How To Remove Bloodstains From Bedsheets

Whatever be the case, this article reveals exactly how to remove the bloodstains from your bedsheets. The methods revealed here are so simple and effective that you will have your white bed sheet sparkling within a very short time.

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How To Get Blood Out of  Fabric Sheets

It is not unusual to find bloodstains on bedsheets. Sometimes, it could be period stains. At other times, the bloodstains may be as a result of cuts and other kinds of injuries on our bodies.

Though nose bleeds often contribute to this, it is not as common as the first two.

How Do You Get Rid Of Period Stains On Sheets?

Like every other bloodstain, a period stain can be quite embarrassing. Though there is nothing to be ashamed of about period stains since menstruation is just a normal part of life. However, there is still a part of us that gets very uncomfortable with others seeing the stains. Even if no one would ever see it, we still want them out anyway.

If you are brainstorming on how to get rid of period stains or any kind of blood stains on sheets, consider using any of the methods outlined below.

  1. Run The Blood Stain Under Cold Water

Surprisingly, cold water is all you need to get that stain out. Especially if the bloodstain hasn’t been on the bedsheet for a very long time. Running the bed sheet under cold water for a few minutes will cause the bloodstains to loosen up and come out.

For bedsheets that are lightweights, you will be amazed at how fast the bloodstains will be forced out.

After running the bedsheet underwater for some minutes, you may still notice some light residue of the bloodstains on it. All you have to do in that case will be to use a mild soap on it.

This can be any type of soap. Laundry bar, detergent, etc.

If you’d like a little recommendation on that, you can check out Tide Laundry Detergent Liquid. It’s the number 1 bestselling laundry liquid detergent on Amazon.

You can also check out Fels Naptha Laundry Bar and Stain Remover on Amazon. The product is affordable, mild on clothes and also on the skin.

  1. Soak The Bed Sheet In Saline Solution

This works like magic. All you need to do is soak the bedsheet in a saline solution. You may have to leave the bed sheet in there for a couple of hours. The saline solution will work on it and loosen the stain so you don’t have to do much on it anymore.

What kind of salt do I need for this? You may be wondering.

Just normal table salt. That’s all you need.

When mixed with water, the salt becomes a very powerful agent in cleaning. You can do so much more with it than you are thinking right now. Including using it as a disinfectant.

  1. Use Baking Soda To Scrub It

To do this, you will have to make a paste of baking soda first. You would have to use water for that. After applying the paste directly on the spot where the stain is. Once you’ve applied the paste all over the places the bloodstains are, allow it to sit for some minutes.

If the bloodstain has lasted long on the bedsheet, consider leaving the baking soda paste on it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. If there’s no change after the period, soak it overnight. That way, the baking soda paste will have enough time to work on the bloodstains.

When you are done with that, wash the bed sheet the same way you normally do. It will come out sparkling clean. With the bloodstains, all gone. This is pretty simple but very effective.

Another good alternative to baking soda is Aspirin. You can crush up some tablets of it and make a paste out of the Aspirin, using water. Apply it on the blood-stained areas of your bed sheet just the same way you would have done with baking soda.

Leave the paste on the sheet there for a couple of minutes or hours and then wash the bed sheet normally.

After washing and drying it, your bed sheet will come clean. Free of the bloodstains. As though it is a new one.

  1. Use Lemon Juice

Like baking soda and plain table salt, lemon juice is another powerful blood stain remover you can easily come across. Though not many people are aware of this.

You can use Lemon juice to get rid of several kinds of stains, including the toughest ones.

Have you tried removing period stains from your bedsheet to no avail? Even after using cold water, saline solution, etc?

Here’s what to do. Simply apply lemon juice on the blood stains and allow it to work on the blood juice for some minutes. Since the blood may have already set it, consider allowing the lemon juice to work on it for at least 30 minutes.

After that, you can go ahead to wash the bedsheets as before and see how spot-free it will be.

Do bear in mind that lemon juice is a very strong cleaning product and is capable of affecting the color of your bedsheets. That is why it is best to use it on light-colored bed sheets. If you must use it on the darker colored types, ensure you must have tested it first using a very small portion of the sheet.

  1. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide On It

Hydrogen peroxide functions almost exactly as lemon juice in terms o removing stains. You can use it to get rid of blood stains from your bedsheets within a few minutes.

To do this, apply the Hydrogen Peroxide directly on the affected areas of the bedsheet and allow it to sit for some minutes.

After a period of about 30minutes to 1 hour, launder the bed sheet the way you have always done. The stains will completely go.

When using Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of any type of stains from your sheets always bear in mind that it is capable of affecting the color. Especially if the bedsheet is dark-colored. Carefully test it on a small portion of the sheet before using it. With white color though, you are completely safe.

  1. Use Ammonia

Have you tried applying ammonia on the bedsheet? It can help loosen up the bloodstains so that they come off easily when you wash the bedsheet.

To do this, prepare a mixture of water and half strength ammonia. Using a clean cloth, dab the mixture on the minutes. After that, wash the bed sheet and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, wash the bed sheet like you would have done normally. The bloodstains will easily come off, having been loosened by the mixture.

You can use this method even for blood stains that have stayed for a very long time on the sheet. Just dab that particular spot and let it sit for a while before you launder it.

  1. Apply Cornstarch On The Stain

To get rid of blood stains on bedsheets using cornstarch, first make a paste of the cornstarch by mixing it with a little bit of cold water.

Apply the cornstarch paste all over the affected areas on the bedsheet and leave it to dry. After, scrub off the residue with an old toothbrush or any other type of brush. By now, the stain would have been completely gone. If it’s not, you can either repeat the whole thing or try any of the other methods listed here.

Cornstarch is one of the supplies that has been used for making homemade blood stain removers. It works almost the same way as baking soda and other items listed here.

  1. Meat Tenderizer

Can you imagine using a meat tenderizer as a stain remover?

Well, it’s one of the best blood stain removers you can easily place your hand on.

To get rid of blood stains from your bedsheet with this, simply mix the unseasoned meat tenderizer with water to make a paste of it. Allow the paste to sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour on the bedsheet however you want. By the time you are done, none of the bloodstains will remain on the bedsheet.

  1. Soak The Sheet In Water Mixed With Vinegar

Vinegar is a very active stain remover. It is also very effective against bloodstains. You only have to mix it with water and then it’s ready.

To do this, mix three parts vinegar (preferably white vinegar) to one part water and soak the bed sheet in it. Depending on how badly it stained, you can allow it in there for up to 3 hours. If you feel you need to let it stay there longer do it.

Once you are done soaking it, scrub the stained areas using a soft brush. You can also use a toothbrush for this in the absence of a soft brush. The goal is to avoid damaging the material while scrubbing it.

  1. Wash It Using An Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners like Rocco & Roxie supply Professional Strength Stain and Older Eliminator on Amazon, do an excellent job in getting rid of bloodstains. An alternative to that is Bubbas Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner. Both products can be used to effectively rid your bed sheet of embarrassing bloodstains.

In Summary

Periods, injuries and nose bleed, are often the common cause of bloodstains on bedsheets. We have revealed in this article the best ways to deal with this whenever it occurs.

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Are you searching for how to remove blood stains from bed sheets? Take a look at the top 10 methods featured here.

I hope this helps.

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