In this article, I’ll be discussing all you need to know about perimeter bug spray.

It is one thing to exterminate pests from your home, and it is another thing to prevent them from gaining entry in the first place. One of the most efficient means of keeping them out is by repelling them using a pesticide around the perimeter of your home.

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What Is Insecticide Perimeter Treatment?

A perimeter treatment using an insecticide is the first protective measure against insects from your home. The idea here is to stop the pests from even bothering you or any member of your household in the first place.

Although there are other means by which pests can get into your house, a perimeter bug spray can help reduce their occurrence by a great deal.

This type of treatment is ideal when trying to repel migrating pests. These are pests that leave the outdoors in search of a warm place to spend the winter. It could also be used to keep out pests who are in search of food.

This treatment is applied across the surface of the entire perimeter of your home, including your garden and house.

When Should You Spray Pest Repellents Around Your Perimeter?

Ideally, it is best to apply the pesticide before you ever experience a pest infestation. But in a case where you have already fought off a pest infestation, you should carry out a perimeter spray right after your first disinfestation.

As I mentioned before, some migrating pests would try to invade your home to avoid the winter cold. This means you need to have carried out the spraying before the winter season comes, and not after.

Who Should Handle Perimeter Spraying?

It is best to leave perimeter spraying to pest control professionals. They have years of experience exterminating and repelling pests and this experience would help you keep the bugs out.

A pest control service also has a better knowledge of the types of pesticides to use and the effect each pesticide has against pests, as well as how safe or toxic they are to humans.

They also know which pesticides work best against certain types of pests. This is the knowledge you may not have due to a lack of experience, and this can cause you to use the wrong pesticide in repelling the wrong pests.

If this is the case, you may find that you have spent money buying pest control sprays to use around your house perimeter, only to be left with unsatisfactory results. This is not because the pesticide or repellent spray you bought is of low quality, it may just be that the one you bought is not effective against the type of pest invading your home.

This is not to say you cannot spray your house perimeter yourself, because you can. But first, you need to be sure of the kinds of pests that may likely invade your home.

Thorough knowledge of this will help guide your actions regarding the kinds of perimeter spray you will buy.

How Do You Determine The Kind Of Bug Spray To Buy?

Different areas are home to different types of pests. For instance, certain types of pests are more common in Arizona than they are in Michigan.

Knowing your state of residence, you should be able to investigate the kinds of pests that are most common. When you have determined the kinds of pests you are most likely to deal with, you can buy the right pesticide spray to be used around your perimeter.

To be certain you are buying the right pesticide spray, you can consult a pest control expert to help you make your decision. They will give you the necessary info you will need in the fight to keep your home pest-free.

Organic Pesticide Spray Or Chemical Pesticide Spray For House Perimeter?

There are two types of pesticide sprays you can spray your house perimeter with. These are organic pesticide sprays or chemical pesticide sprays.

You have to consider the pros and cons before you decide on which pesticide spray to use around your house perimeter. Your unique situation would help you make that decision.

The advantage of an organic pesticide spray around your perimeter is that it is non-toxic and safe around humans, pets, and garden plants. Organic sprays do not contain harmful chemicals so they will not affect members of your household or pets.

There is an exception though, you or another person in your home may be allergic to a particular element in the organic spray. Considering that the effects of Perimeter spraying are long-lasting, a person with an allergy to one of the elements will not be able to remain in or around the house when the perimeter is sprayed.

Also, organic pesticides may do a good job of repelling some pests, they may not kill them. So if these types of pests are resistant enough, they may crawl over the pesticide spray and make their way into your home.

They could feel the effects later, but then they would have already entered your house.

To be sure the organic spray you are using is conducive enough for the residents of your home, be sure of each element contained in the spray and ascertain if someone in your house is allergic to any one of the elements.

Chemical sprays for your house perimeter on the other hand work faster, as it kills pests minutes after contact and repels others from coming near your home.

This is the major advantage it has over organic sprays in keeping pests away from your home.

The major downside is that chemical sprays are toxic and can harm humans, pets, and garden plants. For this reason, you should use a mild chemical spray around your perimeter. It should be one that doesn’t have harsh effects on humans, pets, and plants.

A mild chemical spray around your house perimeter will not work as fast as the more toxic versions, but they are much safer to use.

If you were to use a harsh chemical spray around your perimeter, then your yard would become unconducive for anyone to stay.

This could mean moving somewhere else for the duration the perimeter spray would be effective. This is a major inconvenience that you may not be willing to bear.

Check the active ingredient of the chemical spray you want to buy and investigate the kind of effects it would have on humans, pets, and plants before you buy.

Also, read the instructions on the container and adhere to all safety precautions during and after use.

How To Use Bug Spray Around Your House Perimeter

After you have determined the toxicity and effects of the spray, you can proceed to spray your house perimeter with it. That is if you don’t want to hire the pros.

There are commercially sold pesticide sprays that you can buy.

To use the spray, follow the instructions on the package and mix it t the right concentration. Next is to attach the spray to a hose and spray it across the perimeter of your home.

You should spray along the ground and across the roof. You should also spray along the window and doorposts. Your porch area and patio shouldn’t be left out either.

The general rule here is to spray the pesticide across any area outside your house where the pests can use to gain entry.

You can also dilute the chemical spray and use a pressurized hand to help the sprayer to apply.

There are many sizes of sprayers, but the type of sprayer you use should be light enough for you to carry around the house and spray conveniently.

Perimeter spraying is hard work, so you wouldn’t want to get fatigued by a heavy spray can.

Advantages Of House Perimeter Bug Spray

There are quite many advantages that come with perimeter bug spraying.

The major advantage is that it helps prevent migrating pests from entering your home. Another advantage of house perimeter bug spraying is that it will kill and repel any existing bugs around your yard.

Lastly, house perimeter spraying has long-lasting effects and can keep your house bug-free for a full season.

Disadvantages Of House Perimeter Bug Spraying

While it is a good practice to keep bugs out of your house, large-scale spraying may cause some form of inconvenience to you or members of your household.

Improper application of a chemical pesticide can cause some health problems for those around the house, including pets and even garden plants.

Also, a member of your household could be allergic to certain elements included in the pesticide spray.

This is why you should check the contents of the spray you are planning to use and the effects it would have on your household and plants.


Do you know where pest control experts spray in apartments?

For house perimeter spraying, you should consult a professional pest control service to achieve the desired results. If you must buy the house perimeter bug spray yourself, then do some research on its effects before you buy it.

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