Glass Fireplace – Features, Types & Best Brands

Here, our discussion will be centered on all things glass fireplaces. Some of the areas we’ll be focusing on include the type of glass fireplaces, type of glass used, its benefits, and why it would break.

Fireplaces have evolved over the years to not only remain utilitarian but also aesthetic pieces or additions to homes. Such innovations have given birth to glass fireplaces.

Now, a lot of homeowners need to decide what fireplace type or design would fit their home.

Luckily there are several to choose from. The glass fireplace is one of them.

Why Is Glass Used For Fireplaces? – Pros

Fireplaces are a great addition to homes. These serve our heating needs and can be categorized according to the fuel type used. However, not every fuel serves this purpose or is suitable for glass fireplaces.

Now, the main reason why glass is used is to enhance visibility.

This ability to view the combustion process adds to the beauty of your home’s interior. Plus, there are so many designs each made to suit all sorts of needs and purposes.

So, the type of glass fireplace you need will depend on your ability to sift through tons of available products. It’s no secret that glass has increasingly been found to be useful in a wide range of areas.

These include construction, heating, cooking, and so many others. Newer designs (especially those used for fireplaces) have been designed to be heat resistant and durable.

  • Heat Radiation

Did you know that glass radiates heat? It does!

This is why glass fireplaces have become increasingly popular with homeowners. As a matter of fact, glass fireplaces used together with gas logs produce much more heat than would gas log-only fireplaces.

In other words, gas log-only (without glass) won’t produce as much heat as a gas fireplace with gas logs would. This is interesting and tells or explains why glass fireplaces have become popular.

Does Discoloration Occur With Glass Fireplaces?

Since the main material being used for the glass fireplace is the glass itself, it raises a pertinent question; doesn’t it discolor? Well, the answer is quite simple! It doesn’t.

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Consider a glass fireplace door. As long as a fireplace door is being used, the glass retains its look.

However, such a glass fireplace needs to be professionally installed. Plus, you should also maintain it by using only approved fuels for such a fireplace. Only then will you have the results you seek.

  • Glass Fireplaces Will Get Dirty

We thought it a necessity to add this point because some people may misinterpret the non-discoloration of glass fireplaces to mean they won’t get dirty. These fireplaces will get dirty from debris buildup as well as touch marks among others.

As part of routine maintenance measures, it’s important to perform basic cleaning tasks. This takes care of the fireplace and lets it function efficiently.

Types Of Glass Used In Fireplaces

Not every glass type would be suitable for glass fireplace construction. This is because certain types will easily get destroyed when continuously exposed to high temperatures.

Ceramic glass is usually the go-to material when it comes to glass fireplace construction.

Ceramic glasses are known to easily tolerate high temperatures much better than true glass. These will easily hold up when put nearby (about 6 inches or less) to flames.

So, you’re likely to find out your glass fireplace is made of ceramic glass.


This is the central feature of glass fireplaces. The basic design of a glass fireplace makes it easily visible from almost every angle. In other words, anyone can clearly view the combustion process.

More importantly, it’s designed to be visually appealing or satisfying to watch.

This basic feature calls for proper care. That is since the fireplace has a see-through feature, you’ll need to always have it (both inside and out) always cleaned to maintain its beautiful appearance.

This maintenance action also maintains its functionality.

Glass Fireplace Designs

A lot of options are made available when building gas fireplaces. When making a purchase, you’re bound to find a variety of designs. Now, it’s important to note that all glass fireplaces serve the same function.

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However, their designs are quite varied.

You’ll need to find out what works with, or what fits your home space. One way of doing things right is by speaking to a fireplace technician to help you decide what best serves your needs.

Major Glass Fireplace Brands

When it comes to making a selection, tons of notable fireplace brands exist. Now, apart from glass fireplaces, these brands make other fireplace types (non-glass variants).

Some of the notable names or brands include Regency, Stoll, Monessen Fireplaces, Superior Fireplaces, Napoleon Fireplaces Kingsman Fireplaces, and Empire Fireplaces.

Other brands include Bio Flame Fireplaces, Osburn Fireplaces, Dimplex Fireplaces, Fire Sense Fireplaces, and Modern Flames Fireplace. These are only a few of several.

For each brand, there are tons of products that vary according to size, design, and construction material.

Buying Guide

Making a glass fireplace purchase isn’t as easy as you think. What we’re trying to say is that you’ll need to be guided by various factors to ensure you make the right purchase.

Now, you’ll need to balance your choices in terms of the fuel burned, aesthetic appeal, and more importantly, the heat produced.

Fireplaces don’t produce the same levels of heat. The heat produced is largely determined by the fuel type burned or combusted. This, coupled with the aesthetic appeal should be a major factor influencing your decision or choice.

Of course, we always recommend you speak to a professional. This action takes account of your home’s outlay, the space available, and the heating requirements.

Whatever the case is, you’ll never be at a disadvantage when you speak with a professional.

Glass fireplaces have increasingly become popular for the reasons discussed above. We’ve provided the basic information needed to kick-start your search for the right product. The type of glass fireplace you buy should be determined by the outlay of your home.

Now, you’ll need to discuss with a pro about what will be befitting your home space. With this approach, you’re unlikely to go wrong. Plus, you get the best product available.

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