A chimney is usually an assemblage of different components. There are those located indoors (such as the fireplace), those in the interior sections as well as exterior components.

This article will be discussing the fireplace with a focus on one of its components; the fireplace glass door replacement.

Fireplace Insert Glass Replacement Guide

The fireplace glass mostly comes in two variants; ceramic glass and tempered glass. Over time, the continued use of this fireplace component may gradually wear out or damage the glass.

This will require having it replaced. So, what does it take to replace one? You’ll learn all about that right here.

  • Reasons To Replace Broken Fireplace Glass

If you haven’t replaced a fireplace glass door before, you may wonder why one needs to be changed.

The need for replacement becomes obvious when the glass breaks. When it does break, it becomes an injury hazard hence the need to have the broken glass removed and replaced immediately.

Also, the functions served by a fireplace glass door cannot be overlooked.

First off, a glass door provides enhanced safety. Here, hazards associated with burning logs or other types of fuels are significantly reduced.

For wood fuels, a wood-burning fireplace door acts as a protective barrier against flying embers & sparks.

Increased heating efficiency provided by the fireplace glass door will need to be maintained. Also, there’s a need to keep smoke out, plus, it adds style and beauty to your fireplace.

With this said, let’s discuss more on fireplace glass replacement.

Type of Replacement Glass For Fireplace Doors

As mentioned earlier, there are two main types of fireplace glass; ceramic and tempered glass. So, what’s the difference? Ceramic glass is designed to tolerate very high temperatures.

You’ll mostly find these installed in gas stoves, woodstoves, laboratories as well as ovens.

One feature of ceramic fireplace glass is that it won’t shatter when broken. Instead, it cracks into large shards.

For tempered fireplace glasses, cracks don’t usually appear when broken.

Instead, it breaks into many small pieces.

You’ll find this used in some fireplaces as well as serving as shelves.

Type of Fireplace Glass to Replace

Different situations could lead to fireplace glass breakage.

Such situations could include excess heat which the glass may be unable to tolerate. This mostly occurs when the right type of glass isn’t used for a fireplace.

More on this will be discussed shortly.

It’s quite challenging to find a direct fireplace glass replacement from the manufacturer when yours gets broken.

This is often the case because such manufacturers may not sell replacement glass or may no longer have or support your particular model.

When faced with such a situation, there’s no need to worry. There are fireplace glass manufacturers that meet all your unique needs.

Here, custom fireplace glass designed to fit your exact specifications is made.

  • What Fireplace Replacement Glass Fits my Unit

Each type of fireplace glass mentioned (ceramic and tempered glass) serves a particular need. Ceramic fireplace glasses for instance are designed for hotter applications.

Higher levels of heat coming from ovens and woodstoves are better contained by ceramic fireplace glasses.

Ceramic fireplace glasses can tolerate heat as high as 1382 degrees F. So if you’re using a wood stove, gas stove, or oven, consider getting a ceramic-type fireplace glass for replacement.

For most other fireplaces (apart from wood stoves gas stoves), a tempered fireplace glass will serve.

These are ideal for use in environments having temperatures of around 500 degrees F.

Unlike ceramic fireplace glass, tempered glass won’t serve the needs of a woodstove or gas stove due to the higher temperature range which it cannot tolerate.

Consulting a Pro Before Replacement

For most hobby craftspeople, having a fireplace glass replaced through DIY methods will be highly considered.

While this can be done, it’s important that you consider consulting or seeking the advice of a professional before embarking on the project.

This is even more important when you have doubts about the most ideal glass type to replace. In most cases, a professional will advise that damaged glass be replaced by a particular type.

In a nutshell, seeking expert help only helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Fireplace Glass Replacement Considerations

There are key considerations to make when choosing a fireplace glass replacement. Apart from the glass type, you’ll need to consider the thickness, size, and shape.

Other considerations include glass tints, edgework, holes & slots as well as tempering.

In terms of thickness, you’ll need to know what fits your needs. Both ceramic and tempered fireplace glass comes in different thicknesses.

Tempered glass has varying thicknesses with the most common being 1/8”, 1/32”, 3/16”, and ¼”.

For ceramic glass, you can choose from varying thickness such as 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16”. Asides thickness, there’s also the sizes to choose from. Tempered fireplace glass has sizes of up to 60”x 96”.

You’ll also find ceramic glass sizes of up to 43” x85”.

  • Other Considerations

There are additional considerations to make in choosing your preferred fireplace glass replacement. In terms of shape, you’ll need to choose one that fits the damaged or broken fireplace glass.

This shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The good thing with fireplace glass replacements is that they can be cut into any shape to fit your particular needs. Glass tints are additional considerations to make. What are your preferred glass tints?

There are lots of glass tints and color patterns available.

In terms of edgework or design, you get to choose from rounded pencil edges and flat designs. There is also standard edgework to pick from. Fireplace glass replacements should have holes and slots.

Among your options are those created or cut by water jet before tempering.

You can have your fireplace glass replacement tempered from as little as 2”x 2”. From these considerations, it’s clear that you’ll be saddled with a lot of decision-making.

The good thing is there are pros to help out.

Who To Call To Replace Broken Fireplace Glass

One crucial aspect of fireplace glass replacement is deciding who to carry out your replacement job. As always, a professional should be called upon to get the job done.

Pros handle the job much better and save you occasional confusion common with DIY jobs.

Your fireplace glass replacement job doesn’t have to be a complicated process. We’ve discussed some basic aspects of the process. With these, you’re able to make the right decisions.

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