Hospital-Grade Cleaning Supplies List For Health Facilities

Here is a standard list of hospital cleaning supplies that experts consider.

Hospital cleaning can be a challenging task without the right supplies. A lot of disinfecting will be necessary too. If you’ve wondered about the type of supplies to be used for a hospital cleanup, this article will provide you with all the answers you seek.

Specialized cleaning is needed in a hospital environment.

In other words, you’ll need to know how to handle specific cleaning tasks. This is irrespective of whether the right supplies are used or not.

The reasons are simple; health associated infections are real and highly transmissible when proper care isn’t taken.

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The cleaning supplies we’ll be discussing will include cleaning products as well as equipment. Cleaning products will be split into disinfectants, hand hygiene, floor care, laundry care, and air care.

On the other hand, equipment will include a cleaning trolley or bucket, dry or dust mops, wet mops, long-handled dust mops, and rubber floor wipers.

Others include hand mops, dustpans, rubber or utility gloves, and water for mixing or preparing cleaning solutions.

  1. Hospital Cleaning Products

As briefly mentioned earlier, cleaning products are varied and will be split into disinfectants, hand hygiene, floor care, laundry care, and air care. Let’s briefly discuss each to give you a clearer picture.

  • Disinfectants

Disinfectants play a key role in hospital cleaning. Without these, deadly germs and bacteria will be easily spread especially around touch-points. Now, hospital-grade disinfectants are needed to perform a thorough cleaning job.

Some of the most effective disinfectants are also all-purpose cleaners. Products include Spic & Span Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray & Glass Cleaner, Comet Disinfecting –Sanitizing Bathroom Cleaner, and Comet Disinfecting Cleaner with Bleach.

  • Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is one of the most vital cleaning tasks to focus on.

Here, you’ll be focused on preventing the spread of diseases especially through contact points which include most surfaces. Some hand hygiene supplies include Safeguard Gel Sanitizer and Safeguard Dispenser-Manual.

Others are Safeguard Foaming Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap as well as Safeguard Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap. These products help significantly reduce the rate of transfer of bacteria from one point to the next.

However, to be effective, frequent hand hygiene is needed.

  • Floor Care

Hospitals are busy areas with significant foot traffic witnessed all through the day and nights. Now, such floors will need to be well cleaned.

There are specific cleaning products for such tasks which include Spic & Span Floor and Multi-Surface Cleaner and P&G Pro Line Disinfecting Floor & Surface Cleaner II.

Other products include P&G Pro Line Finished Floor Cleaner, P&G Pro Line Dexterity Highly Versatile Floor Finish, P&G Pro Line Presence High-Performance Low Maintenance Floor Finish, and P&G Pro Line High-Affinity Premium Durable Floor Finish.

More floor cleaners include P&G Line Spray Buff Maintainer, P&G Pro Line Low Odor Floor Stripper-Ultra Concentrate, P&G Pro Line Baseboard Stripper, P&G Pro-Line Carpet Extraction Cleaner, P&G Pro Line Floor Sealer, P&G Pro Line Bio-Spot Carpet Spot Remover.

Other hospital floor cleaners include P&G Pro Line Tannin Spot Carpet Spot Remover, P&G Pro Line Bonnet or Traffic Lane Cleaner, and P&G Line General Use Carpet Spot Remover.

  • Laundry Care

Laundry care is part of the essential cleaning services in hospitals.

For effective laundry, these products will be useful; P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer-Laundry Additive, P&G Pro Line Tide Professional 2X Laundry Detergent, and  P&G Pro Line Tide Professional SC Laundry Detergent.

Others are BacStop Fabric Sanitizer Laundry Additive, P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Color Safe Bleach Laundry Additive, and P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Coldwater Laundry Detergent.

More products include P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Rust Stain Remover, P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Greasy Stain Fighter-Laundry Additive, P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Stain Removal Treatment Rewash/Soaker, and P&G Pro Line Tide Professional Multi-Purpose Stain Remover.

  • Air Care

Air care as used here might seem complicated. However, it’s not.

This has to do with the elimination of odors, hence, making the air fresher. One effective supply that helps get rid of odors is the Febreze Professional Fabric Refresher – Deep Penetrating.

  1. Hospital Cleaning Equipment

Under this cleaning supply category, we’ll be looking at different tools or equipment such as cleaning trolley or bucket among several others.

Now, such equipment helps you perform a satisfactory and thorough cleaning job. They include;

  • Cleaning Trolley and Bucket

A trolley should be stocked with all the needed cleaning supplies including a bucket preferably light-colored to enable you to detect when it’s due to change the water.

This is your equipment carrier and should include all of the equipment to be listed here.

  • Wet Mops

Mops should be color-coded when used in a hospital environment. There should be separate wet mops for general, semi-critical and critical areas of the hospital.

It is vital that other cleaning staff easily differentiate these through the color codes.

  • Rubber or Utility Gloves

Gloves are very essential when performing cleaning tasks in a hospital environment. These help to shield your hands from germ contamination. There are both disposable and non-disposable gloves that you can use. One thing is necessary though; they should properly fit your hands.

  • Water

Good water is essential for mixing cleaning solutions and disinfectants. We recommend using drinking water.

However, in the absence of this, consider filtering it with a chlorine disinfected filter first. Otherwise, Aquaguard water will serve the purpose.

  • Dust Pans

Dustpans should be on hand to pack particulate wastes. Most good dustpans come with brooms. If not, get one for cleaning the floors.

  • Hand Mops

When choosing a hand mop for hospital cleaning, we recommend going for microfiber mops as they provide a better clean of surfaces.

Also, hand mops should be color-coded to avoid mixing those used in general, semi-critical, and critical areas of the hospital.

  • Long Handled Dust Mops

Long-handled dust mops are great tools for clearing or removing cobwebs. These are also used for removing lint from ceilings as well as dust on walls and ceiling fans.

Cleaning a hospital is a serious business that cannot be done with the right supplies. We’ve listed these supplies as well as specific products. It is important when cleaning to be careful to disinfect all surfaces in addition to abiding by safety guidelines.

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