Norweco Septic Aerator – Features And Maintenance

A septic system has many parts or components that each contribute to its overall functioning. If your system must function smoothly, all of the right components must be properly installed. This article will focus on one of these; the Norweco septic aerator.

The Norweco brand is quite popular among septic system installers due to its reliability and durability. If you’re looking for the best septic aerators to buy, you should consider getting the Norweco brand.

Now, for our lay readers, it’s necessary, to begin with, what a septic aerator is.

What’s a Septic Aerator?

A septic aerator simply refers to an air pump. It’s used to pump air into the septic tank. So, why should air be pumped into the tank?

First, for septic tanks to effectively break down or decompose waste, microorganisms are necessary.

Now, there are two types of microorganisms involved. They are anaerobic and aerobic. The sole purpose of these microorganisms is to breakdown or reduce harmful pathogens in the effluent before it gets released into the drain field.

Anaerobic microorganisms usually thrive in traditional (underground) septic systems. This requires no aeration. On the other hand, aerobic microorganisms will need aeration. This is best for aerobic systems that require an aerobic process for digestion.

This is where an aerator is required to introduce air (oxygen) to encourage or promote the activity of microorganisms in breaking down household waste. With the septic aerator, septic treatment is enhanced.

How Norweco Septic Aerator Works

This septic works in much the same way as other aerators.

Norweco’s Singulair systems are designed to provide solutions for residential, and commercial purposes. This Singulair septic aerator system can comfortably handle daily domestic wastewater flows ranging from 500 to 1,500 gallons.

It utilizes a blower system or an air compressor by which air is pumped into the main septic treatment tank. Through the process of pumping, the air is mixed with the wastewater as well as with the solids within the tank.

This action has a direct impact on the microorganisms which are sustained and thrive with breakdown or digestion of waste resulting.

The efficiency of the Norweco brand is known for has helped in improving the treatment of septic waste.

What more? Septic aeration treatment is greatly enhanced. Compared with the traditional septic system in waste treatment, aerobic systems are about 20 times faster thanks to effective septic aerators like Norweco’s Singulair system.

Norweco Septic Aerator Features

The Singulair aerator from Norweco is built to be durable. This helps ensure it lasts a long time while still performing excellently. However, your maintenance is also needed to make this possible.

We’ll be discussing more maintenance later. For now, let’s discuss the features of the Singulair septic aerator.

This aerator comes with a special alloy and molded plastic parts which contribute to prolonging its lifespan. Its bearings are pre-lubricated and tightly sealed. This is installed in a mounting riser which is found above the aeration chamber.

Under the aerator, handle are four intake ports through which fresh air enters. This is then sucked down a hollow shaft into the waste. When your Norweco septic aerator develops a fault, you should never attempt fixing it yourself.

Instead, all that’s required is to place a call to Norweco’s technicians to get it fixed.

What Happens During A Service Inspection?

After calling for professional help with fixing your septic aerator, a series of services are performed.

The service performed will depend on the type of problem found. Basic maintenance services include aerator operation check and power consumption check.

Others include cleaning stainless steel aspirator shaft, checking aerator air delivery, and removing the bio-kinetic system. Additional service inspection and maintenance actions include bio-static sludge return inspection, scraping the clarification chamber, and cleaning perimeter air vent in aerator cover.

Several other inspection and maintenance services are performed. They include cleaning aspirator tip, checking the operation of the control center, aeration chamber contents inspection, adjustment of time clock if there’s a need, and inspecting the bio-static sludge return.

  • More Service Inspection and Maintenance

Additional inspection and maintenance services include inspecting outlet coupling, installing a clean bio-kinetic system, filling a blue crystal feed tube, as well as filling a bio-max feed tube.

Others include inspection of effluent quality, an inspection of the outlet line, and inspecting groundwater relief points.

Technicians from Norweco will also inspect the effluent disposal system, complete a 3-part service record, hand the record on the owner’s front door and also enter such records into its service database on its website.

The specific type of service provided for Norweco septic aerators depends on what the technician(s) find out after inspection. The most important thing is that the problem gets fixed and smooth operations resume. You may be given some set of maintenance responsibilities to perform.

Most will have to do with preventing accidental damage to the aerator.

Other Things To Know

With Norweco septic aerator, there are lots of features that make it the preferred aerator by most households and businesses. It not only comes with improved watertight integrity but also radial air intake openings and state-of-the-art ball bearings.

Its electrical connections are also waterproof.

  • Engineered for Extended Life

One of Norweco’s Singulair septic aerator features that makes it stand out from the rest is that deploys the best technology in manufacturing its product.

The 206C model comes with high energy efficiency. It’s designed for rigorous environments and runs longer, quieter, cooler, and cleaner than similar products.

  • What It Comes With

Whenever you buy Norweco’s septic aerator (206C model), you get a wide range of benefits. These include floodproof design, UL certification (which is the most stringent requirements), and an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Norweco also has a lifetime exchange program. The 206C septic aerator model has the lowest electrical consumption in the industry, advanced monitoring, and control for effective system functioning and dependable design.

One of its strongest points is that it is quite easy to maintain.

Norweco’s septic aerator is an industry leader that has become a favorite with wide applicability in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. You too can take advantage of its many benefits as well as its durability to ensure your septic system gets efficient aeration.

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