Does removing the popcorn ceiling increase home value? Is it better to remove the popcorn ceiling or cover it? Let’s find out if popcorn ceiling removal is worth it.

A ceiling is one component of a building that is as important as the others. Out of the many types of ceilings, we’re interested in discussing popcorn ceilings.

Here, our discussion centers on whether it’s worth removing or not.

Removing a popcorn ceiling isn’t based on a whim. It must have deteriorated or is in a state of disrepair. A homeowner may also decide to replace such a ceiling with a more modern design.

Whatever the case may be, it entirely depends on what your needs are.

About Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings go by several names. These include fine aggregate ceiling, stucco, acoustic, and cottage cheese ceiling. The name of this ceiling is derived from its look.

Popcorn ceilings have a texture that looks similar to popcorn pieces.

Although this type of ceiling came to prominence in the 20th century, it still maintains its appeal in many homes today. To have popcorn ceilings installed, materials used in its production include mud, stucco, or Styrofoam.

These are mixed and sprayed on the ceiling to obtain the popcorn look or texture.

Possible Reasons to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

There are several reasons why a popcorn ceiling is targeted for removal. If the previous homeowners or occupants were smokers, your popcorn ceiling will likely be discolored. This will require changing.

Also, water damage is another common reason why it should be removed.

The condition of a popcorn ceiling largely determines whether it remains or not. Some are quite messy and could even be smelly. For others, a popcorn ceiling may be out of fashion, hence the need to have something more modern.

No standard scenarios are pointing to a popcorn ceiling removal. Your reasons for the removal of this ceiling largely depend on your preferences.

In other words, you cannot be right or wrong. However, you’ll need some expert advice on how to proceed. A popcorn ceiling can be removed to help with better lighting. It could also be removed to avoid asbestos exposure.

The popcorn ceiling may be removed to prevent dust accumulation. The discoloration is another reason to have this type of ceiling removed. If there’s damage to the ceiling, then popcorn texture will need to give way.

Removal is also justified to prevent disintegration.

  • Helping With Better Lighting

The uneven or bumpy surface of popcorn ceilings has an impact on the lighting.

Basically, light bounces off of uneven surfaces, thus making the room poorly lit. This is most evident when you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere in homes with this type of ceiling.

  • Avoiding Exposure to Asbestos

What connection does asbestos have with the popcorn ceiling? More than you think!

Quite a lot of popcorn ceilings were created with asbestos until the 1970s when regulations were introduced. Being a safety hazard, asbestos exposure is possible when the ceiling has been damaged.

It’s also a safety hazard when the ceiling interior is exposed. At this point, it’s best to have a popcorn ceiling removed.

  • Preventing Dust Accumulation

If you live in dusty environments, you’ll notice that popcorn ceilings are magnets to dust.

This isn’t only limited to dusty environments. The frequent buildup of dust can be frustrating especially when you’ve dedicated a lot of time to cleaning.

  • Discoloration

Discoloration of popcorn ceiling easily affects your home’s visual appeal. Although a coat of paint might improve such a look, it isn’t a reliable solution as it only provides short-term gains.

  • Damage To Ceiling

Accidents may occur leading to holes, marks, or dents. To have these fixed, the entire ceiling will need to be redone as patching the area won’t fix the problem.

  • Preventing Disintegration

Another key reason for removing the popcorn ceiling is to help prevent its disintegration. At some point, such a ceiling serves out its lifespan. This disintegrates with white flecks seen on floors and furniture.

Here, no amount of maintenance will solve the problem.

  • Giving Way For A More Modern Feel

There’s always a shift in trend. Popcorn ceilings are no more in vogue today.

As such, homeowners having this type of ceiling may want to change to something more modern. There are tons of newer and more attractive ceiling designs today.

Is It Worth the Effort To Have A Popcorn Ceiling Removed?

At some point, the need to have a popcorn ceiling arises. Now, making a decision will involve a lot of variables.

Questions arise as to the viability of the project and what it will cost among other things. In a nutshell, you want to know if there’s a justifiable reason to proceed with removal or not.

Removing a popcorn ceiling is totally worth the effort. This is due to several reasons such as those discussed above. One of the key benefits of popcorn ceiling replacement is the improvement of a property’s resale value.

Let’s discuss this point in more detail.

  • Improving Resale Value

Every property owner will want the value of their property to increase. Now, having a popcorn ceiling removed improves the asking price of a property based on buyer expectations and preferences.

To better understand buyer expectations, it will be necessary to consider the dynamics between demand and supply.

A $200,000 home for instance that has a popcorn ceiling creates a lot of demand with no corresponding supply. Because such houses are easily sold, there’s less incentive to construct.

Now, let’s consider a 4,000 to 5,000 square foot property with a higher price of $800,000.

Such property stays longer on the market. This leads potential buyers to be hesitant as they would want such homes to be upgraded. Upgrades will include the removal of the popcorn ceiling among other things.

Some buyers may prefer going for properties at the same price range with newer amenities.

In terms of value addition, getting rid of a popcorn ceiling could add around $25,000 to $35,000 in value to a large estate executive home.

The Bottom-Line

Having a popcorn ceiling removed is absolutely worth the effort. Apart from the many reasons why it should be removed as mentioned above, you end up improving the value of your property.

So, if you’ve been hesitant about taking action, now is the time to move ahead.

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