How To Start a Window Cleaning Business

Commercial window cleaning services are in high demand these days.

Businesses or commercial clients need this service more often than homeowners. But that is not to say that residential accounts aren’t profitable. The point is, as a new window cleaning business, you want to attract clients as fast as you can.

Therefore, you need to be where the action is while also being open to residential accounts or clients.

Starting a Residential Window Cleaning Business

Is window cleaning a good business? Yes. Profit and prospects far outweigh the risks and challenges.

We will be showing you just what you need to start a successful residential window cleaning business. The advantage of this type of cleaning service is that you don’t need much equipment to start.

However, the case is different for high-rise commercial buildings.  These will require specialized equipment like scaffolding, suction pads among other things.

Are You Prepared?

You shouldn’t get carried away by the opportunities window cleaning presents just yet. If you’re scared of heights, this cleaning idea might be quite a turn-off after learning that you may have to climb high-rise buildings.

Unless of course if you will restrict your cleaning activities to only smaller buildings.

While some aren’t cut out for such jobs, others relish the experience of being high-up, doing a job they love to do. If you fall under this category, then your answer to the above question will be in the affirmative.

  • Physical Fitness is Of Essence

Window cleaning requires a reasonable degree of fitness. The only exception will be if you have employees that will do all the physical work.

Even so, such employees must be carefully selected. They should be fit to prevent costly mistakes from happening, especially when high-rise buildings are involved.

A Name First

A name is as important to a business as it is to humans. This gives a window cleaning business an identity. However, choosing a name isn’t done haphazardly (that is if you want a good name).

First and foremost, it should be catchy, yet short and easily pronounced. You shouldn’t follow the pack when choosing a name for your cleaning business.

One of the most important features it must have is that it should be legally available and defensible.

Good alliteration is yet another must-have feature. It simply means not having a tongue-twisting sound. It should be flexible and expandable, as a small business, avoid a name with abbreviations. The name you choose for your window cleaning business shouldn’t be one that ages quickly. Does it fit the business?

These are about the basic things to consider when naming your business.

  • Doing Business As (DBA)

You may need to get a fictitious name as well, that is doing business as in certain states.

If you’re having a hard time following, don’t be worried I’ll explain in a bit. A fictitious name or DBA might is mostly required as a form of protection for clients using or patronizing your window cleaning service.

Not all states will require getting such a name. As expected, the fictitious name is usually different from the registered or legal name.

Which Do You Prefer?

Ever since the concept of franchising came to be, all types and categories of businesses have been become hooked. There are lots of cleaning franchise you can invest in.

A few include Window Gang, Shine Window Care, and Holiday Lighting, Fish Window Cleaning Cleaning Services Inc., Home Cleaning Centers of America, Sparkle Wash Int’l, and Window Genie among many others.

On the other hand, is the option to start from scratch. This isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves a lot of work and commitment. However, such an opportunity can be much more profitable when running well.

This is where most of our attention is focused on.

Have a Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is an integral part of starting a window cleaning service. One of the ways to have an idea of the industry average is by calling window cleaning services within your location to find out.

For instance, the storefront window cleaning rates you receive should serve as a guide in putting together a pricing structure.

There are additional factors that should normally influence pricing. This includes the rates per hour, the condition of such windows, the height of the building and so on.

One thing must necessary when setting a cleaning pricing structure. It must be competitive.

  • Discounts

For your services to be competitively priced, it must have incentives such as discounts. Such discounts or deals could have a limited time offer.

To be effective in generating sales, you’ll need to market such an offer or deal. This is where marketing comes into play.

Prepare a Business Plan

The better your business plan is, the more likely the business will succeed if fully implemented.

You need to be able to keep track of goings-on both administratively and in the field. This is where your business plan comes into play.

Using the plan, you can marshal your operations and ensure it goes according to plan.

Certain things must not be left out of a good cleaning business plan. They include providing basic information about the business, defining its operations and having short and long term goals.

Others include research findings on who your competitors are and how to exploit gaps. It should include a marketing plan, a clear definition of the target market, and of course being able to track expenses.

Define Your Staff Strength

A cleaning business will need a workforce to carry out its services efficiently.

This will need to be clearly defined in terms of the roles they play or will be playing. This is a crucial aspect of doing business as it enables you to streamline your business activities for greater productivity.

It also helps to allocate manpower or personnel where they are most needed.

Register Your Business

There’s a need to register your window cleaning business for effective and uninterrupted functioning. Registration is conducted at the state level with relevant business departments or agencies. This helps regulatory bodies keep track of your operations.

Your cleaning business is also made to stick to an operational guideline that sets industry standards for window cleaning services.

Registration will include applying for a license or permit among other things. This confers legal status on your cleaning business operations. All states have their unique registration requirements. This means you’ll have to find out what applies to your state.

Also during the registration process, you are issued with an Employer Identification Number EIN by the IRS. This is for taxation. Not all business structures qualify for this for the EIN.

Window cleaning businesses operating as sole proprietorship don’t.

Market Your Services

Window cleaning like most services will need to be marketed.

Your target market needs to be aware of your existence. The best approach is to adopt all effective marketing strategies. These should be conducted in both online and offline spaces.

Effectively online marketing will mean the creation of a website with attractive content being uploaded frequently.

The power and reach of social media should also be leveraged. That way, your marketing activities get to reach your target market.

In the offline space, print fliers and handbills in addition to business cards for distribution. Yellow Pages are a great directory to list your window cleaning business too.

Another way to reach your target market is by running classified ads on local newspapers. This must be done in a measured way to test how effective it is.

If such ads result in inquiries about your window cleaning service and eventual patronage, then you might want to continually run such ads.

Think Expansion From the Very First Day

It is important to include your expansion plans into your plans. Being growth-focused enables your window cleaning business to have more focus and drive. Such growth plans must be clear.

A cleaning business without clear growth plans generally under-performs than one having such plans.

Open A Bank Account

Do you want to track your finances effectively? You’ll need a bank account to do that. This is also necessary for filing tax returns among other things. There are a lot of advantages to it.

One of which is having a cordial relationship with such banks. That way, you can apply for a loan facility much easier.

Get an Office Space

Getting an office space could require paying for rent or operating from home. Yes! You can start by setting up an office from the comfort of your home.

That way, you cut down on rental costs. You can coordinate your business from this space until your business outgrows such a space.

Keep Up With Innovations

The window cleaning industry has seen a lot of innovations. To take advantage of new window cleaning solutions and innovations, you’ll need to be flexible and pay close attention to happenings. Innovations enable your business to get ahead of its competition.

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This is is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Whether you’re new to window cleaning business or a veteran, the points listed above are true and reflect what needs to be done. We have highlighted these to help interested entrepreneurs take their first step towards actualizing their dreams.

We hope you’ve picked up useful information to implement in your new business.

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