How Much Does Chimney And Fireplace Installation Cost?

Here is how much it cost to install a chimney and a fireplace.

Do you wish to have a chimney installed but wonder how much the costs will be like? This is an area we’ll be very happy to help you with.

Chimney and fireplace installation applies to fresh installations, rebuilding, or replacing old systems.

Whichever category you belong to, this article should be informative enough to help you understand a thing or two about costing. As expected, installing a chimney includes a wide range of actions.

Installing one from scratch may be less expensive than replacing an existing chimney structure.

In terms of replacement, the old structure needs to be systematically torn down. This action alone costs money. With the tear-down completed, rebuilding commences raising a new chimney and fireplace in place of the old.

Average Installation Costs For Chimney and Fireplace

When it comes to installation costs, a definite figure won’t cut it.

In other words, stating a definite installation cost won’t be enough. You’ll need to consider the national average, the average range, minimum cost as well as maximum cost.

Having said that, the national average cost for chimney and fireplace installation is pegged at $6,500. In terms of the national average, it will cost anywhere from around $4,000 to $8,000.

For the maximum cost, you should incur a fee of around $3,500. Installation cost goes significantly higher at $11,500. Here is the average cost of installing a kitchen chimney.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Chimney?

Costing is quite varied when it comes to chimney installation.

Depending on the type of chimney you use, installation costs will vary from one job to the next. There are labor costs as well as the installation of different sections or components of the chimney as will be discussed shortly.

  • Labor Costs

First, the installation process involves labor. Labor makes a significant difference as the construction materials can be quite inexpensive. Therefore, when a quote for installation is being provided, labor is factored in.

Masonry fireplace costs may be charged per square foot. Here, costs will range from $80 to $95 per square foot. Quite a lot of labor goes into chimney and fireplace installation.

This is just one determinant of chimney and fireplace installation costs out of several.

  • Chase Cover Installation Costs

When working on the price quote, one of the several costing aspects is the chase cover installation.

Chase covers serve a similar purpose with chimney caps and are common with prefabricated chimneys.

Chase cover installation will add around $300 to $600 to overall installation costs.

  • Vent Installation Costs

Chimney vent installation will cost anywhere from $200 to $350. This includes materials and labor.

Chimney vents are largely common with gas or oil combustion appliances connected to chimneys. As it is for the other chimney components, it contributes to the total service cost.

Providing this detail is crucial to fully understand what’s included in the total cost. This gives you an idea and a head-start on what to expect.

  • Chimney Liner Installation Costs

As a heat conduit, a chimney line serves to insulate and properly channel out hot smoke and gases. Plus, it serves as protection against chimney fires.

In the course of installing a chimney, a chimney liner is also necessary and costs around $1,800 to $2,000.

It’s important that this aspect, like all chimney installation tasks, be performed by a professional. Avoid taking DIY chimney installation approaches.

  • Flashing Installation Costs

Another critical component that needs to be put in place during chimney installation is the flashing. This serves to keep out water and moisture, thus preventing moisture-related damage.

It will cost around $500 to $1,000 to have the chimney flashing in place.

  • Flue Installation Cost

As the conduit or passageway that allows passage and expulsion of smoke and other combustion by-products, a chimney flue plays a key role in its functioning. Installation costs for flue ranges from $3,000 to $8,000.

Here is how much to add a fireplace:

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Fireplace?

The cost of chimney fireplace installation depends on the type of fireplace being built.

There are gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces among others. To install a new gas fireplace, you’re likely to incur a cost of around $4,300 to $12,000.

Electric fireplace installations on the other hand will cost much less compared to gas fireplaces. You should expect a fee of about $250 to $6,200 inclusive of labor.

Such lower costs are understandable due to the absence of chimneys as a result of zero emissions.

Chimney And Fireplace Prices Determining Factors

To have a chimney and fireplace installed, several cost-determining factors come into play. These include the type, number of flues, size, and replacement.

  • Installation Costs By Chimney Type

One of the ways to measure or determine chimney and fireplace installation is by the type of chimney. There are multiple types available. These include a factory-built, metal, wood stove, masonry, freestanding stove, and fireplace insert.

It will cost anywhere from $85 to $150 per foot for a factory-built chimney to be installed. Installation costs are a bit cheaper for metal chimneys with costs ranging from $ $75 to $100 per foot inclusive of labor.

Woodstove chimney installation costs fall within the $175 to $350 range.

For masonry chimneys, it’s a bit different at $120 to $240 per foot. Freestanding stove installations will cost around $105 to $215, while fireplace inserts cost about $100 to $200 per foot.

  • Installation Costs By Number of Flues

The more appliances used, the higher the number of flues is likely to be. Installation costs may be as much as $1,200 to $2,000 for each additional flue. The needs for each home will vary from those of others.

So, your situation will be largely determined by how many appliances you’ll be using.

  • Installation Cost By Size

Size is critical when it comes to chimney and fireplace installation. For a lot of chimney services, jobs are charged by linear feet. An in-depth assessment is made on the volume of materials to be used for the installation job.

Most times, the height of your home is used in conjunction with the volume of materials in reaching a price.

As seen above, chimney and fireplace installation cost is a broad area of discussion. This includes factors impacting pricing and so much more.

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