Do mold bombs really work? In this guide, we will be looking at their uses, application, as well as the best machines to buy.

Every homeowner would love to keep his or her property free from mold by all means.

This is because mold is very dangerous, as it has been proven to cause allergies, alleviate breathing problems, and weaken the immune system.

According to research, about 33% of the homes in the United States are affected by mold growth. Some experts assume the figure is actually larger.

Mold Removal Fogger: Benefits, Usage, Best Machine & Products

Whatever the case, the good news is, there are many approaches you can employ to remove mold from your home, and one of such approaches is the use of mold bomb foggers.

Do mold foggers work?

Keep reading this article, as we will be discussing all you need to know about mold bomb foggers and how they can work for you during mold removal.

What Is A Mold Bomb Fogger?

Mold bomb foggers come in two forms –

  • The types that shoot out fog from an aerosol can
  • The type that shoots out the fog from a small machine

They are both contained with chemicals that kill bacteria, viruses, spores, and mold from surface areas and the air. Some types of foggers have deodorizing properties, as they do not only kill the mold, they also get rid of its musty odor.

Why Use A Mold Bomb Fogger?

How effective is fogging for mold remediation? Yes. This procedure works well.

There are many advantages of using mold foggers to kill mold. Other mold removal methods are indeed effective, but foggers have their special advantages.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using a mold bomb fogger for mold removal.

  1. It kills mold spores

The moment a mold colony starts to grow on any surface, it will begin releasing spores into the air. These spores now look for other suitable environments where they can settle and start a new colony.

This means that mold spores are practically everywhere, and getting rid of airborne mold spores cannot be done using cleaning materials like bleach or vinegar.

However, mold bomb foggers can do the trick with ease. The chemicals contained in the fogs can kill both surface mold and airborne spores in an instant. This reduces their population and stops them from spreading any further.

You would agree that the fogger’s ability to kill airborne spores makes it a more effective solution than other cleaning agents.

  1. It can kill hidden mold

Cleaning visible surface mold is very easy, but getting the ones that are lodged deep in cracks, crevices, and other tight corners can be a real headache.

Remember, cleaning only surface mold doesn’t mean you’ve eliminated the mold problem in its entirety. As long as there is still some mold lodged in hidden spaces, then the colony will grow again.

Thanks to mold bomb foggers, mold that is concealed even in the tightest corners will not escape. This is because gas can reach anywhere, and go as deep as it needs to go.

  1. It can prevent future mold growth

Cleaning mold is one thing, preventing them from coming back is something else. We assume you don’t want to deal with mold twice, which is why taking preventive measures is advised.

The good news is, you can use mold foggers to prevent mold growth. All you need to do is spray the fogger occasionally around areas that are potential mold-breeding spots.

Application of the fogger now and then means that the invisible flying spores will be dead before they can even find a place to settle.

  1. It can sanitize and disinfect areas

Another applaudable advantage of using mold foggers is that the chemicals contained in them can kill 99% of all viruses and bacteria known to man.

These include –

  • Herpes
  • H1N1 influenza
  • HIV

Add this to its ability to kill mold and airborne spores, and you will agree that this is a handy item to have at home in your quest for mold removal and prevention.

How To Use Mold Foggers The Right Way

We have mentioned earlier that mold bomb foggers can be applied using either aerosol cans or small fogging machines.

Whichever approach you choose, make sure that you are well protected before you fog. Let’s not forget that foggers contain chemicals that should not be inhaled by adults, children, and pets.

This means you have to use the fogger responsibly.

Ensure that you put on the necessary gear before you fog. In this case, a gas mask would be ideal. It protects your eyes, nose, and mouth from coming in contact with the chemicals in the fogger.

If you don’t have one, then you can buy from a home improvement store.

Now let us take a closer look at how each method of application works.

Using Aerosol Cans

If you prefer to use aerosols for fogging, then follow the steps below.

Step one

Check the can to see just how far and wide the content can fog. This information should be clearly stated on the pack, as this would let you know if the content of the can is enough to fog the area you plan to disinfest.

If the content is not enough to effectively fog the area in question, then you should get a second can.

Step two

Now place the aerosol can in the middle of the room and move away from any obstructions. Now close all the windows so that the content doesn’t go outside.

You should also cover all the sensitive items in the room before fogging.

Remember, bomb foggers are packed with harmful chemicals, so ensure that kids and pets are not in the room before you begin fogging.

Step three

Read the instructions on the can and set it off exactly as you are directed.

You will have a few seconds to vacate the room before the fogger goes off, but still ensure that you have your mask on, just in case.

When you exit the room, shut the door and allow the fogger to work for about 60 minutes before returning.

Step four

After the waiting time has elapsed, you can go back into the room and open the windows to allow some fresh air to come in.

Step five

Properly dispose of the can then use a clean cloth and detergent to wipe down the surfaces where the mold has infested.

By this time, the fogger would have loosened them off the surface, so all you need is a thorough wipe.

Be sure you have a pair of rubber gloves on before you begin cleaning. Mold can cause rashes if it makes contact with human skin.

Using A Mold Fogger Machine

When dealing with a more serious mold infestation, then a fogging machine would do more good than an aerosol can.

You can either buy a fogging machine or rent one from a home improvement store. Although it is always better to buy since it’s a device you will use for as long as you live in a house.

Here’s how to use the fogging machine.

Step one

Place the machine in the middle of the mold-infested room, then shut the windows. Don’t forget to remove any obstructive objects that may be in the way. Also, ensure that there are no kids or pets in the room that is about to be bombed.

Step two

Pour the mold control liquid into the machine’s tank and adjust the settings to your preferences. These settings include the timer and the density of the fog.

Step three

When you are sure there is no one else in the room, you can start the machine then leave the room. Take a quick look to see if the windows are closed before you leave.

Step four

Turn off the machine after the fogging has been completed, then wait for 30 to 40 minutes for the fog to completely disappear.

Turn on the fans and open the windows as soon as the fog is gone. Some fresh air will help return the room atmosphere to its former state.

What To Do After Mold Fogging?

Completing a fogging session doesn’t mean all the work has been done. The mold and its spores are indeed dead, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe yet.

This is because dead mold spores are just as dangerous as living spores. So when the fogger kills the spores, they fall dead on the floor, but they are still there.

You will need to do some extra work, and that’s to remove the dead spores from the floor.

Commercial And Homemade Mold Fogger

As far as mold foggers are concerned, you should forget about homemade versions and buy a commercial fogger.

Remember, you’re trying to kill flying mold spores, and the mechanism you need to deliver the blast can only be made by professionals.

Also, the chemical compositions needed to make an effective fogger aren’t something we assume you have a thorough knowledge of.

Commercial options are the best!

Here is a guide discussing mold foggers for crawl space.


There you have it guys, all you need to know about mold bomb foggers. Remember to always follow the instructions on the package and practice safe usage.

Make sure kids and pets are out of the room before you begin fogging.

Take care!

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