A Standard School Cleaning Checklist and Procedure

Here is a routine school cleaning checklist and procedures for custodial cleaning of classrooms and other sections.

As a cleaning company handling a school cleaning job, you’ll need to have an idea of what needs to be done. This simply refers to having comprehensive knowledge of which areas need to be covered and materials to be needed.

Now, unlike a residential setting, a school has different sections. This can pose a daunting challenge for a new cleaning business.

However, you have nothing to worry about as we’ve got you fully covered. This article will dwell on providing you with a detailed school cleaning business. You only need to follow and use it as a guide when providing your services.

This applies to all school cleaning jobs. So, without further delay, we’ll jump into specifics.

Ultimate School Building Cleaning Checklist

One of the main advantages of having a school cleaning plan is the level of organization it allows. It helps you avoid a haphazard approach to the task of cleaning.

This results in a more thorough and faster job.

Cleaning in School: Sections for Custodians To Focus On

Every cleaning business should know the main sections of a school to help with organizing their cleaning activities.

The five sections include the gym area, classroom area, bathroom/toilet section, admin offices, and hallway areas.

These are found in all schools and must be followed systematically for increased productivity. Here, we’ll be discussing each of these areas to show you where to focus your attention.

  • The Gym Area

School gyms witness quite a significant amount of activity each day. To properly clean this area, you’ll need to dust and clean all gym equipment.

The next targets are removable gym mats. These should be aired and cleaned as well. Switchplates and light fixtures also harbor dirt and will need to be cleaned up in addition to displaying boards.

What more? Windows and doors must be wiped clean.

The lower or reachable wall surface areas should be cleaned too. These will bear hand stains among other things. The gym floor follows last and should be cleaned and mopped thoroughly.

This is about the busiest section of a school. Kids spend more time here than in any other section or area of the school. Therefore, cleaning should be thorough.

All visible surfaces within the classroom such as desks and chairs among others must be dusted and cleaned. The blackboard must be wiped clean too.

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You’ll also need to find the desk and chair used by the teacher(s) and dust them clean too. There are bound to be scattered books around the classroom. These should be picked and placed in their right location. That includes books strewn over the teacher’s table or desk.

Are there cabinets within the classroom? Dust and clean these too.

The classroom walls will bear dirt from hand stains among other things. These should be cleaned thoroughly. That includes windows and doors. Louvers or other class types on windows should be well cleaned to remove settled dirt or stains. Window tracks usually harbor dirt.

Clean such areas completely too, including the window blinds.

Lights and switch plants should also be well cleaned. Display boards and doormats should also be free of dirt. The floor should be cleaned and mopped last. Trashcans must be emptied and liners replaced.

Performing these cleaning tasks will help ensure the class area is effectively taken care of.

  • Bathroom/Toilet Section

Looking for a school toilet cleaning checklist? Here is one.

Extra attention should be paid to cleaning the bathroom or toilet area of a school.

With extra attention, we mean getting it disinfected. This area holds a lot of germs due to its nature. The use of stronger cleaners with disinfecting properties is recommended for use here.

First off, target the faucet and sink areas and keep them clean.

Next, you’ll need to focus on the toilet bowl area. You want to be more thorough here. All sides of the toilet bowl such as the inside, rim, and undersides should be covered with a coat of strong cleaners. This should be allowed to sit for the recommended time given by the manufacturer before cleaning.

Most of such toilet cleaning products have disinfecting properties. However, if they don’t, you’ll need to follow up with disinfectants. Booth doors and knobs get a lot of traffic.

In other words, students go in and out touching them. This means one thing; such areas (bathroom doors and knobs) hold a lot of germs.

Hence, these should be cleaned and well sanitized. Soap dispensers will always need replenishing. You’ll need to check if a replacement is necessary and act accordingly. Toilet tissue will also need to be restocked in needs be. This should be sufficient until the next round of cleaning.

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Reachable wall surfaces will also need to be cleaned. Floors must be thoroughly cleaned and mopped and trash emptied with new liners replaced.

  • Admin Offices

The administration area of a school sees a lot of activity too. This area holds a majority of all offices that include the principal, Vice Principal, and general office areas where both academic and non-academic staff are holed up.

First, all visible surfaces of the admin area must be cleaned.

There are likely to be glass doors and surfaces. These hold a lot of hand and dirt stains and must be wiped and cleaned off completely. You are bound to find strewn or scattered books within such offices. These should be tidied up and neatly arranged. Make use of the shelf if there’s any.

Next, communication equipment such as telephones must be wiped clean and sanitized. Windows and doors shouldn’t be left out of your cleaning activity. Drapes and upholstery should be vacuum cleaned, furniture too must be dusted and arranged. Fixtures and light fittings must be cleaned as well.

What more? Look out for cobwebs on wall angles and ceilings and get rid of them. Carpets and rugs must be vacuumed, trash must be emptied and liners replaced, and paper utilities are replaced.

  • The Hallway Area

Last but not least is the hallway area. This sees a lot of traffic when classes aren’t in session.

Get to work by removing all cobwebs on the walls and ceiling. Walls must be wiped and cleaned, fixtures on walls must also be dusted and cleaned. Get rid of dirt from light switches and fittings, in addition to trophies (if any).

Display boards and notice boards must also be kept clean and tidy. Are there planters around? They should be watered too. Clean the floor thoroughly too.

This school cleaner checklist, if followed will help you perform a thorough cleaning job. A school can be quite large and cleaning within the entire premises within a daily cleaning regime can be an uphill task.

However, a more suitable time can be arranged (such as long class breaks).

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