We’ll be looking at the application, dimensions, and customization of outside mount chimney caps.

Chimneys require a varied array of accessories to function effectively. Although the chimney cap doesn’t come standard with a chimney, it’s indispensable to the smooth functioning of the chimney.

Other chimney parts of the chimney include the flue, chimney liner, and flashing.

Other components include the chimney crown, smoke chamber, and damper. However, that’s as far as we’ll go as we won’t be getting into details about these other parts.

We will discuss the chimney cap here, focusing on the outside mount type.

What Is An Outside Mount Chimney Cap?

The name reveals that it’s one of many types of chimney caps.

What remains is a detailed definition of how it functions and fits. The outside mount chimney cap is designed so that it fits snugly over the top of the chimney. It sits similarly to the lid of a shoebox.

This type of chimney cap is called an outside mount because that’s what it is. It’s designed with a metal skirt that attaches to the side of the chimney. Not every external mount chimney cap comes with a metal skirt.

There are those having an adjustable band.

These adjustable bands are designed to fit around the chimney and tighten at the corners. You’ll need to pick between outside mount chimney caps with elastic bands and those having a metal skirt.

It’s all a matter of choice as both types serve the same purpose.

  • Will Outside Chimney Caps Serve All Chimney Types?

Understanding outside chimney caps and their applicability is crucial. Being outside-mounted, they fit a variety of chimneys as they protect them from water.

However, not all flue types are best served with these types of caps.

Some flues are air-cooled. In other words, they possess concentric pipes with air flowing between them. Now, only a similar chimney cap will be effective for such chimney flues.

These are called air-cooled chimney caps.

  • Are Outside Mount Chimney Caps Applicable to Single and Multi-Flue Chimneys?

Homeowners with chimneys installed on their property are likely to know about single and multi-flue chimneys.

These come in varying sizes. So, the question is, will outside mount chimney caps fit such chimneys? It absolutely will. These caps are designed to fit in easily.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using chimney caps with a metal skirt or those with bands around them. Both types will work just fine.

  • How Does Fuel Type Affect Outside Mount Chimney Caps?

There have been many speculations surrounding the effect of fuel type on outside mount chimney caps.

Outside mount caps are mostly made of either steel or aluminum. Those made of stainless steel band round tend to work smoothly irrespective of the fuel type burned.

You cannot say the same for aluminum band-around. These types are affected by wood and oil fuels. However, you’ll need to discuss with your chimney sweep the best product to get for your chimney.

The chimney sweep you hire must be reputable.

Taking Dimensions

If you wish to have an outside mount cap installed on your chimney, you’ll have to take its exact dimensions. This isn’t a haphazard process as you must adequately do it.

To begin, you’ll need to write down the longest side followed by the length of the other three sides.

Such measurement should move clockwise rather than anticlockwise. Next, the height measurements should follow. This is done systematically too.

You’ll need to get the height from the top row of bricks to the tip of the tallest flue. With this done, you’ll need to move to the lid measurements.

Outside mount chimney cap lids can take any pitch angle.

Such angles may vary from 14 degrees to about 45 degrees. You may also wish to follow the conventional style adopted by many homeowners who match their roof’s pitch with the outside mount chimney cap.

  • What’s best?

Still, it’s crucial to consider snow conditions and how you can shed best such on the ideal pitch angle for an outside mount chimney cap.

Here, the pitch angle becomes essential.  A pitch of about 10/12 to 12/12 will be ideal for shedding snow.

This is primarily the case for areas with significant snowfall.

Finish and Metal Options

A lot of outside mount chimney caps are custom-made.

Here, homeowners get to choose their most preferred material and the finishing. If you’re wondering what these are, options include copper, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Most traditional chimney caps are made of either stainless steel or copper metals. If you wish to have your outside mount chimney cap made of stainless steel but prefer a different color, you can still make it.

The exterior can be painted either black or brown based on your choice. Other color variants may exist too. It all depends on your needs or preferences.

These are primarily stainless steel or aluminum materials for band-around chimney caps.

How Do Chimney Cap Materials Measure in Terms of Quality?

We mentioned the different metals used in making outside mount chimney caps, including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. In terms of quality, both copper and stainless steel easily trumps aluminum.

This is seen in outside mount chimney caps made of copper and stainless steel.

Both types have lifetime warranties. This is impressive because you won’t have to be worried about the condition of your chimney cap. Once installed, it serves for life.

What Best Fits Your Needs?

Based on the points discussed above, it’s clear that outside chimney caps serve an essential function as they’re pretty versatile. Also, you’re left with the option of choosing based on the fact that these are custom-made.

Apart from the points provided here, you may need the help of a chimney sweep in making the right pick. A professional chimney sweep will be glad to help out.

We’ve been discussing outside mount chimney caps so far. The points highlighted the key benefits of these caps in terms of materials used and how they fit.

Using the guide provided above for construction, you have to take the correct dimensions.

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