Types Of Modern Chimney Caps

Here are the popular types of modern chimney caps.

Over the years chimney components have seen modifications in design which has enhanced their efficiency and look. Such designs are considered modern and can be used to upgrade existing chimneys to become more functional.

This article focuses on one of such chimney components; chimney caps.

If you’re thinking about changing your chimney cap, you might want to pick some of the best types available in the market. Now, there are tons of different products available and we’ve taken the time to choose some of the best.

Here is what it would cost you to install a chimney cap.

Why You Need A Chimney Cap

If you’re new to chimneys or recently moved into a home with a chimney, you’ll need some motivation on the benefits of these key chimney components.

First off, chimney caps help with the prevention of weather damage to the chimney and insulation.

Secondly, you get to improve chimney drafting by simply having a cap installed or a faulty one replaced. Chimney caps help block excess water and rainfall as well as snow.

Moisture is damaging to chimneys and will need to be kept out.

Also, you must know that moisture entry gives rise to mold growth without a chimney cap, which adversely affects normal chimney functioning.

 Before You Choose A Chimney Cap Type

Certain actions are needed before settling for a chimney cap type. The type of chimney matters and will need to be taken into consideration when choosing a cap.

In other words, the chimney cap must match the chimney type.

When looking at the chimney type, key areas to consider include finding out if it’s a masonry chimney or prefabricated. How many flues does your chimney have?

Also, the shape of your chimney helps pick the right cap fit.

  • What Chimney Caps are Available?

As part of your considerations, you’ll need to know the types of chimney caps available.

There are varying cap types in terms of shape, design, and size. A few of these include electric draft chimney caps, standard chimney caps, draft increasing caps, and damper caps.

GUIDE: Measuring For Chimney Cap

Other types include top-mounted chimney caps, custom chimney caps, slip-in chimney caps, and band-around chimney caps. Before we discuss each of these types, let’s first consider the flue types available.

Flue Type Determines Type of Chimney Cap Used

This is absolutely true. There are different flue types in terms of shape. These range from round, square, oval, rectangular, and extended round flues.

For each of these flue types, there are matching chimney caps you can easily buy.

  • Round Flues Extended

If your chimney has an extended round flue, the types of chimney caps to choose from are those attached with screws or clams.

However, there are cases where you can use slip-in chimney caps especially when it’s able to slide into the flue’s opening without difficulty.

  • Round Flues Non-Extended

Apart from round extended flues, there are those which aren’t extended.

For such, you should shop for chimney caps that are designed to fit into the flue’s opening. There are lots of variants in this category.

  • Extended Square, Oval, and Rectangular Flues

For extended square, oval or rectangular flues, you’ll need chimney caps that attach with screws or clamps. If you’re having confusion with this, consider discussing it with a chimney expert.

  • Recessed Square, Oval, and Rectangular Flues

These chimney flue types aren’t extended but recessed. For these, chimney caps with brackets can be mounted on the chimney crown.

Types of Modern Chimney Caps

There’s an almost endless list of chimney cap types that differ by size, design, color, shape, and so on. All of these types will give any house a modern feel.

As a buyer, you’re spoiled for choice as there’s so much to pick from.

You can either begin an online search or visit any chimney hardware store closest to you for an on-site assessment.

Here, we’ve included a few such designs that include Chase Cover Chimney Cap, Hayes Lid Chimney Cap, Stevenson Chimney Cap, and Seamed Fortress Chimney Cap.

Others are Monaco, The Majesty, The Dynasty, The Regal, The Rings of Saturn, The Royale, The Centurion, and The Imperial Chimney Caps.

Additional modern chimney caps to pick from including The Terra Potta, The Prince, The Haute Provence, The Princess, The Emperor, and The Temptress.

There’s also The Lotus Blossom, The Empress, The Sunset, The Octocrown, The Bimini Half Twist, The Trumpeteer, The Venetian, The Georgian, The Colonnades, The Spanish Arches, The Centurion, The Asian Bouquet, The Anglo, The Mission, the Chateau, and the Bastille chimney caps.

We won’t be able to exhaust all types of modern chimney caps available. However, further research will reveal tons of them.

From the ones provided, you can find a few types that might interest you.

Broad Chimney Cap Categories

Still, on types of chimneys, certain broad categories include various designs.

These have earlier been mentioned in passing to include draft-increasing chimney caps, standard chimney caps, damper caps, and electric draft chimney caps.

Others are the top mount chimney caps, custom chimney caps, and band around chimney caps. We’ll need to take a little more detailed look at each category as follows;

  • Draft Increasing Chimney Caps

As the name suggests, these caps are designed to enhance updraft in a chimney. This helps address issues with a draft imbalance in chimneys.

  • Standard Chimney Caps

Mostly, you’ll find standard chimneys designed in such a way that they’re attached with the help of screws to the chimney. These are mostly designed with screens to keep out any unwanted animals while trapping in sparks from combustion.

  • Damper Caps

This category of chimney caps is also known as a top-sealing damper. They double as dampers and help with draft regulation among other things.

  • Electric Draft Chimney Caps

If your chimney has draft issues, electric draft chimney caps may help solve such a problem. These come preinstalled with electric fans that can be adjusted to provide the right draft amount.

  • Top Mount Chimney Caps

One of the most basic, yet modern chimney cap types is the top mount. Caps within this category are screwed to the crown. They are also called outside mount chimney caps and are perfect for slightly protruding flues.

These are the different chimney cap types you can easily get for your chimney. Before you make any decision, it’s best to speak with a chimney technician for guidance.

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