Bed Bug Box Spring Covers – Uses, Types & Brands To Buy

One of many ways to protect against bed bug infestations is by using specially designed encasements called box-spring covers.

These not only help keep out bed bugs, but the bug also blocks allergens, dust mites as well as preventing fluids from getting into mattresses.

Bed Bug Mattress And Box Spring Cover

Given the many benefits derived from using box spring encasements, it’s little wonder why these are widely used in homes.

If you’re currently dealing with a bed bug infestation, one of the ways to fight back is by having your mattresses covered with these reliable encasements.

Of course, you’ll want to know a bit more about these encasements before making up your mind on whether they’re worth purchasing or not.

We’ve helped out with that by providing you with comprehensive information needed to make a decision.

Uses Of Box Spring Covers In Bed Bug Control

Proactive (preventive) and reactive approaches to bed bug problems are two main ways by which treatment is administered. Box spring covers are effective encasements that serve to keep these pests from spreading or getting access to food (blood).

To fully appreciate the functions of box spring covers, you’ll need to consider the fact that about 90% of bed bugs within an infested home are located on or around the mattress area.

This is logical because they need blood to feed on to breed.

Being around the mattress means the box spring is equally infested.

The box spring is the supportive square lifting the mattress. You’ll need to also have this encased in addition to your mattress to have any real chance of checking bed bug spread.

Do Box Spring Covers Work For Bed Bugs?

As stated earlier, box spring covers go hand-in-hand with mattress covers and their functions are the same. However, whether these will put an end to your bed bug problem depends entirely on several factors.

First, it’s necessary to point out that box spring covers for bed bugs by themselves won’t solve all your bed bug issues. Without contacting a pest management service, the problem is likely to persist.

Although most of these bugs are around your bed area, they can also be found on couches and other furniture.

Coming back to the question of whether box spring covers work, they do! Box spring covers are effective in dealing with bed bugs around the bed area especially the box spring.

For better results, you’ll need to also have your mattress encased against bed bugs.

Proactive and Reactive Bed Bug Treatment Using Box Spring Covers

We earlier identified two key approaches to bed bug treatments using box covers.

These are the proactive and reactive approaches. So what are they? As the name suggests, proactive treatment is mostly performed as a way to prevent bed bug infestations even before it occurs.

Reactive use of box spring covers on the other hand applies during an active infestation. Of these two, the former (proactive treatment) seems to be the most effective.

  • Proactive Use of Box Spring Covers

If you’ve dealt with bed bug infestations in the past, it’s normal to see reasons why preventive treatment should be applied at all times. This approach prepares a fight-back strategy to ward off possible bed bug encroachment.

With the box spring properly encased, bed bugs find it difficult to gain access to their favorite hideouts. Of course, your mattress will also need to be encased to have a real shot at bed bug-proofing your bed area.

With nowhere to hide, bed bugs are easily sighted during visual inspection. This eliminates any challenge associated with detection and treatment.

Plus, you’d have succeeded in cordoning off their favorite feeding and breeding hotspot.

  • Reactive Use of Box Spring Covers

A lot of times, homeowners wake up to the reality of bed bug presence in their homes. They’re mostly oblivious of such facts until they begin experiencing bites from these pests.

At this point, the best approach involves fighting back. This includes the use of mattress and box spring covers.

When encased around box springs and mattresses, such covers trap these bed bugs making it impossible for them to escape. As a result, bed bugs die of suffocation and starvation.

This helps ensure that follow-up visits for treatments aren’t complicated.

Other forms of treatment are more effective as the usual hiding spots on mattresses are sealed with encasements. As such, migrating bugs are unable to re-infested covered box springs and mattresses.

Treating the Ground-Zero of Bed Bug Activity

Whether you’re adopting a proactive or reactive approach to treatment, box spring covers help a lot to contain bed bug presence. Before settling for one, it’s important to consider certain questions.

The results you get depend on how satisfactorily these questions have been answered.

Crucial questions to ask include; is the box spring cover well sealed? Is it fully encased? Is it toxin-free? Has it been tested?

These are salient questions that help you pick out only the best encasements for your box springs.

  • Is the Box Spring Cover Well Sealed?

Without proper sealing, the aim of using a box spring cover is defeated.

Bed bugs can exploit any openings no matter how little. As such, a box spring cover must be well sealed to trap in bed bugs and also prevent those migrating from getting in.

  • Is It Fully Encased?

Your box spring and mattress should be fully encased with this cover. No part should be left out as it will become an access point for bed bugs to follow.

  • Is It Toxin-Free?

You don’t want to purchase a product that ends up causing health problems to you and your family. As such, it’s important to ensure that a cover is toxin-free before making a purchase.

  • Has It been tested?

It’s always best to go for box spring covers sold by reliable and trusted pest control experts. This gives you an added layer of confidence as such covers are tested and approved for use.

Some of the Best Products to Consider

There is never a short supply of highly effective box spring covers for bed bugs.

Some of the trusted products include SureGuard Box Spring Encasement, Protect-A-Bed Box Spring Encasement, Linenspa Waterproof Bed Bug-Proof Box Spring Encasement Protector, and lots of others.

Bed bug box spring covers are useful additions to your arsenal when combating full-blown bed bug infestations. It’s important to hire a reputable bed bug management service to combat your pest issues.

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