Is Termite Warranty Worth It – Should You Renew Your Contract?

Should I get a termite protection contract? Is such a warranty worth the investment?

Also called a termite agreement or termite bond, termite contracts are designed to serve as agreements between a termite company and a customer to offer comprehensive termite control services.

Is Termite Warranty Worth It?

The contents of such contracts vary from one termite service to the next.

However, there have been doubts by some clients which have raised questions about the real worth of termite contracts.

If you’re out to find information on what termite contracts are about and the benefits offered, you’ll find all the answers right here.

Should I Renew My Termite Warranty?

This article touches on different aspects of termite contracts and how they serve the goals of all parties involved. So, are you seeking to enter into a termite contract anytime soon?

This article will help.

  • Termite Contracts and Cost

To appreciate the value of termite contracts, you’ll need to understand the level of destruction caused by termites every year.

While typical one-time treatments may range from a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand or more, contracts tend to be higher. Now, this might look like contracts are more expensive.

In reality, they’re actually cheaper. To give you a basic idea of what we’re talking about, more complex termite problems might require both treatment and repairs to damages.

These tend to be costlier to deal with and homeowners could end up paying several thousand which could run into double digits.

Termite contracts on the other hand tend to be more comprehensive yet cost much less compared to random treatments coupled with repairs.

When you get into contract details, you begin to see the benefits of random treatments.

  • All Termite Contracts Need to be Scrutinized

Most of the time, people rush into signing contracts without reading through the fine print of the contract.

During such a rush, you might unknowingly skip contract details you’re uncomfortable with. This action may lead to later regrets as your mistakes become more evident.

You also need to understand that termite contracts will vary from one termite company to the next. You need to invest a reasonable amount of time trying to understand the different contracts to know who to patronize.

Remember, your home is on the line and requires comprehensive termite protection.

  • Termite Contracts are Transferrable

One of the reasons why termite contracts are worth it is the fact that they’re mostly transferrable.

Here, a new buyer moving into the same property with an existing termite contract gets to uphold the agreement. Now, there may be dissatisfaction which could later lead to canceling the contract per the agreement.

One of the primary considerations for most homeowners is the cost of treatment and the quality of treatment.

The true cost of a termite contract largely depends on what your needs are. Contracts vary by the detail of treatment. For some, basic service contracts might be deemed enough.

However, a more comprehensive termite contract might include repairs to damage caused including treatment. Such termite bonds tend to cost more compared to basic service contracts.

Speaking of the worth of such a contract, it’s obvious to see that one offers more value than the other.

No Homeowner’s Policy Cover for Termite Damage? Termite Contracts might be your Best Bet!

As a homeowner, one of the things you need to take into account is the need to protect your prized asset.

A termite contract entered into with a termite company aims to perform scheduled inspections during the lifespan of the contract. Here, termite problems that may result during this period are treated.

A lot of times, the treatment of termites during the duration of the contract comes at no added cost to the client.

To be certain that this applies to you, consider consulting your termite service for a detailed explanation.

Termite Contracts are Worth the Cost

As stated earlier, a detailed assessment of the cost of a termite contract reveals why it’s better. On average you might an average of $3,000 for termite repairs under a termite agreement.

However, such costs may be significantly higher in the absence of a bond.

For a lot of people, the payment for a termite contract may initially seem unnecessary since no current termite problems are observed. However, the true value is noticed during the lifespan of the contract.

Plus, persons selling their homes are likely to be asked for a termite warranty by the buyer.

  • Carefully Choose Your Termite Company

Not all termite services offer the same level of service.

This is another area you need to be focused on as the reputation of the company will likely impact your outcomes. There are lots of termite companies that make a lot of promises.

However, your focus should be more on the clients.

Customer reviews give you a clear idea of what to expect from the company. You want to see an overwhelming majority of positive reviews about the company to have any real trust.

To go through customer reviews, it’s best to seek independent sources.

In other words, you need to find review sites not affiliated with the company in any way. These give the true state of things. Another way to make a better pick is by comparing multiple termite companies.

Such comparisons help identify services that are more customer-driven.

Is Termite Contract Included in Homeowner’s Insurance?

For the most part, insurance companies avoid including termite contracts as part of insurance cover due to the difficult nature of termite problems.

In other words, they understand that termite issues are more likely than not to occur more frequently.

That means a lot of financial responsibility on their part which they aren’t ready to bear. This is clearly explained in the insurance contract to allow homeowners to make their own provisions for termite control.

Here, the closest thing to home insurance coverage for termites is a termite contract entered into with termite companies.

Can I Avoid Termite Contracts Without a Problem?

Some people might be turned on by the idea of avoiding termite contracts.

While people may have their own preferences, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re likely to pay much higher for termite control than they would if they had contracts.

Termite contracts are worth it as seen above. These offer a lot of benefits. However, you’ll need to carefully choose your termite company and also understand contract details.

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