RV Refrigerator Replacement Options

We’ll be discussing RV refrigerator replacement.

Additionally, we’ll highlight the cost of swapping this appliance, essential considerations, tips for switching a camper fridge, and more.

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Camper Refrigerator Replacement Guide & Options

Several conditions can cause you to replace your RV refrigerator. They include poor performance or being flat-out broken.

No matter the state of your RV fridge, the cost of swapping is high. You may spend up to a thousand dollars or more. Therefore, you’ll have to employ cautious choices for your trip needs.

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Removing and Replacing an RV Fridge

One of the worst events you can encounter is a broken RV refrigerator. It can spoil your camping trip and all the food and drinks.

When such events occur, your best bet is to swap with a new one. Only then can you continue enjoying the luxury features of your vehicle?

The following paragraphs will enlighten you on camper refrigerator removal and replacement.

  • Prepare for Removal

First, you’ll organize the gadget for removal. Doing so will further simplify the task and spare you time and money.

You can start by inspecting the existing installation for reference. Examine the front of your camper fridge to identify the type of screws used.

Next, you open the rear access vent on the RV’s exterior. It will help you know what screws or bolts hold the fridge in place and connect the power wires.

To see what you’re dealing with, locate the propane piping, shutoff valve, and connector.

Having completed your assessment, you’re to obtain the necessary tools for removal. You’ll need a set of screwdrivers, a socket set, soapy water, insulation tape, and a power hand drill.

Other essential tools are an adjustable wrench, a copper pipe plug, a vacuum cleaner, a can of penetrating spray, and more.

Make Space for Removal

You’ll need to create space so your operation can go smoothly and efficiently. In this regard, you’re to remove everything from inside the fridge.

These include shelves, ice trays, a rear vent cover, wood trim, and a control panel cover. You can also remove other items from the area between the fridge and the RV door.

  • Disconnect the Power

Now, turning off the power line at the fount is necessary. While you do that, you should be vigilant not to get electrified.

Disconnect the RV from shore power and close the gas valve on the propane tank. Next, you light the propane stove to surge any remaining gas in the line.

Remove the gas connection at the manifold and pull out the 12V fridge fuse and 120 AC plug. Also, disconnect the two DC wires and cover the ends of the positive and negative 12V cables.

This will prevent any shorting.

  • Remove Fasteners

RV refrigerators often come with front and rear fasteners. When swapping such appliances, you’ll need to pull out both pins.

First, unscrew and remove the fridge foot rim using a predetermined screwdriver. Also, unscrew the top panel, foot screws, and top screws.

If the screws are rusty, apply some lubricant.

  • Pull Out the Old Fridge

You’ll need help to remove the damaged or old camper refrigerator. If the appliance is high above the RV floor, use a milk crate, footstool, or shim to slide the fridge onto as you remove it.

Doing so will prevent the refrigerator from dropping and damaging the RV floor. You can also put on a blanket after lifting the appliance off the crate.

When removing it, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the receptacle from dust, rust, and grime. Now you can move on to installing the new fridge.

  • Mount the New Refrigerator

Installing a new RV fridge is pretty straightforward but costly as well. In most cases, new refrigerators pass through the RV doorway without issue.

First, slide the appliance on a blanket into the vacated cabinet. Next, you lift the fridge onto the crate and slide it into the receptacle, and you’re done.

Cheaper Options for Replacing a Camper Refrigerator

Remember, RV fridge replacement is capital-intensive. You’ll spend much more money swapping out your old fridge for a new electric or gas one.

Most RV owners find that to be too much. But don’t worry; there’re cost-effective options to consider. You can get a replacement from a salvage yard or buy a Junker.

Let’s review these cheaper alternatives.

  • Salvage Yards

Junkyards are excellent places to get RV refrigerators at affordable prices. These businesses typically purchase RVs that are either broken or aged and dispose of their functional parts at cheaper rates.

You can find an RV junkyard or related facility near you with some research. Visit their yards and check for suitable replacements for your rig.

  • Purchase a Junker

Buying a Junker is another cost-effective way of swapping a camper fridge. Most people often discard junk sitting for a while or with significant water damage.

So you can get a swap from people attempting to sell or junk one. Such appliances are often sold at meager prices. Sometimes, you can meet a stranger who will dish it out for free.

However, you’ll be required to negotiate with the vehicle’s owner once you remove everything you want. You can donate the scrap camper to scrap metal recyclers.

They’ll repurpose its components into something entirely new.

Cost of RV Fridge Replacement

As mentioned, camper refrigerator replacement is capital-intensive.

Swapping out an RV fridge will cost roughly $1000 and $4000. If you own a luxurious RV, replacing its fridge can cost you upwards of $3000.

Additionally, if there’s any complication with installation, you’ll be charged extra for expensive labor. Most technicians charge around $150–175 per hour.

Swapping With A Residential Fridge Has Its Cons

Replacing a camper refrigerator can be cost-effective.

However, such a subsidy comes with a few drawbacks. They include movable latches that cannot be used when traveling, and installation is challenging.

Moreover, it takes up more interior space; boondocking requires more power and can’t run on propane. Once you can consider these factors, you can make informed decisions on which fridge to swap.

Replacing an RV refrigerator is essential to enjoying its luxury features. However, it may cost you a considerable amount to swap successfully.

But you can opt for the cheaper alternatives highlighted above to save money. This guide will help you change your camper fridge without any challenges.

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