What is the average cost of flea extermination? Here are some estimates to expect when hiring the services of a flea control expert.

If you love to keep pets, one of the problems you’re likely to face is flea infestations.

These are mostly introduced through pets such as dogs or cats. Now, this isn’t to say that only pet lovers and owners encounter flea infestations.

People without pets are also likely to face flea problems at some point.

Whatever the case may be, the need for flea extermination is paramount. This helps get rid of the problem fast. So, how much does it cost?

The cost side of things is what we seek to dwell on.

There are several methods for flea extermination. Adopting any of them will come at a cost.

Average Cost of Flea Extermination

To hire a flea exterminator, you’ll be looking at spending anywhere from $17 to $400.

The national average for a medium-sized home is $270. However, the final or eventual cost incurred will depend on whether multiple visits are required.

Additional factors include the time of year.  Exterminating fleas during the summer is likely to cost higher as exterminators are most busy during this time due to higher cases of infestation.

Read on for details on these and more.

  • Cost of Second Visits

During flea extermination, it is common to have exterminators schedule a return to your property for additional treatment. Such additional treatments seek to kill newly hatched fleas.

The cost incurred during this second visit will range from $75 to $200.

Flea Control Costs Covers Certain Treatments

Flea extermination is categorized under one-time and follow-up visits. Most reliable pest control services give the assurance of having the capacity to rid your home of fleas during a single visit.

To back up such claims, a guarantee is given to returning for free within 30 days if the problem persists.

For some other pest services, such one-time treatment guarantees aren’t given. Rather, extermination is carried out in two phases. The first phase involves exterminating adult fleas.

However, the task isn’t completed as eggs are expected to hatch into young fleas within a period of 10 to 14 days.

The Process

When you call for flea extermination, a visit is scheduled where an exterminator comes to inspect your property.

An inspection helps determine the degree or severity of the infestation as well as the areas to be covered. A quote is then made available to you.

The next stage involves treatment proper. Now for a more thorough extermination job, vacuuming may first be done before spraying the area. Vacuuming helps pick up flea eggs including some fleas.

Both your home interior and exterior are treated.

However, to cut down on cost, you may ask that only the interior be treated. This will only postpone the problem though. Even after treating your pets, when they step out, they’re likely to return with a fresh supply of fleas clinging to their bodies.

Therefore, it’s best to carry out both interior and exterior extermination of fleas for complete control of the problem. For a better understanding of the needs for exterior and interior flea extermination as it relates to cost, let’s consider the following;

  • Interior Vs Exterior Flea Extermination Prices

During property treatment for fleas, there are two main approaches to consider.

They include; interior and exterior extermination. This refers to the areas covered during the extermination.

Interior extermination will only focus on your home. This leaves out the yard areas.

So, will this type of treatment cost you less? Well, not really. Pest control services most times have treatment plans that cover both interiors and exteriors of homes.

The reasons are simple. Pre-adult fleas can lie dormant for a significant time until conditions are favorable enough. In other words, until they find hosts. This results in the re-infestation of the property, hence bringing back the problem.

Pest control services understand this and may offer this service for free.

If you wish to try your hands on flea extermination, there are lots of insecticides or flea extermination products you can purchase over the counter. The cost of these pesticide sprays ranges from $9 to $30.

Cost of Flea Treatment by Major Pest Services

Flea extermination costs vary by the pest control services providing it. There are lots of pest control companies offering this service. However, the cost you pay will depend on who you hire.

When it comes to the biggest pest control services, two names tower above the rest. These include Orkin and Terminix.

  • Terminix

This pest control company is arguably the world’s biggest. It has built a solid reputation over the years for providing comprehensive pest control services. Terminix will charge you about $190 for an initial visit.

However, this is only so when you agree to its follow-up treatments which are done quarterly at $99 each.

If you wish to have a price quote for your home, you only need to call the company stating your address and your home’s square footage. An estimate is provided pending a visit to the property to further assess the situation.

  • Orkin

Orkin is another trusted industry leader that provides a wide range of pest solutions including fleas extermination. The cost of its one-time treatment ranges from $300 to $370. Its flea extermination services begin with an inspection.

This is followed by interior spray, limited exterior spray, as well as the provision of recommendations on flea preventive measures to avoid re-infestation.

With all of these services, you have the advantage of benefitting from their 30-day warranty.

During this time, any flea issues that resurface will result in a fresh treatment that comes at no added cost. There’s also a money-back guarantee attached.

Which is Less Costly; DIY or Professional Treatment?

One of the dilemmas faced by homeowners is the question of determining what treatment alternative is best. While the DIY approach may seem the least expensive at first, it ends up costing you more than you’ll need to pay for professional extermination.

For DIY treatment, you’ll need to purchase more over-the-counter flea sprays to cover your entire property. There’s also the risk of handling such products incorrectly which can result in health risks. Plus, the period it takes to get the job done can be much.

These are aspects of flea extermination costs to consider. The points listed above help with a better understanding of the expenses to be incurred.

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