If you’re having this problem, you’ll need to have your tub thoroughly cleaned. The focus of this article is to show you how it’s done.

You’ll find the step-by-step process to care for your tub and other tips that will prove highly beneficial. With regular cleanup, the tub’s lifespan is extended.

How to Clean a Whirlpool Tub

Jetted tubs serve a vital health function, with one of the primary uses being hydrotherapy massage.

For jetted tubes to be effective, they must be maintained and cleared of mold and other debris. These accumulate with use and can be gross, finding them floating around.

Prepping for the Procedure

To successfully clean your Jacuzzi jetted tub, you must put everything in place. Here, your cleaning supplies and tools are critical.

So, what do these consist of? Cleaning tools and supplies include a bucket, toothbrush or bottle brush, a small bowl, and a measuring cup.

Others include microfiber cloths, sponges, distilled white vinegar, powdered or liquid dishwasher detergent, baking soda, and chlorine bleach. These help you get desired results.

With your cleaning supplies assembled, the next step is to proceed with cleaning. There are simple yet effective ways to go about the process.

Cleaning a Jacuzzi Jetted Tub

You’ll need to follow specific basic steps to clean your tub effectively.

These include flushing off any gunk or debris within internal tub plumbing and filling the tub with hot or cold water. Add your cleaning agents into the water to start the breakdown of dirt and stains.

Other essential steps include turning off air induction valves before running the jets. Flush out the water and fill up the tub once more. The inside of the tub will need to be gently scrubbed.

Here, your baking soda will prove helpful. Next, you’ll also need to have the jets cleaned.

After cleaning the jets, focus on the caulking around the tub. Your air intake cover also needs to be cleaned. After that, you should thoroughly clean the tub’s interior before rinsing and drying.

Sometimes, cleaning may not be straightforward as initially planned.

You may notice stains that might prove difficult to eliminate using the essential cleaning steps mentioned above. Here, extra attention is needed.

Let’s further discuss each of the steps mentioned above for more understanding.

i. Flushing Off Gunk & Debris

This is the first step when cleaning a jetted tub.

You’ll need to flush off any accumulated gunk and bacteria. Tubs that have seen constant use with little to no cleaning are likely to have lots of debris and hair lying around.

Flushing off this accumulated dirt sets the stage for other cleaning actions.

ii. Fill up the Tub with Water and Add Cleaning Detergents

Now, have the tub filled with water until it’s a couple of inches above the jets.

Now the tub’s condition will influence whether you should use hot or cold water. Very dirty tubs will require hot water to aid with better cleanup.

Before filling with hot water, you’ll do well to consult the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction manual. To this water, add your cleaning agents.

You should pour two tablespoons of your preferred detergent (liquid or powdered). Also, add 2 cups of distilled white vinegar to the tub.

You can substitute distilled white vinegar for chlorine bleach. Here, you only need an about one-half cup. You’ll need to use essential protection like gloves and goggles when handling bleach.

iii. Turning Off Air Induction Valves

Turning off the air induction valve is necessary to ensure that circulation is only restricted to the tub’s internal plumbing.

With this, there’s flow concentration and better cleaning. However, some manufacturers may specifically instruct open-air induction valves.

If so, you’ll need to stick by the instruction to leave it open. With your air induction valve open or closed, turn on the jets and leave to run for about 10 to 15 minutes. By this time, debris from the tub’s internal plumbing should be dislodged and washed into the tub.

iv. Empty the Water and Fill the Tub Once More

After turning off the jets, the next step is to have the tub emptied. Some debris may stick to the tub. Get rid of these using a microfiber cloth or sponge.

Now fill the tub back up for another round of cleaning. Warm water will serve this purpose best. Water should be a few inches above the jets.

Turn on the jets once more with air induction valves open. This should run for about 15 minutes. When completed, turn the jets off and have the water drained from the tub.

v. Gently Scrub the Tub Interior

Now you’ll need to concentrate on the tub’s interior. With the help of a soft cloth and some baking soda, give the tub a gentle scrub.

It’s important not to rush through the process as you’ll need to perform a thorough job. First, sprinkle the baking soda into the tub and allow to sit for about 10 minutes

vi. Clean the Jets

Your toothbrush provided for this purpose will come in handy during cleaning.

The water jets tend to harbor bacteria and muck, among other debris. Have the jet nozzles gently scrubbed with your cleaning toothbrush before rinsing with the tub.

vii. Clean up Caulking Around Tub

The caulking around the tub also needs to be scrubbed clean. Again, take your time to do a thorough job, as you’ll be impressed with the final results.

viii. Clean Air Intake Cover

When cleaning your Jacuzzi jetted tub, try not leaving out the air intake cover. It’s pretty easy to clean. You must unscrew its cap and give it a good scrub using dampened baking soda.

Wipe off with a damp sponge and rinse before replacing the cover.

ix. Rinse and Dry Tub

With cleaning completed, it’s time to have the tub rinsed.

This is the last stage of cleaning and washing off any dirt and debris. After rinsing, use your microfiber cloth to wipe down the tub. This drying process helps eliminate water spots.

By following these simple steps mentioned above, you can perform a satisfactory cleanup job you’ll be proud of.

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