VCT Flooring Installation Cost Per Square Foot

In this guide, we’ll be discussing VCT flooring installation costs. So expect to get details on the VCT tile installation cost per square foot. Until then, let’s discuss the term VCT.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a VCT Floor?

If you desire a low-upkeep flooring option, look into VCT. It’s a reasonably resilient material that can enhance the appeal of your home.

Moreover, it’s cheap, liquid-tolerant, and sleek to clean. You can get this stuff in many colors, textures, and patterns. The finest option relies on the impression you desire to build.

Before venturing into VCT flooring installation, you must know its cost implications. This will help you make adequate plans in terms of finances.

Understanding the Acronym VCT

The whole meaning of the acronym above is “Vinyl Composition Tile.” It’s a type of flooring made from various materials, including limestone, filler materials, and color pigments

. The flooring also contains the binder polyvinyl chloride, which gives it the vinyl distinction.

VCT is highly used in commercial spaces. You can find them in bureaus, schools, grocery stores, and other business-related buildings.

This flooring is excellent for business spaces as it endures heavy foot traffic. Yet, it’s cost-efficient and calls for low upkeep relative to other floors.

How Much Is VCT Floor Installation?

VCT comes in various types, qualities, textures, and thicknesses. The amount to fix such floors relies on the square footage and kind of installation.

That said, the typical price to set up this type of floor goes from $300 to $6,300, depending on the variables stated previously.

For example, a typical installation of 100 sq. ft. will bill you around $300 to $700. Then the complex VCT mounting cost for the same size is around $500–$900 per sq. ft.

  • VCT Tile Installation Cost Per Square Foot

You’ll also need to know the cost of installing vinyl tile per square foot. It’ll help you make an appropriate budget for the project at hand.

The average price of VCT until installation is around $2 to $7 per square foot. However, the cost may increase depending on your purchase style and texture.

A plain vinyl composition tile may cost you $1 to mount. Then VCT with brighter colors and softer texture will cost you $4.

Let’s explain in detail the factors that affect the price of installing vinyl composition tile. You’ll have a better view of its fixed price.

Factors that Influence the Price of VCT Installation

Significant elements determining the vinyl composition tile fixing costs include plank selection, square footage, and labor.

Other considerations are the project’s complexity, mounting method, design, underlayment, and warranty.

  • Plank Selection

Generally, vinyl sheet flooring is inexpensive. However, other types, such as standard, luxury vinyl tile, composite, and luxury vinyl plank, must be budget-friendly.

Are you yet to grasp? The vinyl material comes in huge sheets, and a handful are correctly sealed. This renders the flooring water-resistant and effortless to mount. The fix costs $1–2 per square foot.

Meanwhile, standard vinyl plank is higher in appearance and price than vinyl sheets. The floor comprises multiple layers of vinyl over a rigid core.

The layers resemble wood or stone, with an additional vinyl wear layer for extra strength. Installing this flooring will cost around $2–$7 per square foot.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are high-end. They’re made with a thicker top layer to provide resistance against scratches and moisture.

Mounting such floors cost 200–$700, or around $2 to $10.

  • Square Footage

Remember, size also counts significantly in the pricing of this flooring material. Installing a standard vinyl plank of 100 sq. ft. costs $200–$700.

Then a luxury vinyl plank of that size costs around $300 to $1,000. For 500 square feet of standard vinyl plank, the price ranges from $1,000 to $3,500.

Then luxury plank of that size costs around $1,500 to $5,000.

Moreover, 1,000 square feet of regular vinyl plank goes for $2,000 to $7,000. Then, luxury planks run from $3,000 to $10,000 per square. Ft.

  • Labor

Job size is among the primary factors that shape labor costs. So when calculating labor costs for such a project, considering several factors is critical.

This will ensure you have accurate and reasonable pricing. But remember, many variables can also impact labor costs for this sort of project.

First, the more intricate the job, the more cash it attracts. Usually, VCTs with delicate motifs or designs call for extra labor and skill.

This will, in turn, lead to higher costs. Furthermore, if a special sealant needs to be applied, the service price will further spike.

Another factor that determines labor includes cost rates and pay. The project often involves predetermined rates.

While some contractors may bill you $36 per hour or $3–10 per square foot, others might be more or less. It all depends on the contractor you’re dealing with.

Geographical location is another element that can significantly impact the cost of VCT installation. In the U.S., the labor cost for this job is higher in populated areas.

This is due to higher demands for materials and services.

  • Installation Methods

There’re primarily three methods of fixing vinyl composition tile. They include peel-and-stick, interlocking, and glue-down.

Each of these methods has its own mounting cost. Peel-and-stick vinyl flooring often requires a meticulous hand. Therefore, fixing it will cost around $3–$13 per square foot.

Interlocking vinyl floors have a click-and-lock system that links them together firmly. So there’s no need to glue these planks together. For that, the fix is more straightforward and affordable.

You’ll also pay around $3–$13 per square foot.

Finally, glue-down vinyl installation is relatively cheap compared to the two above. The fixing fee is around $2.50 to $13 per square foot.

Such a method of installation is time-consuming and more permanent.

Prices of Vinyl Composition Tile By Brand

Here are some famous VCT tile brands and their respective tile prices:

  • Congoleum offers Alternative-Butter at $0.80 per sq. ft.
  • Amstrong Flooring offers Standard Excelon Imperial Texture at $1.30 per sq. ft.
  • Terkett offers 1328 Black White at $1.17 per sq. ft.
  • Forbo has Twilight Colorex EC at $6.91 per sq. ft.

It would be best to learn about the installation cost of vinyl composition tile flooring.

As mentioned, it will help you make informed decisions about your finances. However, it would be best to remember that certain factors determine the price of this floor material and fixing.

We hope you find our text informative and educational.

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