Are you interested in eliminating these species, here is how to get rid of hornets completely.

In this guide, we will discuss natural ways to exterminate these insect species without getting hurt.

Hornet Extermination Options

Hornets are pollinators, which makes them an essential contributor to the functioning of the ecosystem. They also help get rid of some agricultural pests; for instance, they feed on aphids that destroy the plant.

Another interesting fact is that hornets are responsible for the production of a popular energy drink in Japan. In the same way that honey bees produce honey, so also hornets produce a liquid substance called Vespa amino acid mixtures (VAAM). VAAM is secreted by the insect’s larvae, and this secretion is what gives the hornet’s workers energy.

So the Japanese decided that that secretion is also capable of giving them strength.

Also, hornets are special delicacies that are eaten raw or deep-fried by some Japanese, especially those who live in mountain villages. The insects’ larvae are considered a good source of protein.

While hornets will not attack unless they feel threatened, when a colony is residing somewhere around your environment, believe me, there is no telling who or what will threaten them. Anyone might just step on their toes unknowingly.

Their sting is potentially dangerous for someone who is allergic to hornet’s bite; it results in more than just pain, it will cause such person severe itches all over the body, breathing difficulty, and shock.

Therefore, by all means, immediate action must be taken once any hornet is seen around. These insects are social insects, so one hornet lurking around means a colony somewhere close by.

How To Get Rid Of Hornets Naturally

A single colony of hornets nesting on your tree in your yard means trouble. An average colony consists of about 700 workers; you don’t want to think about the statistics.

What you should do is act fast, get rid of the pest either by seeking professional help or taking the DIY route.

To get rid of hornets the DIY way, you can either choose the;

  • Physical methods
  • Traditional methods

Physical Methods of Hornet Control

This method involves you removing the pest from your environment physically. Physically removing this pest is dangerous, so you must always wear your protective gear before carrying out the removal of the pest- you don’t want to mess with hornets

The ways to physically remove hornets from your environment includes;


  • Baiting and Trapping Hornets

Trapping hornets is one of the safest physical methods of this insect removal. When you bait the insect, you don’t have to be physically there, which eliminates the dangers of being stung. Just set your trap and leave. The types of trap to be used against the insects are;

Soda Bottle trap; You can create a trap by using a soda bottle or getting any 2ltrs plastic bottle. First, cut off the cap from the neck of the bottle. And then place the upturned bottleneck into the opening of the other cut part of the container, to make it sit like a funnel—Tape the connection- the neck and the rest of the bottle- with duct tape.

You can fill the bottle with sweet soda, sugar, fruit juice, pieces of meat, etc. After this, you can hang it or screw the bottle into the wood.

Wiping the edges of the bottle with cooking oil will ensure that the insects fall into the trap since they will not be able to stand of the bottle.

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap; When you get your clean bowl, pour the apple cider vinegar into it. Add 2 cups of sugar into the bowl. Stir the mixture continuously until the sugar is dissolved. This combination is sweet enough to attract hornets.

The idea is to make use of anything sweet enough to attract hornets; for instance, a sugary soda will also do the trick.

In the bowl of the apple cider vinegar and sugar, add 1/2 cup of liquid dish soap. Stir the mixture carefully to prevent bubbles.

Pour the mixture into a plastic soda bottle whose neck has been cut off and upturned into the remaining part of the bottle to sit on it like a funnel. Hang this around the hornet’s nest

To exterminate the insect, you can empty the trap into a pot of boiling water or into a bag where you put them into the freezer.

Commercial Lure Trap – You can get this trap from your local store or online. All you need is to place it in a strategic location around their nest. But you have to make sure you place the trap far away from your property and make sure you hang it probably on a tree

You also have to check your traps every few days to get rid of trapped hornets. The best user method is following the instruction on the product.

Solar Trap; This is a more advanced form of trapping that saves a lot of stress and energy. Solar traps use solar-charged light to attract insects to their brightness. So hornets are trapped into the intensity of the sun and killed immediately.


  • Vacuuming Hornet

This is another way of getting rid of the insect, but you have to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is functioning properly. You also have to wear a protective suit that covers every part of your body to prevent you from being stung.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner to eliminate hornets, select the one that has a removable bag.

You should keep a distance and stretch your vacuum to leave some inches away from the hornets, and then turn on the vacuum. When you are satisfied that you have to suck up a colony, get about 30mls of cornstarch- this will disable them.

Open the canister, remove and tape the bag. Before throwing the bag away, you can put it in a freezer overnight, just to ensure that they are dead.


  • Eliminating the Nest

You can get rid of the pest around your yard by removing their nest. This method is handy, but it comes with a lot of risks, so you ensure that your protective gear provides 100% protection. Getting rid of hornet nests is best done at night when they are inactive.

Take your time to watch the behavior of the insects for some days, say two days. This way, you will be sure of the main entrance into the nest.

After this, you can pour a bowl of boiling water onto the main entrance of the nest. You should use a hose or spray for effectiveness.

After you’ve done this, you can use caulk or soil to fill the holes.

Traditional Hornet Removal Methods

This is the use of some homemade products or pesticides to get rid of hornets.

It is not as dangerous as trying to eradicate the pest physically, but it is essential that you also put on your protective gear because there’s no telling how the insects will perceive your presence.

You can prepare some homemade spray, or you can make use of chemical pesticides- insecticides.


  • Homemade Hornet Spray

To make a spray, you need the following:

  • An empty spray bottle
  • Peppermint oil (White vinegar can be used alternatively)
  • Water (1 cup)

All you need to do is get an empty bottle spray, add your water into it and add your peppermint oil also. Shake the solution properly, and your peppermint oil spray is ready to be used.

Hornets and wasps don’t like the odor of peppermint oil, so this will send them away as soon as they perceive the scent. Spray it all over the area where you notice the infestation of hornets.

You can also make a homemade spray with white vinegar  this is super effective.


  • Insecticides

You can get a hornet and wasp insecticide from your local store, and you can also get it online. Follow the user’s manual and make use of it as directed to avoid contamination.

Insecticides are more effective when used in an enclosed place.

You must take note of the following before you spray the hornets or their nest;

  • Wear your protective gear and ensure that can protect you from head to toe to avoid being stung
  • Make sure you spray around the nest. Maintain about 15-20 ft away from hornets’ nest
  • Make sure that you don’t spray against the wind
  • Spray the hornet at the time when they are less active. The best time to spray is at dawn or dusk.


The best method of eradicating hornets is to ensure that they never got in your yard in the first place.  During the winter, these insects will go about seeking shelter in warmer areas. So one way to send an unwelcoming message to them is to;

  • Keep your environment clean and inhospitable for hornets.
  • Ensure that you dispose of your bin and trash cans regularly. Also, make sure that they are tidy always
  • Seal up every hole or gap in the roof. Also, apply insect mesh over your air bricks and vents.
  • Keep your garden trimmed and tidy
  • Plant herbs like peppermint to repel the insect- hornets detest the smell of peppermint.

Getting rid of hornets should not be a difficult task. With the methods discussed above, you can protect your home, yard, and gardens from infestation by these pest species.

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