Here, the focus is on providing you with crucial information on septic-safe toilet cleaners to buy.

Toilet hygiene is crucial to promoting health as well as improving the condition of septic systems. Tons of toilet cleaning products are available for purchase and use. However, not all of these are safe.

Some products are known to cause all sorts of problems to the smooth functioning of septic systems.

However, in this guide, we will be reviewing septic-safe toilet cleaners.

These are specially designed to be toilet-friendly while getting rid of all forms of dirt and germs. One key feature of septic-safe toilet cleaners is that they help with cleaning without destroying digestive bacteria in septic tanks.

Safe Vs Unsafe Toilet Cleaners

If septic-safe toilet cleaners exist, it’s only logical to have unsafe toilet cleaners. Unfortunately, there are lots of them that are known to destroy a lot of bacteria responsible for the breakdown and treatment of waste.

Here, it’s evident that safety translates to the wellbeing of live or digestive bacteria in septic tanks.

Cleaners that are unsafe for toilets and septic systems are those containing bleach or chlorine-based cleaners.

You’ll need to opt for natural, bio-degradable cleaners that will only clean toilets properly without negatively impacting the bacteria within your septic tank.

Asides from chlorine-based toilet cleaners and those containing bleach, other unsafe cleaners are high in phosphate, in addition to being non-biodegradable.

Before adding a toilet cleaner to your shopping cart, you must cross-check to ensure that only safe products are considered.

  • Anything You Pour Down Your Drain Ends in Your Septic Tank

Septic-safe toilet cleaners are only a part of the equation.

You’ll need to be wary about what goes down your drains. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be much of a problem if your home is connected to a sewer line.

However, most of the responsibility for maintaining a septic system is on the homeowner.

Consider using only septic-safe shampoo and soaps.  Also, if you need to do laundry, go for detergent brands that are septic safe.

Even when septic-safe toilet cleaners are used, other problems could emerge when care isn’t taken. Items like cigarette butts, paper towels, sanitary tampons, and disposable diapers create problems.

Also, grease, plastic, and all sorts of non-biodegradable products will pose major problems to your septic system. With these highlighted, what’s left is the need to provide information on septic-safe toilet cleaners to consider.

Luckily, there are lots of them to choose from.

Features of Septic-Safe Toilet Cleaners

A septic-safe toilet cleaner has certain characteristics known to enhance the general condition of a toilet and septic system. First, such a cleaner must be natural.

This is followed by being biodegradable and certified by environmental bodies.

  • A Septic-Safe Toilet Cleaner Must be Natural

For a product to be considered natural, it must be made of at least 95% natural ingredients. These are mostly plant-based ingredients that ensure such a product isn’t toxic to septic tank bacteria.

This results in a situation where the septic tank remains in excellent condition.

More importantly, a natural cleaner helps in the safe release of effluent back into the ground. This also extends the lifespan of your drain field.

  • Septic-Safe Toilet Cleaners Must be Biodegradable

Because septic tank bacteria act on the biodegradable waste product, cleaners used for toilets should also be biodegradable. This makes it much easier for such a cleaner to undergo decomposition when it ends up in the tank.

  • Must be Certified by Environmental Bodies

Another key requirement that qualifies a cleaner as being septic-safe is when it’s certified by environmental bodies. You should be able to look beyond the advertiser’s or manufacturer’s claims by searching for a recognized environmental certification.

Such certifications may be issued by governmental organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or non-governmental organizations.

Best Septic-Safe Toilet Cleaners to Buy

It’s no secret that a lot of toilet cleaners are available for purchase. However, not all are safe for use. As such, we’ll only consider products that have been tested and tried with great results.

These products aren’t necessarily expensive. Nevertheless, they provide excellent cleaning solutions.

Some of the top names in our list include Ecover Toilet Cleaner, Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Others are Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Eco-me Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

  • Ecover Toilet Cleaner

If you want a biodegradable toilet cleaner made from plant-based ingredients, Ecover Toilet Cleaner is one to consider. This is an all-natural product that comes with a strong scent.

You’re able to clean your toilets without concerns about their toxicity to septic tank bacteria.

  • Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This is a septic-safe toilet bowl cleaner that is bleach-free with naturally derived ingredients. Not only do you get a product that won’t harm your septic tank, but Green Works Cleaner also does the job.

In other words, it offers excellent cleaning results as well.

With this product, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for septic tank safety. You get all of these benefits combined. Green works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is also great as a stain remover.

It doesn’t matter whether such stains are due to mineral deposits or other causes. You get the results you seek.

  • Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

As advertised, this product is truly natural and contains biodegradable plant-based ingredients. Housing this liquid product is a 100% recyclable container. After each use, your toilet smells fresh.

All hard water stains and other types of dirt are effectively removed.

You only need to use this product once or twice a week for the best results. While giving you the results you seek, you won’t have to worry about what’s going on in your septic tank.

In other words, your septic tank condition is improved.

  • Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This toiled bowl cleaner is among the best septic-safe products you’ll find in the market.

With zero synthetic fragrances, chlorine, and dye among other harmful chemical products, you’re confident of using a safe cleaning formula.

  • Eco-me Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn rust, hard water stains, or mineral deposits, Eco-me Toilet Cleaner does an excellent cleaning job. Equally important is the condition of your septic system which is improved due to enhanced bacterial activity.

Getting the right septic-safe toilet cleaners is important for proper maintenance.

Here, it’s evident that cleaning a toilet isn’t enough. It has to be done the right way by using the right products.

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