How Much Does Microwave Termite Treatment Cost?

Here is how much microwave termite treatment cost.

Termite treatments come in a variety of forms all aimed at prevention and elimination. Popular treatment methods include bait systems, chemical treatments, barrier control, fumigation, and micro treatments.

The cost of a microwave termite treatment is what we’re most interested in.

Termite treatment cost is a vital piece of information you’ll need as part of the process. This article takes a look at the microwave technique and offers you all the cost-related information you should know about.

Based on the knowledge provided, homeowners are able to make better termite control decisions.

An Overview of Microwave Termite Treatment

This is one termite treatment technique that’s non-toxic and makes for significant improvement inconvenience for homeowners.

The microwave treatment process for termites has the same working principle as a popular kitchen appliance; the microwave oven.

Much like how food cooks from the inside out when placed in a microwave oven, so does this technology kills termites and other pests by cooking them from the inside out.

The microwave treatment approach especially comes in handy for persons seeking chemical-free treatment.

Cost of Microwave Termite Treatments

The microwave treatment strategy seeks to apply heat for the extermination of termites.

The cost of this treatment procedure depends on a number of factors which will be discussed shortly. However, the approximate treatment fee is around $1,150.

Prices can go significantly higher or lower depending on pest conditions on the ground. The cost range for microwave treatments could go from around $350 to $5,000 or higher.

So, why does microwave treatment cost vary for termites? Well, cost fluctuations aren’t restricted to the microwave method alone.

You’ll experience the same fluctuations with other treatments due to certain factors. As earlier stated, not all termite jobs are similar.

Factors Affecting Microwave Termite Treatment Costs

The cost of microwave termite treatment usually fluctuates for a number of reasons.

These reasons include the size or severity of the infestation, your location, the type of contract entered into, and the size of your house. Also, the company hired will play a role in determining the cost of treatment.

i. Size or Severity of Infestation

When it comes to the microwave treatment, the extent of termite infestation will determine how extensive the treatment will be.

As mentioned earlier, the microwave technique involves the application of heat to affected areas to kill off these pests. So, wider sections will require more time and energy to cover.

Microwave treatments aren’t ideal for all termite jobs. The pest technician will have to inspect the area for termites to determine what’s best for the job.

Of course, a severe or full-blown termite infestation will attract higher treatment fees when using the microwave technique or any other.

ii. Your Location

Where’s your location or job site?

Termite control companies take this into consideration when working up a price quote. Here, fuel costs and travel fees are included which in turn impact the overall price or quote issued.

For better understanding, consider locations out of town and those within the same town.

Termite jobs that are out of town will require termite companies to move equipment and supplies back and forth. This is unlike jobs performed within close commute which is typically the coverage area for most pest companies.

Another aspect of location and how it impacts the cost of microwave termite treatment is the city or state you live in. Certain cities, especially major ones tend to have or attract higher living costs compared to smaller cities or towns.

Here, you might end up paying more for microwave termite treatments when living in larger cities than you would in a smaller town.

iii. Type of Contract Entered Into

If you have an existing termite contract, multiple things might be involved. First off, most contracts offer general termite maintenance which involves scheduled inspections and possible treatments.

Other contract types are more comprehensive as they include inspection, treatments, and damage repairs.

For the more comprehensive type of treatment, you’re likely to attract higher fees than basic contract types. Also, a contract doesn’t automatically determine what treatment technique will be used.

In other words, other treatment strategies apart from microwave treatments might be adopted.

In a nutshell, the technician decides what methods to use for a termite problem based on existing conditions. The details of the contract specify the number of visits to be made and contract costs are charged upfront.

iv. Size of your Home

Most termite treatment techniques adopt similar pricing strategies.

Here, treatment costs may be measured per square foot. The cost by size is one aspect that’s common with the pricing structures of most termite companies. For example, the cost per square foot may range from $5 to $9 or higher.

Based on this pricing strategy, larger homes will typically attract higher costs as the cost per square foot is multiplied by the size of the home to arrive at eventual costs.

Such costs will mostly include labor. It’s logical to also expect smaller homes to attract lower treatment costs.

v. The Company Hired

There are lots of pest control companies servicing different cities.

While some of these have a nationwide presence, others are only regional or restricted to a city or town. However, the reach of a pest control company doesn’t necessarily translate to the quality of service provided.

The pest control industry is one that’s highly competitive with lots of players. As a homeowner, you want to be careful who you hire for the job. First off, the reputation of the company matters.

Also, you want to get the best possible deal you can find.

Compare rates between multiple pest control services to find one that offers the best possible deal.

Other tips for hiring the best service provider include asking about the types of pest control tools used, checking previous customer references and reviews, and finding out about the company’s pest control experience.

Does the company offer schedule follow-up visits? Is the company licensed and insured? What is its track record on safety? You’ll have to make your own independent findings online before you even contact the company.

This way, you have a better idea of who you’re hiring.

Microwave termite treatment costs have been covered with additional details bordering on cost-influencing factors provided. You’ll have to find a suitable service provider to get detailed information on what the treatment includes.

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