Essential Oil Cleaning – 6 Spray Options for Homes

Are you searching for how to clean with essential oils?

This essential oil cleaning guide will provide you with every information you need to know about that, including the best type of essential oil to use at home, how to make DIY cleaners with them, their benefits and side effects.

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Essential oils are popular ingredients used in making beauty and skincare products. They have so many health benefits that make beauty product manufacturers use them almost every time.

But apart from these health benefits they often come with, they are also very powerful ingredients for housekeeping.

The Importance Of Using Essential Oils In Cleaning Houses

“With a large number of cleaning supplies available on the market right, why should anyone ever consider using essential oils for cleaning? What is so special about them?”

Questions like the above are the kinds of questions you often come across online, especially on popular question and answer forums like Quora.

Talking about using essential oils for cleaning at home or anywhere else, that comes with many advantages.

These are the major things that make them very important in cleaning.

First is the fact that essential oils are natural. If they are not mixed with any other synthetic substance or ingredient like preservatives, disinfectants, etc, they could be 100 percent natural. This gives them an edge over several other cleaners, like the commercial cleaners that often come with one or more chemicals.

Being 100% natural, the health risks associated with essential oil usage in cleaning is very minimal compared to that of chemical cleaners. In a low quantity, they can be used to clean almost any type of surface at home regardless of who is present- animals or humans, without the risk of them being affected negatively by the essential oils.

When used for cleaning at home, essential oils deliver outstanding results. They can get rid of dirt, grime, stains, mold, and mildew very fast, just like commercial cleaning formulas made with very strong acting chemicals.

This makes essential oils very good alternatives to the later.

Speaking of the cost, essential oils are not too expensive and are readily available. Regardless of how tight your budget is, you can always get at least one type of essential oil that will suit the budget.

Best Essential Oils For Cleaning Any Type Of Surface

As with every other type of homemade cleaners out there, some essential oils that are more effective than the others. This effectiveness makes them more popular and more recommended than others.

Are you searching for the best essential oils for cleaning different surfaces at home? Check out some of the ones we have singled out below.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is one of the best essential oils to use in cleaning at home.

It is very effective in eliminating the offensive smells, dirt, and stains. The essential oil also contains antibacterial properties, which makes it very effective in getting rid of germs from surfaces too.

When used for cleaning, peppermint oil can help keep away different kinds of pests from the house. It is one of the most widely recommended essential oils for cleaning surfaces at home, school, offices and so on.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is a very popular ingredient in most homemade cleaners. It contains properties that help greatly in eliminating and preventing the growth of fungi on most surfaces.

The product also releases a very sweet aroma that neutralizes the unpleasant smell from the house.

With this essential oil, you can carry out a very effective cleaning at home or anywhere else. In a low concentration, it is safe for use around kids and pets.

Whether you choose to use this as an ingredient in a DIY cleaner or use it directly, the effectiveness is still the same.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This essential oil is highly effective against dust mites, germs, and many pests. The aroma from it is comforting and eliminates tough odors with ease.

As it is with the other essential oils in this list, eucalyptus oil comes with properties that help in eradicating harmful microorganisms from the house. Its effectiveness against dirt, grime and stains cannot be overemphasized. You can use it to clean floors, cabinets and many other surfaces at home.

It’s one of the best you can use for such purposes.

  • Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is one of the most widely used natural ingredients in housekeeping today. The product reigns supreme over others due to its very powerful scent and effectiveness in cleaning surfaces.

The results you will get from using this product to clean your home will keep you feeling truly satisfied all through the day.

You can use Lemon oil or its relatives like Orange and other citrus oils to keep your house looking perfectly clean every moment. Do give it a trial.

  • Cinnamon Essential Oil

This particular essential oil is a favorite of so many people. The pleasant smell and strength against dirt, stains, and germs, are among the many reasons most people would prefer to use it instead of any other.

The fact that cinnamon essential oil is cheap and easy to come by, makes it worth considering when you are searching the right essential oil to use in cleaning your place of living. The product in its pure form is completely safe to use around people and animals alike.

Although that depends on the quantity used. You will truly find it very helpful, even more than many others.

  • Tea Tree Essential

Are you thinking of doing essential oil cleaning at home? Get tea tree oil for that and thank me later. It may not be as popular as some of those mentioned in this list. However, it is quite effective.

From what we know about tea tree essential oil, it is quite powerful in eliminating tough stains, grime and dirt. It can get rid of many types of bacteria also before you say jack.

Tea tree oil works perfectly with other ingredients like Vinegar, Baking soda and so much more to produce quality DIY multi-purpose cleaners. It’s one of the best ingredients you can ever use for that.

Make A DIY Multi-Purpose Cleaner And Disinfectant Using Essential Oil

A multi-purpose homemade cleaner and disinfectant formulated using essential oils can be used for cleaning any type of surface at home.

To make one right now, you will need the following things: water, white vinegar and lemon oil (or any essential oil of your choice).

To prepare that now, follow this step by step guide below:

  1. Pour 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and add 1 cup of white vinegar to it.
  2. Add 30 drops of the lemon essential oil (or any other you intend using) to the combination.
  3. Shake the spray bottle well to properly mix the ingredients.

To use the essential oil formula for cleaning any type of surface, simply spray a little of it on the surface and clean it the same way you normally do with other cleaners.

Important Tips For Cleaning Surfaces With Essential Oils

  • Before using the essential oil formula to clean any type of surface, ensure you test it first on a very small portion of the surface. For example, the inside part of a carpet that is covered by furniture.
  • Always shake the essential oil cleaner before using it.
  • In making the formula, always let the essential oils come last.
  • If a particular recipe doesn’t work, feel free to try it again using a different essential oil.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Essential Oils In Cleaning?

Although essential oils are natural and great for cleaning, they do come with a few side effects. Before using any of them to clean the house, pregnant women are advised to consult with a doctor to know if it is safe for them and their babies.

People having allergies or skin disorders, heart and hormone-related diseases, cancer and stroke are also advised to consult a medical practitioner before using any of the essential oils for cleaning.

If you have different pets in the house (cats and dogs inclusive), you also need to be sure that the particular essential oil you want to use in cleaning is safe to be used around them. You may also need to check the quantity you are using.

Remember that essential oils are meant for external use only. That means you should consult your doctor as fast as you can if any means your pets or kids happen to ingest it.

In Summary

Essential oil cleaning has to do with the use of peppermint oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus, and other essential oils to clean different kinds of surfaces.

When combined with other ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and liquid soap, essential oils can become very powerful cleaning formulas. They can remove dirt, stains and offensive odors effectively.

Are you searching for how to prepare DIY essential oil cleaners and use them? I hope the information you find here helps.

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