Industrial Cleaning Supplies List – Products And Equipment

Here, an overview of the general industrial cleaning supplies which are needed will be considered.

Factory cleaning is highly specialized and includes the use of specialized equipment.

Now, the term industrial is quite wide as there are different types of industries. The cleaning requirements may differ from one industry to the other.

Industrial Cleaning Supply Categories

Cleaning products for industrial cleaning are provided under a long list of categories. These categories include adhesives, all-purpose cleaners & degreasers, automobile care products, and bathroom cleaners.

Others include carpet care products, bleach, dishwashing detergents, and cleansers.

There are also rinse-aids, dishwashing pre-soak, dishwashing detergents, drain openers, dust mop treatment, electronics cleaners, floor maintenance chemicals, furniture polish, and glass cleaners.

Other industrial cleaning products include wood cleaners, glassware cleaners, kitchen cleaners, lime removers, lubricants, oils & greases, oven/grill cleaners, paint & graffiti removers, specialty cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaners.

  • All-Purpose Cleaners and Degreasers

There are lots of cleaning products under this category.

These include 3M 7H Food Service Degreaser Concentrate, 3M 2L Heavy-Duty Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, 3M 8L General Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, and Misty ASPIRE Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cleaner.

Others are General Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, Misty Solvent Degreasers, Misty All-Purpose Cleaners, Misty Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner, Misty Super Reprosolve Industrial Detergent Degreaser, Hard Surface Cleaner, and Industrial Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Vinegar.

  • Carpet Care Products

Some great products for carpet care include 3M Soil Retarding Carpet Shampoo Concentrate, 3M 28H Scotchgard Pre-Treatment Cleaner Concentrate, 3M 1026C Scotchgard OXY Carpet-Fabric Spot & Stain Remover, Misty Redi-Steam Carpet Cleaner, and General Purpose Spotters.

  • Cleansers

A wide variety of cleaners are also used for industrial cleaning. Products include Ajax Soft Cleanser Powder, 3M Ready-to-Use Crème Cleansers, Dial Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser, Dial Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach Cleanser, Comet Crème Disinfectant Cleansers, and Procter Gamble Comet Scour Powder Cleanser with Bleach.

  • Bleach

Bleach is among the basic industrial cleaning supplies. Products include Austin’s 101 Regular Liquid Bleach, Austin’s A1 Disinfecting Liquid Bleach, and Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray. Others include Clorox Ultra Clorox Liquid Bleach, Clorox Ultra Clorox Germicidal Bleach, and Clorox Bleach Pen, etc.

  • Bathroom Cleansers

Cleaning bathrooms on an industrial scale requires the use of reliable supplies. Some of the best products include 3M Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate, 3M 52L Tile Grout, and Bowl Cleaner Concentrate, 3M Ready-to-Use Crème Cleansers, and Misty NAB Nonacid Bathroom Cleaner.

  • Dishwashing Pre-Soak

Products under this category include the Anderson Integra SurFlex Silverware Presoak. This product is designed to be used for industrial presoaking of utensils.

  • Disinfectants

The different types of disinfectant products include 3M 5L Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, 3M 23L Neutral Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, Misty Dual Action Disinfectant, Misty Disinfectant Foam Cleansers, Misty Altrasan Air Sanitizer Deodorizer Foggers, and Big D Pheno D Disinfectant Deodorizer Spray.

  • Drain Openers

Cleaning supplies include Heavy-Duty Clog Remover, Misty Halt Liquid Drain Opener, Clorox Liquid-Plumr Heavy-Duty Clog Remover, and Drano D Clog Remover. Others are Liquid ALIVE Enzyme Producing Bacteria, AIRX RX32 Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener Gallons, and TrueKleen CLOG BUSTER Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener.

  • Dust Mop Treatment

Products here include Misty Crystal Clear Dust Mop Treatment, Misty ASPIRE Dust Mop Treatment, and Misty Dust Mop Treatment. Additional products include System Clean Dust Mop Treatments and Conq-r Dust Dust Mop-Dust Cloth Treatment.

  • Automobile Care Products

Cleaning products include Armor All Original Protectant, Windsor Karcher Automotive Cleaner Wash, Windsor Karcher Vehicle Pre-Soak Cleaner, Windsor Karcher Vehicle Tire, and Wheel Rim Cleaner, Windsor Karcher Vehicle Wash and Wax Detergent as well as Windsor Karcher Vehicle Wash and Wax Detergent 55 Gallon Drum.

  • Wood Cleaners

Industrial wood cleaning products include Murphy Oil Soap. This product effectively cleans wood and laminate surfaces. Plus, it leaves no dulling residues behind.

  • Glassware Cleaners

Products in this category include Optfill Dispensing System Glass Cleaner. There are several variants of this product. It’s effective in cleaning a wide variety of industrial glassware.

  • Furniture Polish

There are tons of products for polishing furniture surfaces. Some of them include Misty ASPIRE Furniture Cleaner & Polish, Misty Lemon Oil Polish, Misty Furniture Polish, and Misty Furniture Polish for Wood. Others are Lemon Oil Furniture Polish Wipes, Pledge Furniture Polish, and Pledge Multi-Surface Clean & Dust Wipes.

More products include Scrubs Furniture Polish Wipes, Ecolab Professional Endust, Ecolab Professional Behold, Life O’ Wood Multi-Surface Furniture Cleaner Polish, and Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Polish.

  • Glass Cleaners

Some of the top industrial glass cleaners include 3M Glass Cleaner Concentrate, 3M Glass Cleaner, 3M 20L Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner Concentrate, 3M 1Qt Glass Cleaner Protector, and Misty Glass & Mirror Cleaner with Ammonia.

  • Electronic Cleaners

For electronic cleaning, you’ll be needing any of the following products; Windex Electronics Dry Cloths, Windex Electronics Wipes, Ecolab Endust for Electronics Cleaner, Windex Electronics Spray, or Pledge Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

  • Kitchen Cleaners

For industrial kitchen cleaning, the following products will prove useful; Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner, Fabuloso Commercial Strength Wipes, Easy Paks Neutral Cleaner, Diversey Spitfire Graffiti Remover, Diversey SPEEDBALL 2000 Power Cleaner Degreaser, and Life O’ Wood Multi-Surface Furniture Cleaner Polish.

  • Lime Removers

Different cleaning products are found in this category. Some of the best ones include Simple Green Lime Scale Removers, Windsor Karcher Coil Descaler, and Windsor Karcher Pump Coil Protectant.

  • Oven/Grill Cleaners

There are varieties of oven and grill cleaning products. Some of these include 3M Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle Liquid, Misty Oven & Grill Cleaner as well as Oven Grill Cleaner Gallon Bottle. Others include Mr. Muscle Oven & Grill Cleaner, Optfill Dispensing system, and Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner.

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Cleaning products include 3M Ready-to-Use Crème Cleaners, Misty Bolex Bowl Cleaner, Kaboom Foam-Tastic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Arm Hammer SNOBOL Toilet Bowl Cleaner. More cleaning supplies include Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner for Tough Stains and Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

These are industrial cleaning supplies you can use for a variety of heavy-duty commercial cleaning. We’ve only mentioned a few of several products under each category. You only need to choose these based on the type of cleaning you need to perform.

Also, a lot of these products come in the form of concentrates which need to be diluted to the desired strength and impact industrial cleaning costs.

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