Are you interested in buying fire pit grates for outdoor use?

That is possibly the reason why you’re reading this article. As rudimentary as they may seem, fire pit grates are basic requirements for fire pits. These serve an important function as they fit in perfectly to backyard fire pits.

Whatever your purpose is, this article will be discussing fire pit grates.

Here, we’ll be looking at its basic functions, the types available, where to buy fire pit grates, and how to use them among other areas of interest.

Functions or Uses of Fire Pit Grates

If you’ve used or are acquainted with fire pits, you shouldn’t have a problem knowing what fire pit grates are used for. However, for readers who aren’t, fire pit grates serve to keep logs off the bottom of fire pits.

What this helps you achieve is a tidy and neat fireplace plus it also helps with air circulation.

It’s common knowledge that air combustion requires the presence of air. Finding a perfect-sized fire pit grate will help with that. As hot air rises, it gets replaced with cool air.

Now, your grate allows for free passage of air underneath the fire.

Draft within your fire pit is significantly enhanced by the presence of cooler air presence. This becomes heated and rises, thus continuing the cycle.

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With a fire pit grate, you’re able to easily light a fire in addition to reigniting a dead fire.

Types of Fire Pit Grates

When it comes to types, we’ll need to consider various aspects.

For example, in terms of the material they’re made of, there are two main types; cast-iron grates and steel bar grates. Each type is designed for a particular use.

  • Material

Caste iron grates are best used for coal combustion.

However, these grates aren’t restricted to coal combustion alone. Other lighter fuels such as logs and firewood can be used on them. Steel fire pit grates are mostly recommended for wood combustion.

Spaces or holes found on steel fire pit grates are usually wider than those on cast-iron grates. This makes it impossible to combust charcoal on them.

  • Shape

Firepit grates come in different shapes. These are meant to fit into fire pits also of varying sizes.

Some of these shapes include spider fire pit grates, ship’s wheel style, wagon wheel, hexagonal fire pit grates, and square fire pit grates among others.

Where to Buy Fire Pit Grates

Firepit grates can be bought from a variety of reliable sources that include Amazon, Wal-Mart, and lots of other online stores. Whether you want to make a physical or online purchase, these options and several more are available.

How to Use Fire Pit Grates

Understanding how a fire pit grate works are basically all you need to start using it. This isn’t rocket science at all!

You only need to have your fire pit grate properly fitted over your fire pit and begin using it. The fuel used will determine the process.

Nevertheless, some tips will prove useful when putting your grate to use.

They include lighting your fire pit from the bottom center, protecting your patio by using a fire pit mat, and the use of kiln-dried firewood for more combustion efficiency.

Fire Pit Purchase Guide

One of the primary things to be concerned about is what fire pit grate to buy.

Here, you’re seeking to make the right purchase. Making the right purchase includes picking the right size, as well as a durable product. Price also plays a role in what a customer settles for.

  • Picking the Right Size

Speaking of the right fire pit grate size, these products come in varying sizes. This is understandable because fire pits differ in size. So, a measurement will need to be made.

This measurement should target the internal diameter of your fire pit.

Next, about 4 inches should be subtracted from the measurement made. This gives you the maximum and perfect diameter grate for your fire pit. The fire you want to build can also help determine the grate size you pick.

For persons seeking a smaller fire pit grate diameter, choosing a size that’s slightly bigger than the fire you intend to make will be okay. Also speaking of size, a fire pit grate’s height also matters.

Here, you’re looking at the rim of your fire pit.

So, a fire pit grate can either be about 6 to 8 inches below the fire pit rim. This largely depends on how high or low you need the flames to appear.

If you wish to keep the fires a bit lower within the inside of the fire pit, then a grate measuring about 12 to 15 inches below the rim of the fire pit should serve.

  • Fire Pit Grate Durability

No one wants to buy a fire pit grate and have them scattering apart within a short time.

You’ll need a fire pit grate that serves for a long period of time. In terms of durability, certain parameters are taken into consideration. These have to do with the levels of durability.

As such, there are those fire pit grates designed for light-duty, and others for medium-duty. Other levels of durability include heavy and extra heavy-duty fire pit grate designs.

So, what’s the difference? The key difference lies in the bar stock dimensions.

In other words, the thicker and heavier the steel bar, the longer your fire pit grate will last. Firepit grates designed for domestic use are usually found within the light to medium-duty category.

These won’t be as thick and heavy as those built for commercial use.

  • Easy-to-Maintain Finish

This is one area a lot of customers are concerned about.

A fire pit grate needs to be easily maintained without much difficulty. So, your purchase decision needs to be influenced by the coating type. You don’t want your grate coating burning up.

Plus, it shouldn’t easily get corroded when it comes in contact with heaped ash.

We’ve covered the basics of fire pit grate use. These touch on important aspects as earlier pointed out. You’ll need to find what best fits your needs while also following the purchase guide provided.

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