EZ Plank Laminate Flooring Reviews

This article details the basics of EZ plant laminate flooring type, focusing on everything to know.

As you go through this article, you’ll find information on laminate flooring and what it’s about, prolonging its lifespan, and the different thicknesses of this flooring type.

Read along for all the details and information on pros and cons, installation, maintenance, flooring types, and where to shop for your flooring material.

EZ Plank Laminate Flooring Reviews

When finding click-lock laminate flooring that can be installed almost anywhere, EZ plank flooring readily comes to mind.

With several varieties available and its versatility, EZ plank laminate flooring quickly falls into the category of the most popular laminate flooring types.

These details allow you to make informed choices during purchase and installation.

About EZ Plank Laminate Flooring

One of the main characteristics of the EZ plank laminate flooring is that it’s easy to install. The term “EZ” is derived from this, making this flooring material highly desirable for construction engineers.

Besides being easy to install, this flooring type is durable, affordable, and can be used for various projects. Does this information sound interesting? There’s more!

There are multiple reasons why a lot of DIY’ers prefer EZ plank laminate flooring over hardwood floors. These include its ease of installation and cost of installation.

Contrary to what some people think that the cheaper option presented by laminate flooring means a cheaper look, this isn’t true. With proper installation, your installation job can look like the real deal.

As stated earlier, laminate flooring can be durable when properly maintained. Luckily, the maintenance process isn’t complex, plus it’s also cheap.

More will be said about maintenance tips for EZ plank laminate flooring shortly. Because laminate floors are synthetic, it’s necessary to include information about the materials used.

Speaking of materials, EZ plank laminate floors often come in three-layer designs.  There’s the protective layer with scratch-resistant coating, the decor, and the core with a dent-resistant base.

These materials have proven effective and durable as products manufactured have proven reliable and still are.

Extending the Lifespan of Your EZ Plank Laminate Flooring

Although EZ plank laminate flooring can be durable, there are simple tips to expand the lifespan further. These are basic maintenance actions, such as trimming pet nails to limit scratches.

Other ways to extend the lifespan include not using too much water on the floor during cleanup, avoiding abrasive tools, and reading the use manual that comes with the purchase.

More tips on extending the lifespan of your EZ plank laminate flooring include less frequent mopping. This should only be done once every two months.

Also, stains should be removed by wiping off spills as soon as they happen. Not all cleaning products will be suitable for use on laminate flooring.

As such, you’ll need to use only recommended products.

EZ Plank Laminate Flooring Thickness

What thickness do you need your laminate flooring to be? This decision must be guided by information on the thickness varieties available.

You’ll mostly notice thickness variations between 6mm to 12 mm. The thicker the flooring, the more expensive it gets. Here, the intended purpose will determine what thickness best suits your project.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford the thickest laminate flooring type, you might want to go for flooring with mid-range thickness. That is, those with a thickness of between 8 to 10 mm.

However, you’ll do well to seek expert advice on your preferred thickness (due to the available budget), as specific projects may be best done with thicker laminate flooring.

Determine the Abrasion Class of your Laminate Flooring

You’ll need to be conversant with the abrasion class (also called AC) of your laminate flooring, as it helps to choose the most suitable for your construction project.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) formulated this to measure durability and moisture resistance. There are AC classes of 1 through 5 to use in comparing.

So, how are these classes interpreted?

It’s simple. EZ plank laminate flooring categorized under class 1 is ideal for 1-person residential households with moderate traffic.

It means the abrasion class cannot withstand for long under high-traffic situations.

Laminate flooring types under class 2 are best for residential installation in general traffic areas like living rooms & dining rooms.

It’s important to note that a home can have multiple classes of laminate flooring based on the traffic of an area. Those under class 3 are ideal for heavy traffic areas in residential buildings and can be installed across the home.

They’re also ideal for commercial areas with moderate traffic, such as small offices or hotel rooms.

EZ plank laminate flooring under class 4 is ideal for general traffic areas in commercial spaces like cafes, boutiques, and shops.

The highest laminate flooring class is class 5, which is the most durable and designed for heavy traffic areas in commercial spaces.

These are typically used in department stores and public buildings.

Pros and Cons to Using EZ Plank Laminate Flooring

Before choosing laminate flooring, you should know the pros and cons. The benefits include low maintenance and easy installation.

Other benefits include low cost (when compared to other flooring types like hardwood), easy maintenance, and design versatility.

Despite these benefits, there are downsides or pros to having laminate flooring installed.

Such flooring cannot be refinished once installed. Also, a trained eye can tell the fakeness because laminate flooring imitates hardwood flooring.

If you plan on selling your home, this can affect its resale value. What more? Laminate flooring can be damaged by water. This is coupled with the fact that it isn’t eco-friendly.

Where to Get Your Products

If you’ve decided to use EZ plank laminate flooring for your project, you’ll need to find reliable sources to get them.

You can shop directly at EZ Plank or visit home improvement stores, online retailers, or your nearest local flooring store.

Using resources provided by laminate flooring experts like the National Wood Flooring Association is also beneficial.

Whatever your interests are in EZ plank laminate flooring, the information provided here touches on the basics with information about lifespan, flooring thickness, pros & cons, extending its lifespan, and where to go in search of this flooring type.

Doing more research is necessary as the details offered here may be scanty or insufficient.

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