How Much Does Residential Window Cleaning Cost?

How much do window cleaners charge? Here, we’ll be looking at residential window cleaning prices.

Cleaning prices vary widely depending on the type of cleaning, the area being cleaned as well as whether such cleaning is specialized or not.

These are only a few of the many considerations used in determining the average costs of cleaning windows.

Standard Residential Window Cleaning Prices

If you’ve never used this service before or have used it in the distant past, you’ll want to know what the price is for such service.

As you read through, you’ll find details about cost-influencing factors, type of residential window and so much more. You only need to stick around to learn more.

How Much Does Window Washing Cost?

Here is how to charge for window cleaning.

The national average cost for window cleaning is around $225 while the average range is around $75 to $450. The least you could pay for such a job is about $75 to $150.

On the high side, expect to attract a cleaning fee between $350 and $450.

Home Size

Home size comes under consideration when determining window cleaning prices. Speaking of home size, residential buildings vary. There are small residential buildings as well as large ones. Also, there are those in-between. The smaller the house is, the fewer windows it has. The opposite applies to larger homes.

Cleaning services estimate the number of windows a home measuring certain square footage has. This is worked into a cost range. For example, a home measuring about 1,000 sq. ft. will attract an average cleaning cost of around $170 to $220.

A slightly bigger house measuring 1,500 sq. ft. costs about $220 to $280 on average. Window cleaning prices climb steadily for larger homes measuring 2,400 sq. ft. in size. For such homes, expect an average fee of about $300 to $400.

If your home measures about 3,200 sq. ft., you’re likely to attract a window cleaning fee of between $400 and $500. For large homes measuring 4,200 sq. ft., a window cleaning fee of around $500 to $600 is charged.

What Type of Window Do You Have?

One of the first things you’ll need to find out is the type of window and applicable cleaning costs. Window cleaning prices vary based on the window type. Speaking of window types, there are casement windows, sliding windows, sunburst windows, and single-hung windows.

Other types include skylight windows and storm windows. These are broad categories or residential windows that may have other subtypes. Speaking of cleaning prices, it costs around $6 to $10 for casement window cleaning per pane. Cleaning prices differ for sliding windows which hovers between $3 and $5 per pane.

For sunburst windows, the cleaning costs are a bit higher at around $12 to $16 per large section. It will cost anywhere from $6 to $10 per window to have single-hung windows cleaned. For a double-hung window, expect to pay around $12 to $20 per window in cleaning costs.

Prices go higher for skylight windows at $25 to $30 per window. Storm window cleaning tends to attract the highest cleaning costs between $25 and $50 per window.

Average Window Cleaning Labor Costs

Labor cost is one key factor for estimating residential window cleaning prices. Some cleaning services may have an average asking fee of $7 per window cleaned while others charge per hour.

Each hour clocked attracts about $75 in cleaning fees.

Such cleaning services come prepared in terms of tools and cleaning supplies. The hourly costs of window cleaning mostly cover components such as the sill and frames. But that’s as far as it goes.

For other window parts such as the screens and tracks, a separate fee normally applies.

For every window screen cleaned, expect to pay around $2 to $3 in labor costs. Cleaning of residential window tracks attracts a labor cost of around $1.00 to $1.50 per window.

There could be finer cost details applicable to window cleaning not included here.

The finer pricing details could cover stains, paint splatters, mineral deposits, and the likes. These require extra work to get rid of. So, the total price incurred is likely to be impacted.

Window Cleaning Services Rates Per Window

This is another pricing angle that gives you a broader understanding of costing. Per window cleaning rates range from $6 to $50. Here, the size of the window matters. Also, the type matters.

You should expect windows with more complex designs to cost more to clean than plain or basic designs.

Per window cleaning prices are also impacted by the floor such windows are on. Normally, those on higher floors tend to attract higher cleaning costs than those on lower floors.

You may end up paying around $2 to $6 extra for windows on higher floors.

What Part(s) Of Your Window Do You Want To Be Cleaned?

For every window, there are interior and exterior parts. Some homeowners may only want the exterior cleaned while others may want both interior and exterior cleaning. Still, some may prefer cleaning to be restricted to the interior parts.

So, what are the implications in terms of pricing? Expect a higher cleaning fee when both interior and exterior parts of your window(s) are to be cleaned. This takes more time, labor, and cleaning supplies to get the job done.

The services available to you will be determined by what’s on offer. In other words, the cleaning service determines whether it will offer a particular type of cleaning job or not.

Factors Affecting Cost To Clean Windows

When it comes to window cleaning costs, you’ll need to consider the factors impacting them. There are several of these ranging from the type of window, labor costs, window size, and windows above ground level 2.

Stained windows will take longer to clean, hence will impact cleaning costs.

What more? When sills and frames are to be included, these will add to cleaning costs. The window cleaning service hired will also influence what’s paid at the end.

The cleaning industry is a competitive one and results in competitive cleaning rates in addition to discounts offered by service providers.

You may want to take advantage of the variation in cleaning prices to ask for quotes from multiple cleaning services. This enables you to choose one with the most value at the least cost possible.

That’s that about the residential window cleaning pricing guide. Understanding the pricing structure for window cleaning helps in no small measure to give you tips on what to expect.

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