How do you remove red wine stains from clothing, couches, and carpets?

The last thing you want to experience when taking your wine is to have stain problems caused by it. However, this is a reality people have to deal with often. This ranges from a stained carpet, couch, shirt or clothing, etc.

We are here to help persons trying to find the best solutions to fresh or dried red wine stains.

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What Happens After Red Wine Spills Over Or Out?

A lot of things come into play after an accidental spill of red wine. The initial feeling is that of disappointment, but that won’t get the stains off your carpet, couch or clothes. So, what do you do?

At this point, what you do next will determine how stubborn or difficult the stains will be. There are few tips to implement when such an incidence happens.

  • Don’t Scrub Over

The immediate impulse that comes to mind is to get a rag and scrub over the spilled wine. Scrubbing over spilled red wine will only make it affect unaffected areas.

This moves outward to cover more areas, meaning you’ll have to deal with a bigger stained patch or area than necessary.

  • Don’t Wait Long to Take Action

Not waiting long to take action means stain removal strategies must be implemented immediately. When red wine spills, it penetrates and discolors the fibers.

The longer it takes, the more it sets and becomes difficult to remove. It is easier to get rid of an immediate stain.

  • Never Apply Heat

When red wine stains happen, it is best to get to immediately apply the most effective stain removal techniques.

While finding fast and effective solutions, heating should never be considered. This is because when it is applied, the reaction deviates from the usual and turns into an even more difficult stain.

Applying heat on red wine stains can cause it to form a permanent badge. This is something you want to prevent from happening.

Red Wine Stain Removal Solutions

Having discussed the immediate things to do to prevent stains from worsening, it is time we consider the techniques to use in removing such stains. Red wine stain removal strategies can be divided into two main categories. These include Doing It Yourself (DIY)  or commercial stain removal techniques.

In terms of which is better than the other, there’s no better alternative. It is all a matter of preference. Both DIY and commercial techniques for red wine stain removal are quite effective. It depends on what you use.

  • DIY Stain Cleaning Methods

Cleaning stains due to red wine spills can be handled easily if you know what to do. The following methods are effective tips to use in getting rid of the problem. These include the following;

i. Using Ice Water Or Chilled Club Soda

These are things that are readily available in households. How to use these to find solutions to your stain problems is what matters. To use this method successfully, the fabric must be colorfast. That is, it shouldn’t be one that fades easily.

If it’s a fabric, rinse with some water and blot with a dry cloth.

You can use either ice water or chilled club soda for this task. Next, take a large bowl and drape the cloth over with the stained area centrally placed. Hold this cloth to the sides of the bowl with rubber bands until it’s taut. This should be followed by pouring your chilled club soda or ice water on the stain.

Get some salt and pour a good amount on the stained area then allow to sit for a few minutes (5 to 8).

The next step will involve using hot boiling water. This should be poured over the stained area after the time required for the fabric to sit has elapsed. This should be sufficient enough to get rid of the stain. However, this method isn’t 100% effective.

In other words, red wine stains may remain.

Don’t give up just yet when the results aren’t as satisfactory as expected. If this is the case, soaking the cloth in a solution of vinegar and water should suffice. Soak overnight and wash as usual.

This is how to get dried red wine out of clothes naturally.

ii. Using Baking Soda And Salt

Salt is an effective stain removal ingredient for red wine spills. Only this time, it is combined with baking soda.

  • How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet with Salt

First and foremost, you must immediately rinse the red wine stain with plain water. This should be followed by dabbing the area with a clean cloth (preferably white).

Doing this gives you an idea if there’s progress or not.

Next, get some salt and sprinkle over the stained area. This shouldn’t be rinsed immediately. Rather, allow a few minutes to pass (5 minutes) before rinsing with cold cold water. This process should be repeated severally until the stain is completely removed.

So, how does baking soda come into the equation? Baking soda can be used in place of salt. You only need to apply the exact method here, only this time, salt isn’t involved but baking soda.

iii. Use Club Soda

When red wine pours, try to immediately dry such an area using a dry cloth. Do this is such a way that it doesn’t spread to more areas. Next, use club soda to rinse this area continuously until it gets rid of the stain.

This remedy is quite useful and a cheap red wine stain removal strategy anyone can apply.

iv. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is used in the same way as club soda. First, rinse with as much water as possible. This is to help reduce its intensity for the next phase.

The next phase has to do with the use of rubbing alcohol. After rinsing with water, you have to apply rubbing alcohol though not as much. A little of this is used to apply lightly to the stained area. This should give you the results you seek.

v. Hydrogen Peroxide And Dish Soap

Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties. Though not as strong, however, it helps you get the job done much effectively. There’s a bit of a problem though. This arises when such fabrics aren’t white.

Certain colored clothes might not have fast colors. Hence the need to test. Find a corner of the fabric that isn’t so visible and apply hydrogen peroxide to find if it bleaches.

If it does bleach, this method might not be suitable for use. You’ll have to find other alternatives. Applying this on white cloth won’t be much of a problem. Having found out the suitability of the cloth to apply this method it’s time to get to work.

Apply hydrogen peroxide to the stained area, followed by dishwashing soap. Let this sit for a while and observe. You should begin to see the results of the reaction. It shouldn’t be left so long to dry though.

Next, rinse the area with enough water. There should be visible results now. You might want to wash such cloth immediately for the best results.

How to Get Red Wine Stains Out of Couches and Carpets

Fabrics aren’t the only place red wine spills are common. Your carpets and couch area are also open to that possibility. If it does happen, there are effective ways to treat that too. You need any of the following ingredients to get the job done.

Baking soda, table salt, dry soap powder, talcum powder, sodium percarbonate and even kitty litter of these should suffice.

Why are these needed? Any of the above ingredients are needed due to their absorbent properties. Without something to absorb spilled red wine, it sinks into the carpet or couch.

Pour a generous amount of salt or any of these ingredients and allow to sit for some minutes.

This soaks in the wine from the carpet.

The faster you act, the better results you get with this method. However, not everyone is lucky enough to apply this technique as fast as possible.

If stains remain, you’ll need to apply other effective strategies too. The salt or material used should be slowly blotted out.

Commercial Red Wine Stain Removal Methods

The other alternative to red wine stain removal is using commercial cleaning techniques.

Lots of stain removal products have been developed for the market which makes things a lot easier. It makes things a lot easier in the sense that you won’t have to figure out what DIY techniques or combinations to deploy.

You must have these products around if you love drinking red wine.

Here, we will only list some of the many products which are available for purchase in stores. Some wine stain removers are multipurpose cleaners while others are for specific types of surfaces such as carpets, couches or fabrics.

Some commercial red wine stain removal products include Wine Off, Wine Away, Chateau Spill, The Amazing Whip-it, Gonzo Wine Out, New Gonzo Shirt Cleaning Washing Red Wine Stain Remover, Epic Red Wine Bleach-Free Stain Remover Cleaner and Oops Red Wine Stain Remover Spray.

These are just a few of several stain removers. You will have to get your preferred product and apply as instructed.

These are easy ways to remove old and new wine stains. The above-listed strategies can be used by anyone faced with this problem.

There’s something for everyone, that is, natural DIY strategies as well as commercial cleaning products. The choice is yours. You shouldn’t have a red wine stain so difficult that it causes you distress.

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