Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist – Scope Of Work

Here is a standard post-construction cleaning checklist that makes your tasks easier and faster.

After every new construction work, one thing is common; the need to clean up. A lot of dirt is generated which will require effective cleaning. It doesn’t matter whether such construction is major or little.

The only difference lies in the scale of cleanup required.

We’ve set out to show you just what is needed during post-construction cleaning.

New Construction House Cleaning Tasks

As with all types of cleaning, there are basic tools and equipment that are required for post-construction cleaning.

These range from dust masks, heavy-duty trash bags, brooms, heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, and upholstery cleaning tools.

Others include mop heads, buckets, hoses, mop bucket and wringer, scrub pads & brushes, protective eyewear, and rubber gloves. There’s also a need for industrial garbage bins, extension ladders, step ladders, window washing equipment, etc.

Post-Construction Cleaning Tips

Having obtained all the necessary cleaning equipment, all that is left is to commence cleaning. So, what tasks exactly should you perform? There are several which include;

  • Cleaning Exterior Lights

Exterior lights are bound to accumulate a significant level of dust during construction work.

Hence the need for some proper cleaning. Cleaning may involve dusting or in the case of stubborn grim buildup, some washing or scrubbing may be necessary.

  • Check Hinges for Paints

One of the most common areas to check when carrying out post-construction cleaning is to check all windows and door hinges. These are likely to have paint stains on them.

Wash dried paints from such hinges to allow for the smooth functioning of doors and windows.

  • Vacuum Carpets

All carpets within the building should thoroughly be vacuumed. This helps remove residual dust or debris generated from the construction work. Vacuuming needs to be done immediately to avoid further dirt accumulation.

  • Dispose of Trash

Dirt generated from construction jobs can be much and will require proper cleanup and disposal. Using your heavy-duty garbage bags, empty such dirt or trash into the bags and dispose of them the right way.

  • Clean Windows

Windows require your attention. Properly cleaning these will require also paying attention to window frames, window sills as well as ledges.

Also, wipe the glass surfaces of windows clean.

To properly clean ledges, you may want to vacuum such using a suitable attachment.

Both the inside and outsides of all windows should be cleaned. Curtains or blinks can either be dusted or removed for washing.

  • Ceiling and Ceiling Fan

Post-construction cleanup includes dusting ceilings and ceiling fans. Lots of dust settles on just about any surface. Properly clean up such surfaces by using a long duster or climbing up a ladder for easy reach or access.

  • Sweep and Mop Hard Floors

After vacuuming carpeted areas of the building, hard floors should be swept clean and followed by mopping. Such floors include tiled, wooden, or granite floors.

For wooden floors, care should be exercised as excess water can cause damage. This is more common when water is allowed to sit for long on such floors.

  • Clean Countertops

Dust easily collects on all surfaces, especially during construction. Proper cleaning is needed to get rid of such. Also, there’s the possibility of grime resulting from the accumulation of dirt.

As such, your countertops will need to scrubbed using a damp sponge. This should then be followed by wiping using a clean cloth or towel.

  • Wipe All Mirrors

A mere look at your mirror should show signs of dirt. This is even more visible during and after construction work as dust easily collects on mirror surfaces.

Using a cleaning product of your choice and an absorbent towel, wipe the mirror surfaces until no dirt is seen. Also, clean and polish mirror frames to make them sparkle.

  • Clean the Toilets

Toilets will require some proper cleaning too.

Clean construction mess such as debris from floors and also wipe off all surfaces. Toilet doors and handles should be wiped clean and sanitized. The same applies to vanity, bathtub, and showerheads.

Thoroughly scrub toilets and remove any grimes or stains. However, cleaning isn’t enough. You’ll also need to disinfect the toilet and flush buttons or handles in addition to toilet seats.

Walls should be wiped down with floors cleaned, mopped, and disinfected.

  • Dust Handrails and Banisters

The stairway will also need a good cleaning. This area should be swept clean with handrails and banisters properly dusted. You may want to also sanitize such handrails as they are frequent touchpoints.

You may also want to follow through with some polishing. This adds to its shine and beauty.

  • Wipe Down All Tables and Chairs

All tables and chairs will require some good wiping down to remove settled or accumulated dirt.

Care should be exercised when cleaning to avoid scratching furniture surfaces during cleaning. Tiny dust particles can cause abrasion on wooden surfaces thus affecting or dulling its shine.

After wiping down such tables and chairs, follow up with polishing to restore the beauty of such tables and chairs.

  • Clean All Appliances

Appliances will need a great deal of cleaning after construction.

These include refrigerators, microwave ovens, toasters, coffee pots, and more. Caution must be observed by turning off or completely unplugging all such appliances before cleaning.

Allow hot appliances to cool before cleaning to avoid burns or injury.

  • Remove Clutter

Clutter is a common sight after construction work has been completed.

Things left behind include tapes, packaging, and assorted plastics and metal fragments among others. These will need to be carefully swept and disposed of.

Allowing these to sit for longer than necessary may likely lead to injuries.

  • Clean All Door Sides and Tops

All doors including those leading outside the building will need some proper cleaning. Both sides of the door including the top and door handles should be cleaned and sanitized.

  • Power Washing

Power washing is needed for areas of a building such as a driveway, the deck, and porch areas. These are likely to have caked dirt that will need forceful removal or cleaning.

Power washing does the trick as it lifts the dirt off such surfaces.

  • Clean Cabinets and Dust Vents & Grates

All cabinets require some good cleaning. These areas should be focused on and wiped clean. Vents should be dusted and vacuumed as well.

Post-construction house cleanup involves a lot of work and comes at a cost. We’ve discussed some of the ways to get your home cleaned after some construction work has been done.

This checklist helps you focus on the needed areas and definite tasks to carry out.

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