a towel. This is meant to cushion your hand from the heat. The blender should be allowed to run for approximately 10 seconds.

Rinse after this cleaning session and your blender is ready for the next use.

  • How To Clean Stand Mixers

A stand mixer consists of different parts such as the wire whip, the bowl, the dough hook, the flat beater, and the body. These are important components that require maintenance cleaning after use.

To clean other parts of the stand mixer apart from the body, you’ll need to do a little rinsing of the mixer/blender attachments including the bowl. These are dishwasher-safe and should be loaded in after rinsing.

Consider using hot foamy water for this task.

No water should be allowed to touch the stand mixer body during cleaning. This requires a different type of cleaning. You’ll need a fiber cloth for thorough wiping down of sugar and flour among other substances you find on it.

The blender body doesn’t require frequent cleaning. This can be one once every month. To do this, you’ll need to disconnect it from the power source and wipe the body with a damp fiber cloth.

There might be caked material between the ridges that will need to be removed as well. A toothpick or dry toothbrush should do the trick. All stuck-on food should be loosened and wiped off.

  • How To Clean Commercial Blenders

Commercial blender cleaning isn’t as complicated.

It follows a simple procedure that starts with placing the blender base in a dishwasher.

Next, the blender assembly should be separated from its base. The blender’s container should be washed by adding some water and soap.

A good scrubbing is necessary to get rid of all residues. Having poured out the water, fresh water is added to about ¼ of the container and some cleaning solution is added. Putting the lid back, return the container to its base and run for 2 minutes.

The same process is repeated to ensure it’s thoroughly clean. Get a cloth (preferably soft) to wipe down dirt on the exterior of the base.

These are the different blender types as well as information on how to clean them. With the cleaning tips provided here, you should have little difficulty cleaning up.

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