How do you keep deer flies away? In this guide, we’ll discuss 8 methods and products focused on how to get rid of deer flies. Learn more.

Deer flies are usually active during the day and are mostly found in wooded and wetland environments. In terms of appearance, they look so much like houseflies, although the colored eyes differentiate the two insects.

Immediately they find bare skin either from a human being or an animal, they use their mouthparts to make a cut on the skin and feed on the blood. Deer flies are a real definition of annoyance because their bites can be very painful, leaving behind horrible marks.

Supposing you have a deer fly infestation in your house and you are looking for how to get rid of it, then you need to continue reading this article.

We have a comprehensive list that will help you eliminate deer flies from your environment.

How to Keep Deer Flies Away: 8 Extermination Tips

  1. Using Chemicals

Certain chemicals are very effective in killing deer flies, and it will be good if you try different products.

Popular chemical products that you can try when treating the area include;

  • Organochlorines (lindane, methoxychlor)
  • Pyrethroids (cypermethrin, tetramethrin, s-bio allethrin, sumithrin, fenvalerate, permethrin)
  • Organophosphates (coumaphos, tetrachlorvinphos, dichlorvos, malathion)

When you use any of these three products, spray on areas like walls, rafters, ceilings, etc. If you intend spraying these chemicals on your barn, first remove your livestock.

Also, ensure you keep the chemical products away from farm equipment.

  1. Using Homemade Repellent

If you are not comfortable with using chemical products to eliminate deer flies in your compound, another option to consider is a homemade repellent. An insect repellent is among the simplest natural remedies for getting rid of deer flies from your environment.

Before you produce a homemade repellent, you’ll need ingredients like vodka, water, lemongrass essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, and a spray bottle. In terms of quantity, you will need;

  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 30 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • 6 ounces of water
  • 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and
  • 8 ounces spray bottle.

Procedure: First, mix vodka with the essential oils and shake properly in a bottle. The next step is to add water to the mixture you have already. Once again, shake the bottle. Note: you can replace vodka with witch hazel and vinegar.

Ensure you mix all the ingredients before you add water unless you do not want the oils to blend properly with the water.

Before you go outside your compound, spray the mixture on any exposed part you find.

In other words, if you notice any exposed section in your garden, it is better to make a repellent spray and get rid of insects like deer flies, houseflies, etc.

  1. Use A Hat trap

Another way to rid of deer flies is by using a hat trap.  When you wear a hat trap, you do not only prevent deer flies from coming into your environment, you also trap them when they eventually get in.

This product (hat trap) is one of the best methods to eliminate deer flies from homes. There is no need for a lot of materials, just like the repellent in number two. You only need two items which are sticky insect barrier and a blue baseball cap.

Also, this trap can be prepared in less than five minutes.

Procedure: Get a blue baseball cap and cover its surface with the other item (sticky insect barrier). The insect barrier is sticky, so immediately deer flies get stuck; they would not be able to move. You can also use this trap at the base of trees to prevent the flies from swarming on them.

  1. Purchase Other Traps

Non-toxic traps perform well enough in areas with lots of people, plants, or livestock.

Below are some effective trap and bait options against deer flies:

  • Flypaper: This product contains a gum that draws and traps deer flies.
  • Light traps: The light on this product is specially designed to attract deer flies or other kinds of insects. Immediately deer flies sit on the light, they are either trapped or eliminated.
  1. Use Protective Mesh for Animals

If you have livestock in your environment, you would know that deer flies like to feed on animal blood. Well, another method to get rid of deer flies is with the use of protective mesh.

A protective mesh will not only safeguard your animals but will also prevent deer flies from coming in. You’ll see many kinds of mesh in the market. Also, you can set up protective nets around sites where your animals reside.

It should be noted that pets and other animals are more likely to contract diseases from deer flies and other pests. Therefore, make attempts to keep your pet house clean and keep them away from dirt.

Also, do not forget to properly dispose of animal waste all the time.

  1. Burn Lamps and Citronella Candles

The scent from the citrus can ward off different species of insects including deer flies. Engaging this method regularly will also ensure your pool area smell nice.

You can purchase lamps and citronella candles from grocery stores. In many situations, the candles are used for leisure purposes. However, they can also be used in eliminating deer flies.

It is either you use lamps or you burn the candles around the pool area. Also, you can try this on the porch, balcony, or the sitting spaces in your garden.

You should know that even if deer flies manage to enter your environment, they would find it really difficult to attack due to the citrus scent.

  1. Make Sure Your Pool Area is Clean

Virtually all flies are drawn to dirt and trash. Many of us do not remember to clean our pools after a party. This act alone can attract insects such as horse flies, houseflies, and deer flies.

Leaving trash floating in your pool for two to three hours will attract insects like deer flies. So, do not forget to dispose of leftover food as well. Also, remember to cover your pool after cleaning it.

This is one of the most effective home remedies to eliminate deer flies, especially if you have a pool or pond in your house.

  1. Cut Weeds and Tall Grasses

Deer flies find appropriate breeding grounds in tall grasses and weeds. Many insects also use these same weeds or tall grasses as hiding spots. Cutting tall grasses and weeds is one of the best ways to eliminate deer flies because you end up removing their breeding grounds.

Also, clear areas in your garden where you notice ditches. Ensure you trim your garden and keep it clean consistently.

Now that you have learned how to get rid of deer flies, let us discuss why deer flies can be dangerous to humans and animals.

Why Should You Exterminate Deer Flies?

Deer flies have sharp mouth parts that enable them to suck blood from the body of man and animals. For humans, their bites can be very annoying and painful. Also, such bites are followed by swelling and redness.

Although there are no severe side effects, you might scratch for a long period after the bite, and these can predispose to secondary bacterial infections.

Individuals with allergies need to be extremely cautious especially during summer. Deer fly bites introduce anticoagulant compounds that cause severe issues in individuals with related allergies.

This allergic reaction may be characterized by symptoms such as wheezing, weakness, swelling of the face, nausea, and many more. Deer flies are recognized hosts of tularaemia which is a filarial parasite that causes Loiasis.

In summary, these flies do not only perch on livestock, cutting into their skin to draw blood; but are also very tough to control. Well, with the options listed above, you should be able to get rid of deer flies in your house, farms, ponds or pools.

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