Cleaning services are mostly divided into three types; residential, commercial, and industrial.

The industrial type of cleaning tends to be more specialized. It requires a significant level of specialization in a particular type of cleaning to have satisfied clients.

So, how much does it cost?

Industrial Cleaning Service Prices

Industrial cleaning is typically the costliest of the three. This is understandable because it’s most detailed and may require additional expertise than basic cleaning job types such as for residential.

Industrial cleaning is sometimes classified under commercial cleaning.

Here, you’ll find information regarding all of that and what it takes. By the end, you should have a deeper understanding of the process.

Industrial Cleaning Prices Are Determined by Cleaning Type

Industrial cleaning can be performed at different levels depending on what’s being cleaned. It could include the cleanup of machinery, surfaces, storage facilities, and a lot of other areas.

It also depends on the type of industrial setup among others.

Cleaning types include sandblasting, manual cleaning, in situ cleanings, as well as high-pressure spray cleaning. Other types of industrial cleaning are foam cleaning and immersion cleaning.

Here, different approaches used will determine how much cleaning cost is incurred.

i. Sandblasting

This type of cleaning is suitable for certain types of surfaces as well as machinery.

The working principle is simple; sand is being blasted at high pressure onto the surface to exfoliate or dislodge stubborn debris and dirt.

Industrial cleaning costs through sandblasting range between $3,000 and $7,500. The national average is around $5,500 with a base or minimum fee of around $1,500.

Costs can amount to as much as $24,000. When it comes to cleaning by sandblasting, you’ll need to consider the cost per square foot as well as the cost by intensity.

There’s also sandblasting cost by method, by media type, and a whole lot of other factors. When it comes to per-square-foot pricing, typical costs vary between $2 and $5 per square foot.

So, sandblasting a 2,000 sq. ft. area will cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000.

For a 3,000 sq. ft area, expect to incur around $6,000 to $15,000. Here, it’s obvious that the bigger the area is, the more you’ll pay for sandblasting.

ii. Manual Cleaning

True to its name, manual cleaning has less to do with heavy cleaning equipment. Here, most of the cleaning is being performed manually.

However, the popularity of manual cleaning in factories is waning steadily due to inefficiency. Plus, large areas need to be cleaned within an industrial setup thus making it more time-consuming.

Because it involves more labor, manual cleaning tends to be more costly. The labor fee takes up a huge proportion of the cost of cleaning.

Other contributory factors include the cleaning supplies used and the time clock on the job.

iii. In Situ Cleaning

Certain industrial systems or setups cannot be disassembled. These have to be cleared of dirt and cleaned within the same area. A specialized type of cleaning approach may be adopted or implemented.

The fee charged is determined by the level of dirt removed or the condition of the area.

iv. High-Pressure Spray Cleaning

High-pressure spray cleaning can be performed using either mobile or stationary sprayers. Certain jobs may require the use of both approaches.

High-pressure spray cleaning may be used for pipes, floors, containers, and tanks among others. So, how much does this type of cleaning cost?

Expect to pay a fee ranging from $150 for 1 to 30 square meters, about $180 for 40 square meters, and $200 for 50 square meters. What’s more, the area being targeted for cleaning will also play a role in cleaning prices.

The condition of your job will determine how much you pay in cleaning costs. Certain industrial cleaning jobs aren’t as difficult as others. You’ll expect these to be less costly.

The more the level of work to be done, the higher the cleaning costs.

v. Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning comes in handy when a surface is difficult to reach. There are many such areas within an industrial setup. However, being difficult to reach doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned.

With foam cleaning, all hard-to-reach areas are effectively cleaned by applying specially formulated detergent foams.

These are allowed to sit for a specified period to help loosen or dislodge dirt before it’s rinsed. When rinsing the foam, all such dirt goes with it. Expect a minimum cleaning cost of around $150.

Prices can climb considerably depending on the area to be treated or cleaned.

vi. Immersion Cleaning

Another industrial cleaning method we’ll be looking at is the immersion type.

This is mostly used for the cleanup of irregularly shaped pieces. The price of cleaning will be determined by the type of dirt as well as the condition of the item being cleaned.

Factors Determining Industrial Cleaning Prices

What determines industrial cleaning prices? Certain factors come to play when it comes to such. They include who’s hired for the job, the location, as well as accessibility.

There are also sizes or spaces to be covered as well as the extent of cleaning.

  • Who gets Hired for the Job?

Industrial cleaning is quite a competitive business environment. This is why you’ll find multiple service providers selling their cleaning services.

Such companies offer discounts for certain levels of cleanup jobs all aimed at attracting clients. You’ll have to weigh the different pricing structures to choose a more suitable provider.

  • Location

Certain locations tend to have higher living costs than others.

It’s expected that areas with higher living costs are likely to have higher industrial cleaning prices than those with lower costs.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is one key pricing determinant.

You’ll find cleaning prices being charged higher with increased accessibility challenges. Easy-to-reach areas aren’t so costly to clean.

  • Size or Space to be Covered

Cost per square foot cleaning is included in the pricing structures of most cleaning services. Here, the price per square foot is multiplied by the space cleaned to get the final cost.

  • Extent of Cleanup

Industrial cleaning may be routine or light, as well as heavy. As expected, heavy-duty cleanups tend to cost more than light cleaning.

Although we’ve provided some pricing details about industrial cleaning, the cost you incur will be determined by existing conditions or factors such as those mentioned above.

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