Wood-Burning Fireplace Glass Doors – Benefits, Types & Custom Install

Do you have a glass door installed on your wood-burning fireplace or seek to have one installed?

A wood-burning fireplace needs to always function optimally. Now, several factors contribute to its smooth functioning. This includes its parts of which the glass door is part.

Fireplace Glass Doors Opened Or Closed

This article will be covering as much about glass doors as possible.

Here, you’ll learn the benefits, in addition to whether your wood-burning fireplace needs one among other things. So, are you ready?

Let’s get into details without further delay.

Is a Glass Door a Necessity for A Wood Fireplace?

Are you wondering what use or function glass doors on wood-burning fireplaces serve?

Consider the basic functioning of this type of fireplace. Under most circumstances, wood-burning fireplaces heat anything around or closest to the fire.

While this is true, it creates a situation where a significant amount of air from neighboring rooms is sucked out of the chimney. This leads to a net loss of heat within your home.

A glass door helps check such heat loss by preventing significant displacement of air within your home.

Of course, such glass doors need to be closed to have any effect or impact on temperature regulation. In a nutshell, you want to prevent the escape of hot air up your chimney through the use of a glass door.

This significantly improves heating efficiency.

Benefits of Fireplace Glass Doors

When it comes to benefits derived from glass door installation on wood-burning fireplaces, there are several to consider. First off, they help enhance safety.

Other benefits include adding style and beauty to your space, while also keeping out smoke.

Better heating efficiency is achieved while cutting down on utility costs.

Let’s have a look at each of these benefits.

  • Enhancing Safety

One of the primary benefits of having glass doors installed on wood-burning fireplaces is the safety it provides.

With wood burning come potential hazards from sparks and embers. These glass doors provide an enclosure within which these sparks and embers are contained.

These glass doors help prevent hot embers from igniting combustible items or building materials outside of the fireplace.

  • Adding Style and Beauty to Your Space

Another key benefit of having glass doors installed on the wood-burning fireplace is the ambiance they add to your surroundings. These come in varying designs and sizes.

Plus, they help conceal dirty fireplaces. However, this isn’t to encourage leaving your fireplace dirty as it decreases its efficiency.

  • Keeping Out Smoke

Glass doors help with smoke prevention. You don’t want combustion gases and smoke coming into your living area. With a glass door, all that is prevented.

Downdrafts are quite common with wood-burning fireplaces.

While helping to retain room temperature, glass doors serve to prevent smoke from being blown into your home.

  • Better Heating Efficiency

Of course, glass doors help a lot with promoting better heating efficiency.

Instead of the dismal 10%, heating efficiency derived from traditional fireplaces, those with glass doors has double or triple the heating efficiencies of those without them.

Heat is distributed into your home through radiation with the escape of heat from your room is significantly minimized.

  • Cut Down on Utility Expenses

The cost of heating a home tends to rise significantly when a wood-burning fireplace has no glass door. Consider such a fireplace as an open window through which heat is easily lost.

Here, expenses on utility tend to skyrocket. With a glass door, all of that is reduced.

Energy efficiency is achieved with the loss of heat drastically reduced. This is one of the major benefits of installing glass doors on wood-burning fireplaces.

Identifying the Right Glass Doors For A Fireplace

Your wood-burning fireplace needs the right type of glass door to guarantee proper functioning. To help you choose the right door type, three considerations will have to be made by you.

The first requires figuring out your type of fireplace construction.

Next, you’ll need to take dimensions followed by style considerations. Are you confused? Hang on as we explain each of these points as follows;

  • Figuring out your Type of Fireplace Construction

This is pretty much straightforward.

Here, you want to determine whether your wood-burning fireplace is factory built or a masonry fireplace. Why are these important?

A glass door may not be necessary for factory-built fireplaces as it may have a specially designed glass door.

Other preinstalled components of a factory-built fireplace include air-cooled pipes and blowers, as well as insulated walls, etc. For masonry fireplaces, they could be made from cement, brick, or natural stones.

While these can be used without glass doors, adding these will enhance efficiency.

  • Taking Dimensions

It’s one thing to have a glass door installed on your fireplace and another to have it properly placed. Proper placement or installation requires taking the right dimensions.

This is necessary to help you perform a proper job.

When measuring masonry fireplaces, focus on the overlap fit, with dimensions taken of the height of the opening from the hearth. Also, the inside fit enclosures of the fireplace need to be taken.

Here, measurements of the width as well as the height will have to be taken.

  • Style Considerations

When it comes to choosing the right glass door for your wood-burning fireplace, there are tons of designs to choose from. Certain styles tend to fit better with certain interior designs.

There are also free-standing glass fireplace doors depending on design demands.

  • Custom Glass Fireplace Doors

Speaking of fireplace glass door styles, these come in varying colors, frame finishes, handles, and mesh screens just to name a few.

You’ll have to discuss with a professional the design(s) that fit your space.

With the right glass door, your wood-burning fireplace stands out in terms of visual appeal.

Who to Call for Glass Door Installation on Wood-Burning Fireplace

Whenever you wish to have a glass door installed on your fireplace, it’s important to have the pros perform this task. Chimney and fireplace experts are always on hand to carry out such installation tasks.

These technicians are skilled and experienced.

They know the necessary to carry out all installation-related jobs. You must avoid taking the DIY route as you may not have the skill and know-how.

Glass Doors On Wood-Burning Fireplace

From our discussion so far, it’s clear that several benefits can be derived from glass door installation on a wood-burning fireplace.

If you’ve had doubts about its use and functionality, the above information should be of significant help.

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