How To Clean Glass Fireplace Doors

Cleaning glass fireplace doors is what we intend to focus on.

Glass fireplaces have evolved over the years with innovative additions like screens and doors. Most fireplaces have glass doors that provide a see-through view. Like other parts of the fireplace, the glass doors need to be replaced and maintained.

Maintenance includes repairs, cleaning, and replacement.

Cleaning Fireplace Glass: Step By Step

This cleaning procedure isn’t performed arbitrarily.

Rather, it follows a systematic format. In other words, the best results are obtained when you know what to do or how to go about the process.

Cleaning Must Be Regular

Whenever your fireplace is being used, soot and charcoal stains will be common as they cling onto the glass door.

When ignored, such stains worsen and may become even more difficult to remove. With regular cleaning, this problem is easily addressed.

Setting a regular cleaning schedule will do a lot to free up common stains. It’s also important to avoid rushing the job. Remember, what’s worth doing is worth doing well.

Hiring A Cleaning Service

Ordinarily, cleaning a glass fireplace door isn’t a complex process at all.

This means you can handle the task if you wish to. However, if time is a luxury you can’t afford or are burdened by lots of other engagements, then you might want to consider calling a cleaning service for such tasks.

A cleaning service knows just what’s needed to have your fireplace glass door sparkle once again. You may want to make inquiries or find out if there are specialized services with expertise in fireplace cleaning.

This saves you the stress of having to get the job done yourself.

Getting The Job Done Yourself

The DIY alternative to fireplace glass door cleaning is hugely popular due to the results obtained. The cleaning procedure made available in this article will help you achieve desirable results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with wood, pellet, or gas fireplace glass doors. The results are the same.

Several Cleaning Methods Are Available

There are lots of options when it comes to glass fireplace door cleaning. This includes the use of commercial cleaners, magic erasers sponges, and razors.

Other remedies for glass fireplace door cleaning include vinegar solution, wet ash, and newspaper among several others.

Preparing For Glass Fireplace Cleaning

If you can, consider taking off or removing the fireplace glass door.

This may be difficult for some fireplace types. However, if you’re lucky to be able to get this done, do it! Removing the glass fireplace door helps with cleaning.

Glass doors that aren’t removed are likely to stain your carpets or furniture. You’ll need to have it isolated and cleaned off every mess before it’s returned.

Other preparatory actions to take include putting together basic tools and supplies for cleaning.

Luckily, not much is needed to have a glass fireplace door cleaned. You’ll need to have all the necessary items as per your preferred cleaning method. So, let’s take a look at the different options mentioned earlier and how cleaning is performed;

  • Commercial Fireplace Glass Cleaners

Commercial glass cleaners are specially formulated for the effective removal of grime, soot, or grease from fireplace glass. Some of these cleaners are also used for oven glass cleaning.

Asides from your commercial cleaner, you’ll also need water and a cloth or sponge close by.

Now for cleaning to commence, ensure that the glass fireplace door is completely cool. The cleaner should be sprayed onto the glass surface and allow to sit for a few seconds (or as directed by the use instruction).

Wipe off the cleaner from the glass. Any stubborn grime should also be wiped clean.

It’s important to always follow the use instruction written on commercial cleaners. This action will help you get the best results.

  • Magic Erasers

To do a great job of cleaning a glass fireplace door, consider using a magic eraser sponge.

Other things needed for a great job include a cloth and some water. With some little water, magic erasers sponges are used to scrub glass surfaces.

If you don’t like the mess getting on your hands, you can put on a pair of gloves. Scrub the glass surface and clean using your absorbent towel or material or cloth.

This process should help get rid of all gunk from your fireplace door.

  • Razor

This sounds strange, right?

Although it may sound strange, a razor blade can indeed be used to aid the cleaning process. Think of it as a scraping tool. When grime gets too thick for normal cleaning to get rid of, a different approach needs to be taken.

You’ll need to place your razor on the glass fireplace door at an angle of about 45 degrees. Push against the thick grime layer until all of it is scraped clean. How well you do this will determine the results obtained.

You don’t want to scrape too hard to create scratches on fireplace glass doors.

Also, you have to be careful not to injure or cut yourself with this tool. You don’t need to get rid of everything.

Only areas having the thickest grime deposits should be scraped. With these gone, you can apply any of the cleaning methods mentioned in this article for the best results.

  • Vinegar Solution

Have you considered using vinegar for glass fireplace door cleaning? You should! To get started, you’ll need vinegar, cloth, and water. You may also need some rubbing alcohol, ammonia, or corn starch.

Whether diluted or not, vinegar can be used as a potent cleaner. To make your glass cleaning mixture, pour about a cup of vinegar and add three cups of warm water. Now, add a tablespoon of ammonia and mix it into a solution.

Having mixed the solution, empty it into a spray bottle and apply it onto your glass fireplace door. Scrub the surface after the solution has lasted about 30 seconds.

Rubbing alcohol or corn starch can be used in place of ammonia with excellent results obtained.

  • Wet Ash and Newspaper

Here, a little ash from your fireplace with some water and paper towels is all that’s needed. Ash is an excellent surface cleaner.

First, have your cloth or newspaper wet and dab the wet part into your ash to scrub in a circular motion. This continued action helps get rid of all stubborn residues on your glass fireplace door.

These are creative ways to clean your glass fireplace door. Most of these are cheap, yet highly effective in giving you desired results.

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