Mosquito traps come in various forms and designs. These are all built to achieve one thing; to catch mosquitoes.

There are more options than you can think of when it comes to getting the right product. Although this is good, it’s necessary to narrow down your pick to the most reliable and efficient mosquito catchers.

Here, we’ve helped out with that. We have included some of the best mosquito traps and briefly included their basic characteristics. Our list should help you make the right decision.

Are you ready? We are! Let’s begin as follows.

Types of Mosquito Traps

Various types of mosquito catchers or traps exist.

These range from the more complex and sophisticated to the most basic such as homemade traps. The different types include heat and light mosquito traps, carbon dioxide mosquito traps, and homemade mosquito traps.

  • Heat and Light Mosquito Traps

You may have come across or seen these types of mosquito traps.

They work by imitating conditions such as body heat temperature while their UV and infrared lights serve to attract mosquitoes. Now, these conditions are irresistible to mosquitoes as they flock in for a feast unbeknownst to them that danger waits.

Not all lights attract mosquitoes. UV and infrared lights contain or possess frequencies that mosquitoes are sensitive to. When they finally come it contact, they get zapped and drop dead.

These types of mosquito traps are widely used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

Respiration is an activity that begins from the day you’re conceived, given birth to, and only stops when you die. Now, part of this process involves inhaling (oxygen) and exhaling (carbon dioxide).

Mosquitoes are attracted to the latter.

Based on this fact, some mosquito catchers are designed to use carbon dioxide as bait.

Propane-fuelled traps convert this gas to carbon dioxide which then attracts mosquitoes. When they come around, they’re trapped and killed. There are varieties of this type of trap to choose from.

These are the most basic mosquito traps you can use.

As the name suggests, you’ll need to build them to your specifications. There are tons of ideas on how to produce or make homemade mosquito catchers.

Part of the ingredients you’ll need when producing a homemade mosquito trap includes yeast. Yeast produces carbon dioxide which serves as bait to attract mosquitoes to your trap.

Once in, they’re unable to get out and drown in your yeast solution.

Although a homemade mosquito catcher is effective indoors, it hardly gets anything done outdoors.

Considerations When Getting a Mosquito Catcher

If you’re seeking to get a mosquito catcher for your infestation problems, you’ll need to make important considerations. These enable you to go for the right product. Such considerations include budget, maintenance, and severity of infestation.

Additional factors to consider include compatibility and where to place. With these, you’re on track to pick the best mosquito traps for your situation. Let’s further discuss the above points as follows;

  • Budget

Budgeting is an important part of the process. Most people have an acceptable price range for mosquito catchers they seek to purchase. Not all products have the same prices.

For the most complex equipment, you should expect higher prices.

Some mosquito catchers will require the replacement of carbon dioxide canisters. For some, you’d incur additional utility or electricity bills.

All these should be factored in before making a decision.

  • Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is a crucial factor when deciding on the mosquito catcher or trap to buy. It’s best to go for those which aren’t complicated and are easy to maintain. Having to go through a lot simpler to keep your mosquito trap in perfect working condition isn’t worth it.

  • Severity of Infestation

Mosquito infestation is the most difficult stage of mosquito presence.

Here, mosquito traps may not be enough to take charge of the situation. You may need to use them in addition to other extermination measures such as the application of insecticides or calling a pest management service.

Mosquito traps are most effective at moderate levels. Therefore, you’ll have to assess the severity of the problem before deciding on what steps to take. For infestations, it’s best to do much more than buying a mosquito trap.

  • Compatibility & Where to Place

How compatible is your preferred mosquito trap with the mosquito situation you face? An honest answer will guide you to the best product for your situation. Where to place your mosquito catcher is equally important.

Outdoor traps will require placement near shades as these areas have the most population. Wind direction is also a factor that helps determine where to place your trap.

It’s also necessary to point that that outdoor mosquito traps won’t eliminate the problem. They only help to reduce mosquito populations.

6 Best Mosquito Catchers To Buy

If you’re confused about what mosquito traps to purchase for your problem, we’re glad to assist with some of the best catchers available. These have been tried and tested with excellent results.

They include Patriot Mosquito Magnet, Flowtron BK-15D, and Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Door Insect Killer.

Others include Dyna Trap Dt2000xL, Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap, and Mega-Catch ULTRA Mosquito Trap.

These aren’t the only effective ones available. However, we’ve narrowed our pick to help with less confusion.

  • Patriot Mosquito Magnet

This mosquito catcher has a coverage capacity of about an acre. It’s weather-resistant and comes with a long 50ft power cord. This unit gives off carbon dioxide and moisture which attracts mosquitoes in droves.

  • Flowtron BK-15D

The Flowtron BK-15D is ideal for placement on patios and desks among other areas. It covers an area of about ½ acre, is easy to set up, achieves the objective of mosquito control, and doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

  • Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Door Insect Killer

This is a powerful indoor mosquito catcher. It’s easy to clean after each use, ideal for large coverage, is considerably cheap and includes efficient customer support service.

  • Dyna Trap Dt2000xL

This mosquito catcher is weather-resistant, is designed to help with easy plug and play, covers an area of about ½ acre, and includes 3 pre-packaged attractants.

  • Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap

This product is one of the most affordable you’ll find. Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap covers an area of about 300 sq feet. It’s best used on patios and desks among other similar areas.

Buyers have no requirement to purchase additional attractants.

  • Mega-Catch ULTRA Mosquito Trap

This is one of the most effective mosquito catchers as it can be tuned to a specific mosquito species. What more? True to its name, Mega-Catch ULTRA kills up to 10,000 mosquitoes within 14 days based on location.

It’s also highly effective near mosquito breeding grounds.

If you were in the dark before now, this article gives you all the key information needed to make your mosquito catcher pick. We’ve also included tips on considerations to make.

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